Mu Lan yawned and stretched her hands as she went to the washroom. It was already lunch time. She slept again after she ended the call. Hua Rong was very emotional after he heard everything from Mu Lan. At first, he didn't want to believe it. In the end, she gave him Ru Xin's cell phone number and told her uncle to contact him and then decide whatever he wanted to do with his family. After that, she wrapped the comforter around her tightly and closed her eyes. Now that she looked at the mirror after freshening up, she saw dark circles under her eyes.

'Oh my goodness! I'm losing my beauty!' She gasped in shock. 'I need to sleep more at night or I might lose my darling husband right after our marriage.' She found some first class beauty products and applied a facial cream on her face. 'At least this Li Shen bought something useful.'


Her stomach was crying for some food. She rubbed her stomach and said, "Please stay silent till I have a warm bath." She sank her body in the warm water of the bathtub and relaxed her body.

While she was at it, she used her wind power to look for the gold key. At the same time, she checked where Li Shen was and what he was doing. Seeing his in the study room working, her mind was at ease. Other maids and guards were talking about her. They gossiped about how much they were surprised to hear the news of Mu Lan getting the mansion but not Li Shen's wife Hua Mei. Some even said that Mu Lan was trying to seduce Li Shen. Some also said that she was Li Shen's mistress. Mu Lan almost vomited blood hearing that nonsense. Another maid rejected that idea. She reminded others that Mu Lan had a husband who was richer than Li Shen. After that, others stopped talking about it and they started talking about how beautiful Mu Lan was.

'Useless.' Mu Lan thought. She tried to locate the gold key every corner of the mansion but she didn't find it anywhere. Later, she wiped her body and took out a blue jean's pants and a white cotton shirt. She wore a pair of white sneakers and tied her hair up like a ponytail before opening the door. She went downstairs and met two maids. She greeted the with a smile and asked, "Can I have lunch now?"

The maids were blinded by her beauty. Their faces flushed and stuttered, "Y-yes, madam. We will inform the chef and serve the food right away."

"Very well. I'll go to the dining room and wait for the food." Mu Lan happily walked away.

The maids excitedly talked to each other. "This miss is a good person. She not only greeted us but also smiled at us. She isn't haughty like those mistresses in the dramas."

Other maid said, "It only means that she isn't a mistress and has no intention of seducing our master. A good person like her cannot destroy others happiness."

"Let's go and tell the chef to serve the meal." The maids quickly went to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Li Shen was working with an empty stomach. With a poker face, he concentrated on his work. A maid knocked on the door and came inside. She spoke in a low voice as if she was afraid to speak aloud, "Master, madam woke up and waiting in the dining room to have lunch." She wanted to ask if master wanted to eat as well since he was starving since he woke up but her heart wasn't ready to ask him.

Li Shen stopped working and looked at the clock. It was half past one. He stood up and strode out of the study room.

While the meal was being served by the maids, Mu Lan was thinking which mansion she should go next. As she couldn't find the gold key in this mansion, she needed to go to other places. There was no time left to sit around.

The maids saw that their madam was sitting in a daze. Thus, one maid came forward and broke the trail of thoughts of Mu Lan by saying, "Madam, the meal has been served."

Mu Lan smiled and said, "Thank you." She looked at the dishes. A bowl of hot and sour soup, braised tofu, rice, spring rolls, steamed mixed vegetables, Szechwan chili chicken, sweet and sour pork, snowflake cake and mango pudding. The smell of the food made her even more hungry. She filled her bowl with soup. She said, "Thank you for the food." And started to eat.

At that time, the door was opened and Li Shen walked inside. He saw that the one he was waiting for since morning was eating without waiting for him. He paused and narrowed his eyes. "Why didn't you call for me before started eating?"

Mu Lan looked up and pretended to be surprised. "Why are you here, brother-in-law? Aren't you supposed to be in the company?"

Li Shen's nerves twitched in anger. His aura became cold and scary.

One maid hurriedly said, "Madam, master was waiting for you to wake up and wished to eat together with you. He didn't eat since he woke up."

Li Shen didn't stop the maid. He only looked at Mu Lan stubbornly to make her realize that she was wrong.

Mu Lan was indeed astonished. However, she just glanced at him and lightly said, "Oh really? So why are you standing now? Do you want to eat my leftovers?"

Her tone was so insincere that Li Shen's heart turned into stone and all the maids who were present, their jaws dropped on the floor. No one ever had such a brave heart to talk to the President of Li Company like that before. Even his wife always watched her tone when she wanted to talk to her own husband. At least, now the maids were clear that Mu Lan had no intention of seducing their master after seeing her that attitude. However, they were thinking that Mu Lan's good days were over.

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