Li Shen was optimistic about his plan. In the past, he never dotted on her or pampered her. If he sweetly talked to her and gave her lots of presents, he thought that she would give in to him and come back by his side. However, he was still nervous. That's why he was uneasy when he knelt down on one knee and asked her to forget the past and start all over again one more time. It was more like he was proposing to her to marry him. He had never done that before, not even when he asked his wife's hand in marriage. What he didn't think that she would agree so quickly.

She said, "Sure, let's start anew."

Li Shen was stunned. All the words he memorized to pursue her to accept him mixed together. He opened his mouth but no words came out. Suddenly joy enveloped his whole body. He abruptly stood up and hugged her.

"Xiao Lan!" His whole body trembled in excitement. "You have no idea how it makes me feel. I'm so happy, so happy…" Then he stepped back a little and cupped her face and said, "Xiao Lan, from now on, I'll only be with you. I will never let you suffer from grief. I'll be good to you and I'll make up for you for the past mistakes." He rubbed her face with his thumbs and then leaned forward to kiss her forehead. With a light peck, he was satisfied for now. He smiled and said, "You must be tired after playing with Xiao Shan. I'll leave now. Sleep well." He embraced her one again and after that he gave her the velvet box before leaving.

After the door was closed, Mu Lan moved. She closed the door and walked towards the bathroom. She put down the velvet box on the stand, took off her nightgown and turned on the shower. Cold water rushed downward and dampened her body. She took a shower gel and rubbed her body and especially her forehead. While bathing her eyes gazed at the red velvet box on the stand. She reached out and took it. When she opened it, a gold key came to view.

'Just as I thought, it's the real one.' Mu Lan smirked. The water moistened her and the gold key.


The time when Li Shen opened the velvet box, Mu Lan couldn't take her eyes off the shiny metal object that was in the box. It was the thing she was looking for, the thing she came for in China. The only reason she looked everywhere but she couldn't find it because it was with Li Shen all the time. Since it was the only thing that was left in the destroyed apartment of her after it was burnt, he kept it with him with great care. He didn't let go of it for a single second. He wanted to give it to her when she recoiled with him and he did.

After Mu Lan saw the gold key, she didn't know what she replied. By the time Li Shen hugged her, she realized her mistake. However, she didn't want to wake him up from the fantasy. She wanted him to realize his own fantasy and wished that he would break out from it. This way, he would feel what she felt years ago.

That's why, even though she was disgusted by his presence and felt nothing but disdain for him hugging and kissing her, she endured it too see his pained expression in the future. When he left, she quickly went for a bath to remove his trace from her body.

"Hehe…" Mu Lan started to chuckle. "Hahaha…" It turned into a hysterical laugh. She laughed till her stomach hurt. She finished bathing and dressed up. She wore the same clothes that she wore in the morning. Since she got the gold key, there was no reason for her to stay here and play with Li Shen anymore.

After she was done preparing, she used her wind power to find out the positions of security guards. This mansion was less secure than the mansion she was in. Even the surveillance cameras were only around the entrance and the high wall around the mansion. It only meant that Hua Mei and their son Li Shan were not important to him as she thought. She didn't care if he cared for Hua Mei or not, but she detested it when he neglected his own son.

She stood on the balcony and looked at the dark sky. It was a new moon. If she flew away no one could notice her. She jumped to the rooftop and then found a blind spot that couldn't be seen in the surveillance footage. She leapt to the wall and then flew away in the night sky. No one in the mansion noticed her silent disappearance. Li Shen was in his bed. He was sleeping and had a wonderful dream.

Mu Lan went to Jilin province in an hour. She went inside her grandparents' home and prepared to go to sleep. She didn't forget to contact Luo Yicheng using the device sent by Shintaro before going to sleep.

"Yes?" Luo Yicheng asked curtly.

"Luo Luo, I got the gold key." Mu Lan said happily.

Luo Yicheng just went to sleep after completing a mission. He was dead tired. But listening to the news from Mu Lan, his tiredness was gone. He jumped out of the bed. "Are you sure it's the real one?"

Mu Lan confirmed, "Positive. How can I not recognize my own stuff? I played with it all the time when I was young. So, there's no way I cannot know."

Luo Yicheng asked, "Where are you now?"

She replied, "Back to grandpa's house in Jilin."

He said, "Alright, stay there as long as I don't go and take it from you. I'll go back to Africa right after I take it from you. Do you have your documents with you?"

She answered, "I do."

Luo Yicheng instructed her, "Then you can leave tomorrow after I leave or you can stay here for a while."

Mu Lan shook her head. "No, I want to leave as soon as possible."

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