"So, you were jealous of her. And that's why you killed her." Li Sheng gazed at her coldly.

"No, I didn't. And didn't you already punish me for that? You didn't let me get off the bed for three days." Hua Mei blushed and circled her arms around him. She said seductively, "Xiao Sheng, kiss me."

Mu Lan stopped listening. "This is too much to bear. Too much information isn't good for my health. I feel nausea."

She found out that Li Sheng was dating Hua Mei till she got engaged with Li Shen. She got married while she was pregnant with Li Sheng's son, Li Shan. Even now, she was sleeping around with other men since her husband never touched her.

'Does that mean Li Sheng is still a virgin?' Mu Lan gasped and covered her mouth. 'Pft!' She rolled on the bed while laughing. She didn't know if she should feel bad for him or not.

That night, there was another unexpected guest that came in the villa. Mu Lan had already finished her dinner and went to take a shower. After she came out, she heard commotion outside. She halted but then went to the bed. She was sleepy. She had no interest in what was going on outside.

The guest was Li Shen. He used his personal helicopter to come here. He wasn't alone. He bought his men with him. They were Li Family's trained guards.

Li Sheng came outside to greet him. "Brother, I didn't expect you to come here."

"Where is she?" Li Shen asked coldly. He was emitting a dangerous aura.

Li Sheng put his hands on his pockets. He calmly asked back, "Where is who? Are you looking for your wife? She isn't here."

Li Shen narrowed his eyes. "Don't play dumb. You knew she was in China."

Li Sheng asked, "Are you talking about that bi*ch Hua Lan? Oh, now that I remember, she married Mu Liang. She is now called Mu Lan." He noticed his brother's facial expression. Li Shen's face was getting scarier. Li Sheng chuckled. "I heard from your father-in-law and I also heard that she became your captive. Why are you looking for her? It couldn't be that she escaped from your gasp, could it? Brother, why did you let her go without punishing her? Didn't you promise you will avenge us?"

Li Shen ignored his sneer and said, "I don't have time for you. I know you hid her somewhere. There is no need for you to lie to me. I already checked that she tried to leave this country but was caught by you. After that, you came here with her."

Li Sheng crudely told him, "Brother, we are still family. Are you going back to your promise because of your enemy? Have you forgotten for whom we have a miserable childhood?"

Li Shen clenched his fists. He hardened his expression and replied, "You don't have to remind me of that. My men will search this villa thoroughly. Don't stop them."

Li Sheng gazed at his brother for a long time. His gaze was as sly as a snake. "Brother, does that mean our brotherhood ends here?"

"Don't be so childish. Let my men do their job." Li Shen signaled his men and they went inside the villa while Li Sheng kept looking at his brother.

An hour later, Li Shen's men came back and told their boss, "We didn't find any woman in here."

Li Shen, who was drinking tea, gazed at his men. "Are you sure? Have you checked everywhere?"

"We checked every corner of this villa. We didn't find any hidden room either." His men said truthfully.

Li Shen tapped his fingers on the head of the statue of a fox in the living room. He turned towards Li Sheng who was sitting on the couch and drinking tea. "Where is she?" Li Shen asked calmly.

Li Sheng glanced at his brother before taking his laptop. "Brother, you already searched for her and didn't find her. It's not my fault. I will give you permission to look for her in any of my property whenever you want. But I can guarantee that you won't find her because she isn't anywhere within my properties. You are wasting your time."

Li Shen walked close to his brother. He caught his brother by collar and threatened, "If I find her anywhere near your property, we will no longer be brothers."

The men around them were shivering. If these two brothers became enemies just for a girl who was already someone else's wife, there would be a bloodbath.

Li Shen left with his men. Li Sheng licked his lips. His sly gaze flickered with a dangerous glow. "Brother, you won't want that. Trust me." He smiled. He believed that whatever his brother had belonged to him only. His brother was just a pawn who was sitting in the throne for show. His wealth, his money, his woman and his child, everything was supposed to Li Sheng's. And he would take everything with his own hands, one day. But before that, he had to deal with Mu Lan.

Li Sheng stood up and stood in front of the mirror. There were two fox statues beside them. He touched the head of one of the foxes that was Li Shen touching before he left and twisted it. The mirror moved away and there was a dark corridor. He went inside and walked towards the light. There was a man standing there. He asked his man, "What is that useless woman doing?"

His man replied, "She went to sleep long before President Li came inside. She looked very tired."

Li Sheng chuckled. "She looks energetic every day. It doesn't look like she eats only one meal a day. Now I can tell that she is only pretending to be strong in front of me."

The man behind him gulped. He didn't dare to speak anything. Li Sheng ordered, "Tell the cook to give her two meals a day from now on. She will come in handy in the future." He smirked. He just planned something better. It made him very happy.

The man behind him prayed in silence, 'As long as the ghosts get out this place, I will do anything.'

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