Mu Lan finally fell asleep at dawn as she couldn't sleep all night. It wasn't peaceful since she had a nightmare. She dreamt of a mad dog chasing after her and she was running away in a clown's disguise. When she woke up, she couldn't comprehend why she dreamt something like that. Was it because Li Shen was acting like a mad dog or she was pretending to be a good person who had evil intentions? Who could tell anyway?

When Li Shen woke up, the first thing he asked the maids about her. "Did Xiao Lan wake up yet?"

One of the maids shook her head and replied, "Mistress didn't wake up. We went upstairs to call for her but she didn't reply. Thinking that she was tired, we didn't disturb her sleep."

Li Shen didn't say anything and went downstairs. He saw a maid from the kitchen and told her, "I won't have breakfast now. After Xiao Lan wakes up, we will eat together."

The maid bowed and replied, "I will let the chef know."

Li Shen went out for a morning walk. After he slept beside her in the place, he somehow felt refreshed and more energetic. Last night, he slept well and he had a mood to do some workout. Later he came back and had a bath. Then, he strode towards the room where Mu Lan was sleeping. He tried to open the door, but he couldn't. The door was locked from inside. He frowned.

'Don't think you can hide from me.' He took out a bunch of keys and sued one of them to unlock the door. With a 'click' sound, it unlocked. He smirked and tried to open door; however, he couldn't move it an inch. He frowned deeply. Afterwards, he walked away in anger. He went outside and ordered one of the guards to bring a ladder. When the ladder was placed under the attached balcony of Mu Lan's room, Li Shen climbed up. When he reached the balcony, he saw through the window that Mu Lan sleeping soundly and her whole body was covered with a comforter. He didn't see anything that was blocking the door. Feeling doubtful, he tried to open the door of the balcony to go inside; as usual, he couldn't move it either.

Certainly, he couldn't open the doors since Mu Lan used wind barrier so that no one could open the door or the windows while she was asleep.

Feeling unsettled, Li Shen moved towards the study room. He decided not to leave until he had a meal with Mu Lan after she wakes up. He had lots of things he needed to question her. He sat down on his chair and turned on his laptop. He was about to start working when his personal assistant Si Guen called him. He answered the call. "What?'

Assistant Si Guen replied, "Good morning boss, second young master was looking for you. What should I tell him?"

Li Shen frowned. "What does he want now?"

Assistant Si Guen gulped before replying, "He wants to discuss something about the properties of the Li Family."

Li Shen narrowed his eyes. "Tell him that I won't be available for a few days. Anything else?"

"Young master Shan was looking for you and the mistress. He was crying nonstop last night and had a high fever. The butler tried to reach out but the call didn't go through. I also called you but your cell phone was turned off. So, I told the butler to take young master Shan to the hospital. He is feeling better now. But he still has to take a drip." While talking, Assistant Si Guen was trembling. He was sure that he was going to get fired this time. No one could save him and his job.

However, in contrast to what he thought, his boss spoke in a calm tone, "I will visit my son as soon as possible."

"…I-I see…" Assistant Si Guen rubbed his chest. After his boss hung up, he looked at the cell phone. 'That's strange. Why is he so calm? Isn't he supposed to get mad after we failed to protect young master Shan?' He couldn't figure out how his cold-blooded boss became so forgiving. 'Well, he did say something about not being available for a few days. What is he doing? He didn't tell me anything about his work. If he doesn't tell me, how am I supposed to work? I'm his assistant, he should at least tell me what he would for the next few days.'

Meanwhile, Mu Lan woke up from her nightmare. She was sweating. She looked around to find out the source of the music. Soon, she discovered that the music was coming from her cell phone. It was ringing. Someone called her. She didn't bother to look at the screen and answered immediately. "Hello?" She was grateful to that person who took her away from that horrifying dream.

"…X-Xiao Lan? It's me, your uncle." Hua Rong's voice was hoarse. He seemed very tired by the way he sounded.

"Uncle? I'm sleeping… call me later." Mu Lan yawned loudly.

Hua Rong hurriedly said, "It's urgent… I got a mail from the military hospital…"

Mu Lan's movement paused. "And…" She waited for what her uncle wanted to say.

Hua Rong's voice quivered as he spoke, "It was about X-Xiao Mei…"

"Oh my God, uncle you read my letter? It was supposed to be mine!" Mu Lan exclaimed. However, she could hardly control her laughter and excitement.

"Xiao Lan, is it true? How can that be? It was a setup, right? Please tell me!" Hua Rong desperately wished to hear what he saw was a lie.

Mu Lan already sat up on the bed. Her drowsiness swept away. She calmly said, "Uncle, I met General Ru before he died and I found some evidence regarding him and auntie's affair. They were lovers before auntie married you and they kept seeing each other even though they both had families. She had you and he had a wife and a son. Auntie indeed gave birth to triplets and sister Mei and Major General Ru Xin's close friend He Meixu were the two of them. The other daughter died. After I found the evidence, I asked for big brother Xin's help. He is a close friend of mine. He sent me the result from military hospital. So, everything you read was the truth."

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