Li Shen previously ordered the chauffeur where to take them. That's why Mu Lan didn't know where they were going until they reached the place. It's the place where he spent lots of money and effort. It was also in his document that he himself designed every corner of this mansion.

The whole mansion was covered in green. Back of the mansion had fruit trees and in front of the mansion had flower garden. There was a large fountain in the middle of the garden. This place was well secured. Even though Li Shen himself didn't live here, he had enough maids and security guards to take care of the whole mansion.

Mu Lan couldn't see most of the part of mansion as it was night but the mansion as glowing in lights. Every servant was prepared to welcome the master of the house. Ever since they began working here, they never saw their master. Now, their master sent a message that he was coming with the mistress of this mansion. Everyone was excitedly waiting to welcome them. However, the moment their master and mistress entered the mansion, their expressions changed. They knew who was the wife of Li Shen. They liked actress Hua Mei who took the hearts of millions of fans. She was an angel.

But the lady in front of them was nothing like Hua Mei. She was more beautiful than Hua Mei. Her rosy skin, dark brown hair just like hazel tree, her transparent black eyes, sharp nose, rosy lips and her slender figure; everything about her was envious. She looked like a goddess of beauty. It was like thousands of stars were sparkling around her. Such beauty was hard to resist. They couldn't look at her anymore. They had a feeling that if they stared at her for too long, they might go blind.

Mu Lan looked around. In her opinion, it was a good mansion. However, nothing could be compared to the Mu Mansion in Paris. She turned around to face Li Shen and asked aloud, "Is this supposed to be my gift?"

Everyone heard her voice. They trembled upon hearing such a melodic voice. It was heart melting.

Li Shen deeply gazed at her and questioned her back, "Do you like it?"

Mu Lan pretended to think and then said, "It's average. At least it's better than uncle's place."

Li Shen narrowed his eyes. He asked again, "Is it not better than where you lived all this time?"

Mu Lan laughed. "Are you kidding me? My husband's place is beyond your imagination."

Everyone around them listened to them and gulped down silently. They were shocked to hear that this angel from heaven had a husband and yet she came with another married man. Wild imagination circled around their heads.

Mu Lan continued, "Maybe I should invite you there. Certainly, you have to come as my 'elder'. After all, you are my brother-in-law. I will invite uncle, auntie, sister Mei and my little nephew Li Shan too. I will arrange two rooms for you. It's a huge place. Little Shan will love my home. I'll make some toys for him too." She happily went on and on.

On the contrary of her excitement, Li Shen's expression became darker and darker. From the moment she said 'elder', he had already lost his cool. He strode towards her and caught her right wrist. "Do you think it's funny when you try to piss me off?"

Mu Lan gave him an innocent smile. "Did it work?"

Li Shen let go of her hand and walked past her. While he was walking, he said, "The maids will take you to your room. Take some rest. We will talk tomorrow. Good night."

Mu Lan tilted her head. 'Aren't you being a little to calm? This is very unsettling.' She felt chills ran down her spine. 'Now that I'm under surveillance, he let his guard down. Is he really the man I know?'

It was true that as the President of Li Corporation, Li Shen never let his guard down, not even in front of his father. His father as always strict to his eldest son and that's why Li Shen's heart was void of any emotion. However, when it came to Mu Lan, he felt his heart warming up and gradually relaxed without his notice. Moreover, he couldn't think of any possible way Mu Lan could get away from this heavily guarded mansion. It was utterly impossible for a simple girl to get out of this place under the watchful eyes.

The servants now understood Mu Lan's true identity. They realized that she was Hua Mei's cousin and Li Shen's sister-in-law and that's why he gave her this mansion as a gift. However, they began to whisper after Li Shen and Mu Lan left.

One maid took Mu Lan to her room. This room was spacious and surprisingly it had her old furniture those she personally bought. More precisely, Li Shen ordered the same furniture she had in her apartment that was burnt down by Mu Liang's order. Moreover, it had the same curtains and bed covers. Everything was the same but there was no picture of her.

Mu Lan walked towards the closet and found expensive clothes and jewelry. She smirked. "Dearest sister Mei, you are going to die in anger if you see that your husband was spending his time for me." After speaking to herself, she took out her cell phone and took a selfie. After that, she set the picture to Hua Mei's personal number and texted her, 'Sis, brother-in-law is taking good care of me. He gave me a whole mansion.' Then, she clicked the 'send' button.

Afterwards, she checked every corner if there was any bug but there wasn't. Later, she too a bath and changed into silk nightgown. She covered herself with the comforter and tried to sleep.

Meanwhile, in Beijing at Hua Rong's place, he got a letter. It was addressed to Mu Lan. He wanted to leave it in her room. However, he noticed that it came from Chinese military. When he read the sender that major General Ru Xin, his right eye twitched. Thinking about later General Ru, he subconsciously opened the envelope and unfolded the letter. The content was about the DNA test of late General Ru and Hua Mei as well as the information of Hua Mei's other two siblings.

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