'Has he lost his mind?' Mu Lan thought. She coldly gazed at him and said, "Are you insane? Give me one reason why should I choose you over him."

Li Shen halted before replying, "Because I was your first love."

He was sure that if he coaxed her, she would still come back to him. So what if she was married? She could just get divorced and marry him instead.

"Hah." Mu Lan let out a small mocking laugh. "Just because a school girl is interested in a man who is a little bit rich, doesn't mean that she is in love with that person." She saw his expression changing. "The only thing I can remember that I was interested in a man who was inhumanly cruel to me. But then I met a super handsome man who was not rich but also took great care of me and gave me a wonderful life that every woman dream. Do you think I'm stupid enough not to fall for him?"

Li Shen moved a little closer. He spoke in a guilt tone, "I-I didn't mean to hurt you…"

"…" She was speechless. If he didn't mean to hurt her, then how come she was hurt so badly? She almost lost her soul for her own childish desire.

Mu Lan raised an eyebrow. "Even if you were good to me, it wouldn't change the fact that my husband loves me more than anything in this world. He will let go of all his hard work and spend the rest of his life with me if I tell him to do that. You are nothing like him. You can never be as great as him. So, don't jump for competition like a stupid. You know you will lose."

She turned and walked away. Before leaving the compound, she turned around and said, "Do you know what is the best thing you have done for me?"

She didn't wait for his answer and continued, "The best thing you ever did for me was rejecting me. If you didn't do that, I would never get my husband."

Then, she left. Just like that. Behind her, Li Shen stood there motionless. He was unable to move.

Mu Lan went straight to Hua Rong's company. On the way, she didn't forget to pick their dinner. In the company, she was welcomed warmly and Hua Rong's secretary came to take her to the top floor.

Mu Lan looked around and commented, "The business is thriving."

The secretary was a middle-aged man who worked for Hua Rong from the very beginning of the foundation of the company. He proudly said, "It's all because of boss' hard work and President Li's guidance."

Mu Lan absentmindedly said, "Li Shen… hmm…"

They went to Hua Rong's room and the secretary told Mu Lan to sit there. "Please wait here for a while. The meeting will end soon."

She nodded and replied, "Don't worry, I won't get bored." She took out her cell phone and began to play with it.

Soon after the secretary left, Hua Rong came inside. "Xiao Lan, have you been waiting too long?"

Mu Lan smiled. "Not at all. I just came. I brought dinner for us." She stood up and started serving the dishes.

Hua Rong adjusted his glasses and glanced at the clock. "Oh, it's already dinner time. I didn't notice at all. Time sure flies quickly."

He was about to say something to say something to his niece when his secretary came inside and told his boss something in a low tone. Hua Rong nodded and then his secretary left.

Hua Rong commented, "It looks like we have a company."

"Who is joining us? We have plenty." Saying that, Mu Lan looked up and her smile disappeared.

It was Li Shen. He came forward and talked to Hua Rong. "Sorry for coming without further notice. I went to visit mother-in-law and thought of meeting you before going back to Shanghai."

Mu Lan scoffed. There was now ay she would believe such obvious lie. He definitely followed her here.

Hua Rong was surprised and at the same time, delighted to see his son-in-law. He said, "Not at all. Not at all. It's our pleasure to have you here. Right, Xiao Lan?" He still didn't know that Li Shen and Mu Lan had met in the hospital.

Mu Lan bluntly said, "I forgot to order extra dishes. Only two of us can eat. It looks like my brother-in-law has to eat outside."

Hua Rong's smile froze on his face. He couldn't believe that his niece was speaking so tactlessly. "X-Xiao Lan-"

He was interrupted by Li Shen. "It's fine. I'll just eat the leftovers."

Mu Lan said, "There won't be any leftovers." Her tone was firm.

Hua Rong was speechless. He was crying inside. 'Xiao Lan, you are so sensible. How can speak to him like that? My source of income!"

Li Shen walked forward and sat down beside Mu Lan's sit. He looked at the dishes and said, "I know we are all human beings here, not pigs. So, I'm fine." He meant that two people could never finish four people's meals by themselves.

Hua Rong didn't want Mu Lan to speak any further. He came forward and said, "Yes, yes, you are right. We have plenty of food to eat."

Till the end, Mu Lan refused to acknowledge Li Shen's presence. She took her seat further away from him and never looked at him once. She added few foods to her uncle's bowl and ate silently. When Li Shen tried to give her some chicken balls, she moved away. Hua Rong almost choked while watching the two of them.

After dinner, Li Shen proposed, "I always neglected my sister-in-law and never fulfilled my duty as brother-in-law. Because of my decision, she went to Italy and had suffered for so long. I would like to take her to Shanghai. She can meet her nephew and play with him. I will take my time to show her around the company and the mansions I have in there. What do you think?

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