Mu Lan looked very worried as she asked about Hua Mei. However, her eyes said otherwise. Li Shen clearly remembered that night in the night club. Mu Lan was drunk and she was being carried by Mu Liang. She was the one who kicked Hua Mei with all her might and her heel of the shoe broke Hua Mei's nose. It was such a terrible injury that the doctor told them to prepare for plastic surgery, if not there would be a deep scar left on the nose.

He wasn't sure if he knew this Hua Lan. The Hua Lan she knew would never hurt her own sister. He blackmailed her in the past to make her attend the marriage ceremony of him and Hua Mei. She was forced by him so that Hua Mei's marriage wouldn't be canceled. The sister who gave her own happiness for her elder sister couldn't possibly kick her own sister.

Li Shen looked at her without moving an inch. He wanted to make sure if she was an imposter.

Mu Lan tilted her head. "Is there something on my face? Or are you trying to see if there is any difference between me and sister Mei?" She jokingly spoke, "Don't worry. I look like my mother whereas sister Mei look like General Ru, oh no, he died. He isn't the General anymore. My mistake." She covered her mouth hurriedly but the deed was already done.

Zhuang Lei's face turned pale. In the next second, she became curious, "Xiao Lan! How dare you to talk like that about a dead person."

'Is this really the issue now? Shouldn't you protect your dignity first?" Mu Lan felt helpless. She flinched and apologetically said, "I didn't mean that way. I only wanted to say that sister Mei looks like General Ru-"

"Enough!" Zhuang Lei had enough of her nonsense. She was fuming. 'This bi*ch! She deliberately said it.' Thinking of General Ru, she felt suffocated. She was still having a hard time without her beloved and there was that girl who she hated to the core and alive and kicking a fuss over her dead lover.

Mu Lan's eyes became teary and she pitifully said, "I'm wrong auntie. I didn't mean it that way."

Doubt flashed in Li Shen's eyes. He turned to look at Zhuang Leia and asked confusedly, "Auntie?"

He already began to doubt Hua Mei's origin as Mu Lan kept mentioning the late General Ru Yaozu, then his mother-in-law got her youngest daughter after so long but scolding her in front of other people and now Xiao Lan was calling her own mother 'auntie'. He wanted to make sure if there was something he didn't know about his own in-laws.

Zhuang Lei gasped. She nervously laughed and said, "Look at this child. How can you call your own mother 'auntie'. Don't hurt your mother who raised you." She lightly scolded Mu Lan and tried to signal her with her eyes.

Zhuang Lei tried so hard and spent a lot of money not to let the Li Family know Mu Lan's true identity. She even managed to introduce her as her own daughter though it disgusted her. But she had to do it for her own daughter's happiness and dignity. Now she couldn't let her ruin all her plan.

However, Mu Lan pretended not to see her signs. She said with a foolish expression, "But auntie, you aren't my mother in the first place. You are my mother's younger twin sister. How can I call you mother? You never told me to call you mother when you adopted me after my mother died."

Mu Lan was smirking in her mind. 'Woman, who wants to be your daughter?'

Zhuang Lei wished she could choke her to death. Her face changed colors several times.

Li Shen spoke, "So, you aren't Xiao Mei's real sister…"

Mu Lan happily shook her head. "You are right. We are cousins."

Li Shen now became clear and realized how Zhuang Lei was able to shout at her despite meeting her after a long time. He recalled the time when his mother-in-law always praised her youngest daughter but actually in truth, she ridiculed her. Understanding a woman's mind was really critical.

His trace of thought broke when Mu Lan's cell phone chimed. It was a text. She looked at the screen and read the text. After that, she stood up and said, "I have an important task to do. I'll be off then. Good night auntie, please rest well. Good night brother-in-law."

Zhuang Lei didn't say anything. More than that, she lost her face in front of her son-in-law.

After she went outside the hospital, she sighed deeply. "It was tiring." She stretched her hands. Acting like a fool was a real hard work. "Maybe I should go for acting career." She nodded and walked away.

She didn't take five steps before someone grabbed her arm. She instantly moved away, making that person surprise. She looked at the person who grabbed her earlier and coldly asked, "What do you think you are doing to a married woman, brother-in-law?" Her tone was full of sarcasm.

Li Shen relaxed his body. Seeing her acting idiotic, he wasn't sure if she lost her memory of him. Now that she didn't pretend anymore, he sighed in relief. He ordered, "Come with me."

Mu Lan raised an eyebrow. She couldn't help but chuckle. "And who do you think you are ordering? A wife of a businessman who is a lot more powerful and wealthier than you are?"

Li Shen frowned. He didn't like her talking to him like that. He liked the way she admired him before. Well, yes, he hurt her but he already said that he loved her. Shouldn't she embrace her old flame? After all, first love was always hard to forget.

"Did you marry him for his power and wealth so that you can make me jealous?" Li Shen asked her as he gazed at her.

Mu Lan felt like she might vomit.

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