Hua Mei saw that Li Sheng was quiet for a while. She stretched out her hands and grabbed his arm. She shook him. "Why aren't you saying anything? Won't you bring justice for me?"

"Ask your husband." Li Sheng shook her off.

"He cannot be found. He has no contact with me. How am I going to ask him?" Hua Mei went closer to him and rubbed her body against his body. "You won't turn me down, right?"

Li Sheng pulled her closer. "Mei, don't you know why your husband cannot be found?"

Hua Mei's eyes flickered for a moment. She put her arms around him and replied, "No, I don't. Do you know something?"

"He is looking for your beloved sister." Li Sheng said.

Hua Mei sat up straight. "What are you talking about? Didn't she leave already?"

Li Sheng shrugged. "I don't know. She was with your husband two months ago and then she suddenly vanished from your mansion. That's why your husband killed all the guards and the servants who were present at that time."

Hua Mei was shocked. "Are you saying that I cannot find the previous maids because they all died? All because of that bi*ch! Why was she in my house in the first place?"

"Your son was sick and so she went to accompany him. Did anyone tell you that your husband played with your sister and son?" Li Sheng smirked. "Looks like he really thought of her as his own wife while neglecting his real wife."

Hua Mei trembled. Her husband who never gave her or her son any attention suddenly played together with her son and sister. Just thinking that she felt bitter.

Looking at her ugly expression, Li Sheng felt delighted. He intended to punish her after he found out that she lied to her about Hua Lan being her biological sister. There were other reasons as well.

Hua Mei faced him. "Xiao Sheng, you have to punish that bi*ch for me."

Li Sheng relaxed his body. "I don't even know where she is at this moment."

"Liar." Mu Lan commented from the underground.

Hua Mei moved forward. She hugged her and kissed Li Sheng. "I know you can find her if you look for her. Xiao Sheng, I know you still love me. Please don't be mad at me anymore. How many times I have to tell you I didn't kill your pregnant girlfriend. She had nothing to do with me. I already have a husband and a child. Why do I have to kill her for your favor?"

Li Sheng stroked her head. "Mei, you still have time to speak the truth. Don't make me mad."

Hua Mei desperately said, "I'm not trying to. I already gave birth to your son. My everything has become yours since then."

Mu Lan who was eating popcorn choked and then coughed. '*Nani?! What did she just say? Little Shan is not Li Shen's son but her and Li Sheng?!'

Li Sheng moved his face from her as she tried to kiss him. "You would abort my son if you had a chance to sleep with my brother. Too bad that he never touched you. After you found out that you were pregnant with little Shan, no matter how many times you drugged him to make him understand Shan was his child, he didn't sleep with you. In the end, you took advantage of his drunkenness one night and the next morning you told him that he ravished you like a monster."

Li Sheng looked at Hua Mei's dark expression. He continued, "What did you gain from it? He left you and started to live in another mansion thinking that he would make the same mistake again and make love to you. He still thinks that little Shan is his son since Shan got our mother's features well. Especially her eyes. In truth, little Shan got my features but since me and my mother look the same, no one ever doubted it, not even my brother." He smiled. "Mei, you got it all in your hands. I said nothing back then. Why are you trying to use me now after so long?"

Meanwhile, Mu Lan forgot to chew the remaining popcorn that was in her mouth. She held her breath and listened to the conversation.

Hua Mei forced him to look at her. She said in a pitiful tone, "Xiao Sheng, believe me, I really loved you back then. We are so good together. But then your brother with a marriage proposal. Thinking of my father's business, I had to agree to this marriage."

Li Sheng touched her chin and forced her to look at him. He smiled and asked, "Mei, since when did you think about others and become so good? The Mei I know would never think of others happiness and always did what was the best for her. Didn't you marry my brother thinking that he was richer than I am. You married him when my son was in your stomach. Mei, you did so well."

Mu Lan looked down at her stomach. "I think I'm full for today. I can't take any more than this."

Hua Mei said, "Xiao Sheng, you said so yourself. Your brother never even touched me. Only your traces are left in my body. Xiao Sheng, I'm still yours. My body still craves for you." She took his left hand and put it on her chest.

Li Sheng narrowed his eyes. "Are you still saying that after you slept with producers to get the winner awards? Darling, do you think that I'm blind?"

Hua Mei shuddered. "It's only because you didn't pay any attention to me. If you paid a little attention, I wouldn't have slept with them. Those awards were nothing compared to your warm embrace. But you were too busy to be with your girlfriend back then."

"So, you were jealous of her. And that's why you killed her." Li Sheng gazed at her coldly.


*Nani is a Japanese word that means "What"

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