Chapter 162 Immortal Emperor’s Providence, Late-Stage Reincarnation Loose Immortal Realm

“Kill the Heavenly Soldiers and Generals before waiting for the Heavenly Court to recruit me?”

Han Jue looked at Chi Yunxian with a strange expression. Was he serious?

Then, he suddenly thought of a story.

The Monkey King Sun Wukong’s story.

Sun Wukong had a powerful background, but Han Jue did not.

This was too dangerous! I can’t do it!

Chi Yunxian smiled and said, “If you don’t dare and want to live, you can only follow me into the Heavenly Court.”

Han Jue asked, “Is there really no other way?”

“No. That’s the only way you can save your disciples.”

“When will the Heavenly Court clean up the mortal world?”

“In a few hundred years, or a thousand years at most.”

“Let me think about it.”


Chi Yunxian waved his sleeve, and the surrounding sea of stars instantly shattered. Han Jue’s consciousness returned to his body.

Han Jue opened his eyes and rubbed his chin in thought.

He had to ask his good brother about this.

Han Jue immediately comprehended the Sword Dao.

Ten days later, he entered the Sword Dao River. It was like returning home.

He found Zhang Guxing and asked about the Divine General. As for Chi Yunxian, he didn’t sell him out.

Chi Yunxian had already done his best by telling him so much. If Han Jue still snitched, would he still be human?

This could also offend him!

Zhang Guxing said in a low voice, “You want to imitate the Divine General of the Heavenly Court? The Heavenly Emperor does have such a bad habit of praising the strong and bullying the weak. Many Heavenly Generals in the Heavenly Court were once enemies of the Heavenly Court. The Heavenly Emperor saw that their potential was not bad and let bygones be bygones. He even rewarded them greatly. You can take this path if you want. If you can enter the eyes of the Heavenly Emperor, the Vermilion Bird won’t dare to do anything to you. “Although the Heavenly Court is wary of the Vermilion Bird Race, they are more concerned about the prodigies. The Heavenly Emperor once offended the Buddhists for the Divine General and almost caused a war in the Immortal World.

“However, it’s difficult to take this path. Besides, you don’t have that much time.”

Han Jue sighed and said, “I can only try. If it really doesn’t work, I can only run.”

If he couldn’t win, he would jump to the netherworld. If the Heavenly Court asked the netherworld to hunt him down, he would jump to another world.

There was always a place to hide!

“Tsk tsk, if you really succeed, your future will be bright. Although the Heavenly Court has been in constant trouble recently, it is still the force with the strongest foundation in the Upper World. It represents the Heavenly Dao.”

Zhang Guxing smiled and wondered internally, Who told Han Jue about this?

This person is truly daring!

Han Jue sighed. “What wrong have most living beings in the mortal world done? They have to face the consequences of being slaughtered. The Heavenly Troops risk their lives for the Heavenly Court, but in front of potential, they are all ants. This seemingly great power also has many problems behind it.”

How could those who believed in immortals know that immortals were only powerful people?

“The so-called immortals are all lies.” Zhang Guxing shook his head.

Han Jue didn’t say much. After knowing that this method was feasible, he left.

After Han Jue left the Sword Dao River, a purple figure appeared beside Zhang Guxing.

“Is this the mortal you like?” The purple figure asked.

Zhang Guxing replied, “Yes, he’s only 800 years old.”

The purple figure teased. “He’s not a mortal.” “What?”

“He has the providence of an Immortal Emperor on him. He’s probably a descendant of an Immortal Emperor or has received the favor of one.”

“Immortal Emperor? I see. Then his future is even more worth looking forward to.”

“What did you expect? You want him to replace you?”

“Let’s wait for him to survive this.”

“Let’s not talk about him. The Divine Palace asked me to invite you. Are you willing to return? Your true body is still being nurtured in the Divine Palace. They have never truly given up on you.” “The situation in the Divine Palace is too troublesome. I don’t want to return. It’s good to be here. I have nothing to worry about. I don’t have to think about anything else when comprehending the Sword Dao. If my eternal life is like this, I’ll be satisfied.”

After returning to the Connate Cave Abode, Han Jue consolidated his newly comprehended Sword Dao.

Several days later, he started cultivating again.

The mid-stage of the Reincarnation Loose Immortal Realm was not enough!

While Han Jue was cultivating in seclusion, the cultivation world was in chaos.

The Heavenly Immortal Manor was slaughtered by Daoist Jueyan. More than half of them were dead or injured. Many years had passed since this incident. The other Holy Lands sensed hope and took the opportunity to develop. The fiends even gathered their forces to continue attacking the manor.

Although the Heavenly Immortal Manor was suffering, most of the cultivation world was peaceful, no different from the past.

Daoist Nine Cauldrons began to go out again. He went everywhere to recruit guest elders and new disciples with outstanding cultivation potential.

Seven years later.

Li Qingzi couldn’t take it anymore. His lifespan was up.

He came to visit Han Jue.

“Elder Han, I might not be able to last for many years. The treasures in the sect can no longer increase my lifespan. I plan to go out and adventure for a few years. I might die outside like my master.” Li Qingzi smiled.

He wasn’t sad. Instead, he felt relieved.

Han Jue asked, “Do you have any unfulfilled wishes?”

Li Qingzi’s smile vanished as he said seriously, “Before you ascend, protect the Jade Pure Sacred Sect and my junior sister, Fairy Xi Xuan.”

Han Jue nodded.

Li Qingzi started to talk to him about the past and recounted his life.

Han Jue listened carefully.

Dao Comprehension Sword was also entranced.

Li Qingzi’s life might not be a legend. From being chosen by the Grand Elder to running around for the sect, he recounted everything calmly.

Han Jue didn’t feel sad, but he did feel a little emotional.

It was good that he was dying. He could get a better potential in his next life and pursue the Great Dao.

Apart from longevity, he had obtained all the fame, power, and women that most people wanted to pursue. He had no regrets in this life.

He only left the next day.

Han Jue stood up and sent him out.

Li Qingzi had already visited Fairy Xi Xuan, Daoist Nine Cauldrons, and other old friends. Han Jue was placed last.

The person who had the greatest impact on him in his life might not be Han Jue, but Li Qingzi felt that he should be the one to thank the most.

Looking at Li Qingzi flying towards the sky, Han Jue stood at the edge of the cliff and watched quietly with a calm expression. The Black Hell Chicken didn’t joke. Instead, it came to his side and asked, “Master, from now on, do we not have to run?”

Although Han Jue kept saying that he would escape, the Black Hell Chicken had been here since he could remember.

“Not necessarily,” Han Jue replied.

Li Qingzi’s departure did not cause a stir in the sect.

After so many years, many people had forgotten about him.

“If we can meet in the next life, I will give you an opportunity.”

Han Jue chuckled and turned around.

It was normal for people to leave each other.

Besides, Li Qingzi didn’t die with hatred.

Four years later.

Han Jue saw an email.

(Your good friend Li Qingzi’s lifespan has reached its end. He has died and fallen into the cycle of reincarnation.]

Han Jue only sighed softly and continued cultivating.

After Li Qingzi’s death, Han Jue’s mental state was elevated.

23 years later.

Han Jue broke through to the late-stage of the Reincarnation Loose Immortal Realm.

He stopped cultivating and took out the Book of Misfortune to curse Yang San, Vermilion Bird, and Daoist Dan Qing.

On this day.

The sky changed violently. An immeasurable black crack appeared above the sea of clouds. When the cultivators of the Jade Pure Sacred Sect saw this, they all panicked.

This was…

Was heaven collapsing?

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