It had been two months since Mu Lan was held captive. She was taken to the underground and locked up there after Li Shen was turning the whole China upside down to look for her. Li Sheng was having fun when he reported to Mu Lan his brother's crazy activities.

Three days after he kidnapped her, he was saying, "Do you know my brother has gone insane? He left his company to Assistant Si Guen and went to search for you. He killed every security guard who failed to keep you in his mansion. His wife came back after surgery but he didn't pay any attention to her. Tell me, are you a witch? What kind of spell did you put on my brother? How come you didn't put a spell on me?"

Mu Lan answered, "Because you are not worthy to be played like a puppet." Saying that she smirked.

"Oh!" Li Sheng smiled. "What am I worthy of?"

Mu Lan shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe I'll try to find out if you give me three meals a day."

Li Sheng's expression darkened. It had already been three days and his secretary still couldn't find the culprit who stole his food. Not only that, the thief became overconfident and took every opportunity to steal food whether it was from a plate or freezer or stove or oven. The cook decided to put four surveillance cameras in the four corners of the kitchen and he personally sat up the whole process. However, it didn't work. The camera didn't catch any suspicious action at night but the next day, he would find out that some of the food was missing.

It was nothing for Mu Lan. She waited till everyone fell asleep and then hacked the surveillance cameras from the cook's laptop. After that, she let wind steal food for her, even sometimes cook for her. No one would notice what was happening inside the locked kitchen in the darkness. She didn't stop her actions only in stealing food. At night, she would scare the guards and the hounds. The wind would take Li Sheng's white shirt or bedcover and, in the lawn, it would dance alone. In the dark, it would seem extremely horrifying. If the hounds barked, the shirt would go after them making not only the hounds but also the guards wet their pants.

These incidents made everyone believe that those who died in this villa had come to get revenge. However, none of them had the courage to talk about it. The last thing they wanted to let Li Sheng know about it. They could endure the haunted activities but they couldn't endure the punishment that Li Sheng would make them go through. That's why, when the cook wanted to complain about the stolen food, the guards forbid him not to do so. As a result, the cook would try to appease the unknown vengeful spirits with his cooking skills. He would prepare the most delicious meals and leave it in the kitchen after work and in the morning, he would see that the plates were empty. It made him feel that the ghosts took the offering. The guards also said that the white ghost didn't try to scare them at night. All the things pointed out that the ghosts were pleased with the food.

It made Mu Lan's works a lot easier. She could eat more food every day. But then, Li Sheng sent her to the underground of the villa. It was chillier than the room she was in. She had gotten back her luggage but she only had summer clothes. There wasn't hot water to take a bath. It made her body shiver to take a bath in chilly water.

Since she was taken underground, she changed her tactics. She deliberately took the cooked meal from the kitchen in front of the surveillance cameras and let the guards show that the meal was going inside the underground. They realized that the ghost wanted to feed the held captive. They also thought that that captive woman was a witch who summoned the ghost. After coming to that conclusion, they became good to her. They gave her warm clothes to wear, gave her hot water to bathe and also gave her four grand meals a day. Certainly, they did it without letting their boss and his secretary know about it.

However, she couldn't find about Xue Lin's whereabouts no matter how much she tried to look into it. Li Sheng would bring his laptop to show where Xue Lin was and that she was still being targeted. Aside from that, she checked with her power that he was always with his laptop. Even if he wasn't, his secretary would be close to the laptop as though they were guarding it. There wasn't any potion for her to use Li Sheng or his secretary's laptop. Moreover, after she got her luggage back, she only found her clothes inside. The medicines and the small toys to communicate with The Cobra were all gone. She couldn't contact anyone. Only once, she used the cook's laptop to hack the surveillance cameras. At that time, she tried to reach out to Mu Liang. She wanted to send a message to him about Xue Lin's danger.

She believed that if Mu Lang noticed her message and saved Xue Lin, she would get out of here without any delay. And thus, after sending the text, she waited for the reply. But a week later, Li Sheng showed her Xue Lin's current position. Mu Lan was frustrated but she kept her calmness. There wasn't any unusual behavior of Li Sheng. As a result, she couldn't tell whether he was telling a lie or the truth. But she really prayed for Xue Lin.

In two months, she couldn't use the cook's laptop as the guards took his laptop to watch porn at night. Mu Lan wanted to break their necks one by one. She used her power to find out if there was anything unusual going on. One day, she discovered something amazing.

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