Mu Lan forced a smile. "You don't have to remind me about that again and again. Why don't you give my luggage back? I need to change my clothes. I like to stay clean."

Li Sheng replied, "After my men thoroughly check your luggage, you will get it back."

"What? Why men but not women?" Mu Lan had to protest about it since those distasteful and disrespectful men would see her undergarments.

Li Sheng smirked. "Don't worry. They are professionals."

Mu Lan shuddered in disgust. She said, "Li Sheng, you better not fall in my hands."

"Are you threatening me? Feel free to make things harder." He challenged her.

"Don't beg for mercy when I do." Mu Lan gritted her teeth.

Li Sheng stood up and came closer. He reached out to her and plucked a strand of hair. "Here, I was thinking of treating you warmly but now I changed my mind. You will be locked up in this room and get food once a day. Let's find out who begs for mercy in the end." After he left, he locked the door from outside.

"That despicable jerk!" Mu Lan screamed in hatred. Soon, she calmed down and looked around the room. This room was small and had only one bed, table and chair. This room was neat and clean. There was a bulb and a fan. The window was smaller than other windows and there was no way she could escape from there. Her body wouldn't fit the square hole. She took up and checked if there was any bug or not. Surprisingly, she found none. There was an attached bathroom. It wasn't spacious but clean. There weren't any surveillance cameras either.

'So, he thinks that there is no need to see what I do in the locked room. Since I can't get out, it's unimportant what I do inside the room.' She bit her lower lip. 'If I could get out every night to find out where Xue Lin is and then kill the sniper, I wouldn't have to lock up in here. What to do?'

Mu Lan was hungry and sleepy. It didn't seem like they would give her any meal tonight. She didn't get her luggage back. She yawned and closed her eyes. The room was excessively cold even without the fan turned on. Her cotton shirt and jeans didn't make her feel comfortable. She shivered and tried to sleep. In the end, she woke up with panda eyes the next morning.

She was looking at the ceiling in daze when she heard the door was being unlocked. She sat up hurriedly. Li Sheng walked inside with a tray in his hands and said, "Good morning! Your panda eyes say that you had a wonderful night." He smirked. And put down the tray.

Mu Lan saw that there was a glass of water and a bun. "Are you telling me to eat a dry bun and stay a whole day without eating anything else?"

"You don't look like you eat much." Li Sheng smiled evilly. "But if you beg I might give you another bun."

"What do I have to go to get three meals a day?" Mu Lan asked.

"You can try to please my men. I will make sure to record it and send it to your husband." Li Sheng turned and left.

'Laugh when you can.' Mu Lan took the bun and ate it. Her stomach cried for food. She rubbed her belly and said, "Try to stay quiet. I need to do some work."

She closed her eyes and used her power to see what was going on around the building. The security guards were on duty. There were one hundred surveillance cameras in the villa. She checked the kitchen. The cook was cooking chicken stew. On the table, there were two slices of bacon and one scrambled egg with three slices of bread. There was also a glass of warm milk.

'Want to starve me? Just wait and see…' Mu Lan used her power to take the food through the window. The cook didn't notice. He was too busy to chop the vegetables. She managed to take the food without being noticed by the security cameras. The food went through her small window and topped right in front of her.

Mu Lan couldn't contain her happiness. She laughed heartily and enjoyed the meal. While eating, she kept an eye on the kitchen. Li Sheng entered the kitchen and looked at the table. He found that his plate was empty. He asked, "Where is my breakfast?"

The cook turned to face him and was dumbfounded when he saw the plate was empty. "Just a minute ago it was the meal was there."

Li Sheng frowned. "Are you telling me someone stole my breakfast?"

The cook flinched and started to tremble. He knelt down and said, "Boss, I don't know how your meal has disappeared."

"Someone just came in and finished my meal in one minute and you didn't notice anything. Do you want me to believe you?" Li Sheng was furious.

"Boss, boss, I didn't do anything. I know nothing. I didn't see anyone entering the kitchen. I swear!" The cook could only beg.

Li Sheng didn't know what to do. It seemed that the cook was speaking the truth and also it was the first time something like that happened. "Prepare another meal for me." Saying that he left.

"Thank you! Thank you, boss!" The cook felt as if his life was speared.

'Damn it! It must be because of that bi*ch. She is cursed. She just came last night and someone stole my breakfast. It's all her fault!' Li Sheng went to the study room.

His right-hand man was surprised to see him. "Boss, have you finished your breakfast?"

Li Sheng sat down and said, "No, someone stole my food."

"Huh?" His right-hand man was shocked. "Who would dare to do something like that? Boss, have you mistaken something?"

"Find out who took my meal. I will slice off those hands." Li Sheng ordered.

"Alright!" His right-hand man left. While he was looking for the culprit, Mu Lan giggled and rubbed her filled stomach.

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