As Li Sheng pulled her, Mu Lan stumbled. Then, she took her hand away from his grasp and threw herself at the middle Russian man who had the blonde hair and green eyes. The four men were stunned by her sudden action, including the leader. Mu Lan sat on his lap, circled her arms around his neck and buried her face in the crook of his neck. The leader froze on his spot and gave her a dubious look.

His right-hand man in brown hair gave an uncertain laugh. He commented, "Mr. Li, it looks like you gave her good training. She already knows her new master."

The blonde haired man gave his right-hand man a cold look in return. Sensing that the leader was displeased by her action, Li Sheng tried to please him, "Mr. Petrovich, please don't mind her behavior. She is always the clingy type and looks for master's love. I believe you will be able to teach her some lessons. She loves punishments."

Li Sheng then looked at Mu Lan. Cursing her in his mind, she smiled forcefully. He asked, "Hey, come here now, baby. You are bothering your new master."

Mu Lan flinched and hugged Mr. Petrovich even tightly.

Seeing no other way, the blonde man called Mr. Petrovich, he told his right-hand man, "Read it well and if the contract is what we approve of, sign it."

"Of course, Leader." The brown haired man respectfully answered.

Mr. Petrovich gazed at Li Sheng and asked monotonously, "Where is my room?"

Li Sheng stood up. He replied, "It's the next floor. I prepared the whole apartment for you, Mr. Petrovich. The guards who are outside will show you the way. Or if you want me to take you…"

"That's not necessary. I'll ask your guards." Mr. Petrovich carried Mu Lan swiftly and walked out of the room. Outside the room was almost cleaned by the several guards but blood was still there. He frowned and strode away. Some guards were outside the apartment door. When they saw him, they straightened their backs. Mr. Petrovich said, "Show me the apartment that was arranged for me."

"Yes, sure." One of the guards led him upstairs.

After they reached the next floor, the guard opened the door for him and said, "Please let me know if you need anything from me."

"Hmm." Mr. Petrovich curtly replied and entered the apartment. Then he used his leg to close the door. He locked the door before taking her to the bedroom. While walking, he checked with his censored glasses if there were any surveillance cameras or bugs. When he found nothing suspicious, he took her to the bedroom and put her down on the bed in a relaxed manner. He wanted to stand up but Mu Lan pulled him closer.

He rubbed her head and softly said, "Let me bring you some water."

Mu Lan shook her head and refused to let him go. He sighed and sat down with her. "Are you in any pain? Tell me, did that ba**ard do anything to harm you?"

Hearing the familiar and caring voice Mu Lan's eyes brimmed with tears. She sobbed silently. Mr. Petrovich hugged her tightly. "Tell me, are you hurt? Where did you get hurt?" His tone was full of concern. He swore to hit Li Sheng to death.

She shook her head and tried to answer him, "I-I'm not hurt…"

He said, "Then…"

"I missed you a lot, Liang Liang…" Mu Lan wailed. She missed him while she was held captive. She tried not to think about him because it would make her vulnerable. She wanted to stay strong for both of them, but it didn't mean that she was strong. Ever since she was in love with Mu Liang, she emotionally became weak. And seeing him after two months, somehow, she couldn't control herself.

A few minutes ago, she was feeling bloodl.u.s.t. She wanted to kill everyone in the apartment; it didn't matter if they were men or women. However, then, she saw the person she wanted to see for the past two months. The man was in disguise of a Russian man, but his posture, his aura, his smell, his way of looking at everything was so familiar to him that it took her only one glace to recognize him. No one could imitate him. She stood there frozen and forgot to move. She wanted to know if he was real or her imagination. But afterwards, Li Sheng moved first. When he took her closer, she was sure that the person called Mr. Petrovich was none other than Mu Liang himself. That's why, she took her hand away from Li Sheng's grasp and sat on Mu Liang's lap and hugged him. She smelled his unique odor with all her heart. She felt safe and happy. She almost forgot where she was. She didn't care about anything else anymore.

Mu Liang stroked her back and let her cry. He also missed her terribly. Since he last saw her, she became a lot skinner. He knew that she wouldn't be treated well but his heart ached after seeing her. He was furious when he saw her face was red and she came out of her room in red nightgown. He scanned her top to bottom to check if she was hurt. He knew that she was under drug after noticing her expression. He was apologetic as he was so late to face her.

Mu Liang did think that Mu Lan came back safely after finishing her mission. However, behind her back, he made some plans with Mu Feng. Since he found out from The Cobra fathers-in-law that Li Sheng was part of The Mongoose, the enemy of The Cobra, there was no way that he could take Li Sheng lightly. So, after she left, he made his preparations. But then he got news from Juan, the head of The Cobra that they got the gold key but Mu Lan was stuck in China. Mu Liang knew that Mu Lan wouldn't use her power but he knew that she had the ability to get out of Li Shen and Li Sheng's grasp. However, there was something that was holding her back and he couldn't figure it out what it was. Then he got her message.

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