Her head was spinning. Her heart was beating fast. Her body was getting warmer. She felt like something heavy was weighing down her body. She couldn't move an inch. She tried to open her eyes but couldn't. Subconsciously, she took some deep breaths. Then, she forced herself to open her eyes. Her eyes were red and her vision was blurry. She tried to get up by depending on her palms. Her arms trembled.

'Those jerks! They dared to drug me. I won't let them off.' Mu Lan cursed. Her blood was boiling and her body burned. She felt her changes inside. She knew instantly what kind of drug it was. Aphrodisiac!

But bit down her lower lip and let her blood flow down to her chin. After the pain she felt, she could focus and see what was around her. She was still in the room where she slept. She looked for the source of the smell that was making her dizzy. When she couldn't find it, she used her power to destroy everything that was made of glass and crystal in one strike. Loud shattering sounds that smashed the silence of the night. The attached door with the balcony, the windows, the mirrors and every single decoration were broken into pieces.

The cold summer wind entered the room and took away the sweet smell. When Mu Lan breathed the fresh oxygen, her head became much clearer. But she was still feeling uncomfortable. Destructible rage blinded her for a moment. "Li Sheng, you have gone too far."

If a woman was kidnapped and then was drugged and after that left with a bunch of monsters, would it need another person to tell her what was going on? Even an idiot could tell. Sudden bloodlust urged her to kill every single monster that was in this apartment. She didn't think of anything else, neither The Cobra, nor The Mongoose. All she wished was to bathe in the red blood.

Ignoring her rising temperature, she got up from the bed, wore her slippers and then walked in front of the door. She unlocked the door and opened it with full force. There was no guard in front of her room. No wonder no one came when she made a havoc inside the room. She walked in the corridor like a mad woman. She strode towards Li Sheng's study room. She found six guards were guarding the room. They looked at her and noticed something was wrong with her. They were alarmed.

"Stop right ther-" The guard tried to command her but the wind sliced his and his comrades' necks in one strike. Blood splashed everywhere. The floor became a red river.

With a loud 'bang' sound, she opened the study room and then, halted. Li Sheng wasn't alone in the room. He was sitting on the couch in a relaxed manner and his secretary was standing behind him. They seemed to be entertaining some guests from foreign countries. Five men were inside talking about underworld businesses.

Hearing noises, they were startled and looked at the door and saw a woman in red nightgown standing in the doorway. She was an alluring woman. Her eyes were hazy and her face was flushed. She looked like that kind of woman that any man would desire. Especially in the middle of the night.

"S-she… she…" Li Sheng's secretary who was standing, only he could see the scene behind that seductive woman. It was a bloodbath. He pointed out at the door while stuttering.

Li Sheng became suspicious and stood up. Seeing the ocean of blood, he walked forward and he was followed by his secretary. He grabbed Mu Lan and looked behind her.

"Y-you!" He couldn't believe his eyes. He couldn't come up with any idea how she killed those six sturdy men with aphrodisiac in her system and he heard nothing from inside. Of course, the guards would definitely not hurt her since he forbade them.

Li Sheng saw two short knives on the bloody scene and concluded that Mu Lan took the knives while no one was paying attention and killed them. And how she killed them all, it only meant that Mu Liang forced her to learn martial arts. But he couldn't just believe everything by making assumptions. He needed to ask her first. He had to admit that she had a completely different aura than the dinner time. She looked more like a blood thirsty vampire than a seductress.

When he was about to ask her, one of the guests said, "is there anything wrong?" That man spoke in English and he had a Rush accent.

Li Sheng smiled and looked at them. "There is nothing wrong. My little pet is throwing a tantrum." He glanced at his secretary and whispered, "Call other men and let them clean this mess." After that, he pulled Mu Lan who was frozen stiff and said, "This is the pet I was talking about last time. She is the most beautiful woman you have in China. I spent lots of time educating her. If we become partners with you, I will give her to you as a present.

There were three Russians sitting in front of him. One was clean shaved, brown haired handsome man, another one had his face covered with beard and had dirty blonde hair and the last one was a charming man with beard around his lips, had blonde hair and green eyes. He was sitting in the middle and had an oppressive aura. He was the leader of the European Underworld Businesses Center. His main enemy was Mu Feng. As a result, Li Sheng approached him to take European Underworld in his hand. He wanted to crash Mu Feng. This way, he would get both Europe and North America in his hand.

The leader thought about Li Sheng's proposal and gave Mu Lan a look. His eyes scanned her from top to bottom and then nodded. He said indifferently, "You know me too well, Mr. Li. I do love the company of beautiful women. Let's check the papers.

Li Sheng handed him over the documents. The beard man took the documents and began to read. Li Sheng took this chance and sat down. He pulled Mu Lan to sit on his lap.

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