Mu Lan was taken to a villa. It was a three storied building. It was surrounded by a high wall. There were green grass and small plants but not enough for anyone to hide. The villa was in the middle, it was guarded by five hounds and ten guards and no one could get out of here without a scratch. One needed inhuman power to escape from here alive. On the road, when she saw the signboards, she realized that she was taken to Hong Kong. She understood that Li Shang's headquarters would be here as well.

Li Sheng grabbed her hand and pulled her inside the villa. He turned to see her face before saying, "You are unusually calm for a person who was just abducted."

"If I cry, will you let me go?" Mu Lan asked.

Li Sheng said, "Hah, you humor me." His grip on her tightened.

"That wasn't my intention." Mu Lan felt pain in her wrist but she said nothing about it. She asked, "Have you prepared this house for my wedding gift? I can't say that I'm impressed by it."

"Don't get too cocky." Li Sheng took her in a small room on the third floor and pushed her inside. Mu Lan stumbled and stood steadily. She turned around and asked, "Is this your so-called hospitality? Why don't I teach you how to take care of guests?"

Li Sheng moved forward, making her step backward. When her back touched the cold wall, she narrowed her eyes. "What do you think you are doing?"

Li Sheng put both of his hands on both sides of her and said, "I told you I have lots of things to ask you."

She asked again, "Can't you ask in a normal way?"

"Sure." Li Sheng grasped her left shoulder and threw her on the bed. The wooden bed had no mattress. As a result, her body ached. She hurriedly sat on the bed and looked at Li Sheng vigilantly.

Li Sheng saw her expression and said in disdain, "Don't worry. I have no interest in a disgusting bi*ch like you."

"I'm flattered." Mu Lan said flatly.

He took the only chair beside the table and sat on it. He started, "I was surprised to hear that you were in the airport. The last thing I knew was that my brother was guarding you. How did you escape from his grasp?"

Mu Lan leaned back on the wall. "It was easy. My cousin's place isn't as well guarded as the mansion your brother gave me. What I don't understand, why he wouldn't guard his only son more than me. The one who is more vulnerable is the little Shan. He must be the target of your enemies, right?"

Li Shen smirked. "That is not something you should worry about. You said that it was easy to run away under by brother's watchful eyes. I don't believe you."

He was right about that. He saw how desperately Li Shen looked for Mu Lan, even stepped away from his position in Li Corporation and also, he punished his own brother for hurting her. When he finally found her, he planned to get her. He almost lost it when he was invited to the wedding. Though Li Sheng didn't know the details of what happened in the wedding, he did find out that his brother was trying to hide the fact that Mu Lan came back to China from him. Too bad that Li Sheng couldn't do anything about it because both of them heard the news of her arrival on the same day. He also saw with his very own eyes how his brother was guarding her as if she was some kind of treasure. This pissed him off. But then he got another news from his men that she was in the airport. With his instant order, her plane was changed and he immediately flew to Jilin province to get her personally. He guessed that something happened between her and his brother to make Li Sheng lower his guard down and let her get away from his grasp. Thus, he wanted to know what happened.

Mu Lan shrugged. "I don't know why he let his guard down. I think he thought that I'm too fragile that I couldn't flee by myself."

"Ahahaha…" Li Sheng laughed out loud. "My brother thought that you were fragile! Did you think that he lost his brain somewhere?" He stopped laughing and got serious. "Enough with your joke. Now tell me what happened that night."

Mu Lan said, "I played with little Shan and your brother. Then, we grew tired and had our dinner. Later, I went to the guest room. Everyone thought that I went to sleep but I didn't. After everyone fell asleep, I left."

Li Sheng stared at her and asked, "And how did you go to Jilin province from Shanghai in such a short time? You didn't take a plane or train."

Mu Lan raised her chin. "I have my methods. I won't tell you. Why? Do you think that you are so weak that you cannot find me in your own territory?"

Li Sheng smiled. "This place has been created specially for those who have wings like you. Do you think you can escape my hounds and guards? And if you think your husband will come to save you, it's impossible. I already talked to the Foreign Ministry and for a month no European man can enter China even if they have Chinese nationality."

Mu Lan looked at him in disbelief. "Are you trying to take down the economy of China with you? How much money do you think China will lose because of your stupid action?"

Li Sheng asked, "Don't you think you should worry about yourself? Just think what I will do you after I find out that whatever you said was a lie."

She calmly said, "I'm not worried because I didn't lie. You should get the DNA result soon. I don't want to stay here."

Li Sheng smirked. "Oh, you will stay here. You cannot leave. Not this country as long as I don't want you too. You can try to escape if you wish to lose your arm or leg. Just go till the airport. You will be dragged here. Without my permission, no one will let you leave. Not to mention, as soon as you leave, your friend will die."

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