Chapter 161 Yuan Huanglong, Kill All Heavenly Soldiers and Generals!

After Tu Ling’er left, Han Jue began to observe the dragon soul in the scale, then used his divine sense to awaken it. “Who… are you?” The dragon soul asked weakly.

Han Jue used his divine sense to communicate with it, asking about its identity and why it had fallen to such a state.

The dragon soul did not hide anything. It was already at its wits’ end. It was already very difficult for anyone to discover it.

This dragon soul came from the True Dragon Race of the Upper World. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the mortal world had just been created. He descended into the mortal world to travel, but in the end, he encountered a battle and died. Only a remnant soul survived.

In order to prevent being discovered by the enemy, the dragon soul hid in a snake scale. It wanted to attach itself to a demon beast and absorb its spirit energy to nourish the remnant soul. Unfortunately, after hundreds of thousands of years, this scale was mostly buried in the ground. In order to reduce the consumption of the soul, he could only fall asleep.

“If you save me, I will definitely repay you,” the dragon soul continued.

Han Jue agreed immediately. “Alright, I’ll think of a way to save you.”

“Nourish my soul with your immortal power every day. You can save me if you persist.” “Alright!” “Thank you…”

“It’s fine.”

Han Jue agreed on the surface but was very dissatisfied inside.

I promised to save you. Why didn’t you show any favorability?

Han Jue tried to use his immortal power to nourish the dragon soul.

After two hours, this guy still did not have a good impression of him. Han Jue directly cut off his immortal power.

“Why did you stop?” the dragon soul cried out from within the scale.

[Yuan Huanglong has developed hatred towards you. Current Hatred Points: 2 stars]

The heck?!

Two stars of hatred just like that? Han Jue wanted to scold him, but he still carefully checked Yuan Huanglong’s information.

[Abyssal Yellow Dragon: Mid-stage Grand Unity Earth Immortal from the True Dragon Race. He has a treacherous and petty personality. He once offended Chi Yunxian and was killed. Because he was dissatisfied with you stopping the immortal power to nourish his remnant soul, he developed hatred towards you. Current Hatred Points: 2 stars]

When Han Jue saw this, he realized that it was Chi Yunxian who had killed him.

In this case, he didn’t have to worry about offending the True Dragon Race.

Han Jue immediately probed the scale with his divine sense and wiped away the consciousness of the dragon soul, leaving only an unconscious remnant soul.

Devouring remnant souls could strengthen the soul. This was also one of the reasons why possession was so popular.

Some mighty figures were able to prosper because they had been possessed by a mighty figure when they were young. In the end, the possessor had suffered a backlash and the host inherited the memories of the mighty figure. Their souls had transformed, allowing them to soar.

There were many such cases.

Han Jue didn’t devour the dragon soul but kept it. When the Three-Headed Wyrm King performed well, he would give it to him.

He checked his interpersonal relationships and discovered that Yuan Huanglong’s portrait was gone. It meant that he was really dead.

Completely relieved, Han Jue started cultivating

Dao Comprehension Sword was confused. From her point of view, Han Jue had been changing his expression while holding the scale. His emotions were changing and he was extremely strange.

However, she did not ask.

This wasn’t the first time Han Jue did this.

Four years later. Fang Liang and Murong Qi went out to train. The others were still cultivating under the Fusang Tree.

That day, late at night.

In the middle of cultivating, Han Jue suddenly felt a powerful divine sense attack. He subconsciously opened his eyes and discovered that his consciousness had arrived in a vast sea of stars. The universe was dark and dotted with millions of stars, looking extremely beautiful.

In front of Han Jue was a figure surrounded by red clouds.

Han Jue recognized him immediately.

Chi Yunxian!

Chi Yunxian sized him up with a smile and asked, “Aren’t you afraid?”

Han Jue said, “If you want to kill me, it’s useless even if I’m afraid.”

“As expected of someone who dares to offend the Heavenly General. You have already become a Loose Immortal. Why didn’t you ascend?”

“I offended Vermilion Bird and was afraid that he would wait for me.”

“I can secretly send you to the Heavenly Court to become a Heavenly Soldier. The Vermilion Bird you offended should be the Zhu Dou’s father. Back then, when the Vermilion Bird descended into the mortal world, he didn’t give me face. I’m also unhappy with him. I can protect you.” Chi Yunxian smiled. His attitude surprised Han Jue.

In his opinion, immortals shouldn’t be too straightforward. They were all shrewd and didn’t easily fall out with each other.

Entering the Heavenly Court as a Heavenly Soldier?

Han Jue was a little resistant.

As a soldier, how could he live in seclusion?

Besides, the Heavenly Court would be attacked by Demon Saints. There would be too much trouble.

Han Jue asked, “May I know your identity?”

Chi Yunxian stroked his beard and smiled. “The mortal world you live in is controlled by me, Chi Yunxian. I mainly control the Heavenly Dao to prevent any mistakes in the heavenly rules. I can’t interfere with matters in the mortal world, but promoting you to the Heavenly Court is a piece of cake.”

Han Jue continued to ask, “I heard that the Heavenly Court wants to clean up the mortal world. Is this true?”

Chi Yunxian’s expression darkened.

“Who told you that?”

“To be honest, I know a senior in the Sword Dao River.”

“The Sword Dao River? Could it be that… I didn’t expect you to be a genius in the Sword Dao. My mortal world is indeed filled with providence. No wonder the devils have been plotting.”

[Chi Yunxian’s favorability towards you has increased. Current favorability: 3.5 stars] Han Jue was secretly pleased. I have quite the reputation! Chi Yunxian said seriously, “To be honest, the Heavenly Court has indeed placed the mortal world you are in on the list of important assessments. This world is very likely to be cleaned up. At that time, all living beings will be annihilated and the Heavenly Dao of this world will no longer exist. I will also be transferred out of my immortal position and become the immortal official of another location. That’s why I came to find you. No matter what, you’re still a mortal that came out from under me. I’m willing to help you.”

Han Jue frowned and said, “Can I bring my disciples along?”

Chi Yunxian shook his head and said, “I’m afraid not. Their cultivation levels are weak. Even if they go to the Heavenly Court, they won’t be able to withstand the Immortal Qi pressure. Besides, it’s against the rules for mortals to enter the Heavenly Court.

“I can only bring you into the Heavenly Court. If the Vermilion Bird causes trouble for you outside, I can’t do anything about it.”

Han Jue frowned even more.

Chi Yunxian sighed and said, “The devils have invaded too deeply. In addition, as a Heavenly General, Yang San has been writing letters. Although my immortal position is higher than his, in the eyes of the Heavenly Court and the Heavenly Emperor, literature is inferior to martial arts. It’s also my fault. I cultivate in seclusion all year round and neglected my jurisdiction in the mortal world.”

Han Jue asked, “There are still devils in the mortal world?”

“Yes, there are many descendants of the Devil Race. They’re even hidden in the righteous sects and families. They don’t have any demonic nature and are only the remnant bloodline of the Devil Race. If they’re all killed, the world will probably be in chaos. As a Heavenly Dao immortal official, I cannot personally attack the lifeforms under me. Otherwise, I will suffer a backlash from the Heavenly Dao and can only be executed by the Heavenly Troops.”

Chi Yunxian’s words made Han Jue think of the Mo family.

He didn’t expect that there were many families like the Mo Family.

The devils had many tricks up their sleeves!

“Actually, there’s a way.” Chi Yunxian suddenly smiled.

Han Jue asked, “What way?”

“Kill all the incoming Heavenly Troops!”

Chu Yunxian’s words were shocking. Han Jue looked at him in surprise.

Could this fellow be… a traitor?

Chi Yunxian said, “This is my divine sense world. No one can see through our conversation. In fact, although the Heavenly Court is the land of immortals and gods that controls the other worlds, there are countless enemies. If you kill all the Heavenly Soldiers and Generals to prove your potential, the Heavenly Court might recruit you!

“After the Divine Palace and Buddhist Sect rose, the Heavenly Court started yearning for powerful prodigies, especially those who come from the mortal world. They don’t have a powerful background, but they can slaughter immortals and gods. Such potential is enough to make the Heavenly Court go mad! “A million years ago, the Heavenly Court’s Divine General slaughtered his way out. Before he ascended, he slaughtered all the immortals who had descended into the mortal world. It shocked the Heavenly Court. Now, he’s the strongest existence among the Heavenly Generals! He’s also the most illustrious immortal in the Heavenly Court!”

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