Before Mu Lan went to her room, Hua Rong said, "Xiao Lan, don't say baseless things to hurt your aunt. She is already upset about Xiao Mei's incident. I hope you understand."

Mu Lan smiled and said, "Of course I do, uncle. I'm sorry for causing trouble."

Hua Rong nodded and went back to his room.

Mu Lan looked on his way and narrowed her eyes. 'That I cannot do, uncle. Even if it's for you.' Afterwards, she went to her own room and shut the door.

At night, she hacked Li Shen's computer that was in his office and tried to find out how many assets he had around China. She found that he had at least twenty personal assets in Beijing and thirty assets in the name of Li Corporation.

She felt dizzy. 'Dude, are you trying to flaunt over how rich you are or you don't know what to do with your money?'

After memorizing all the addresses of the assets, she finally closed her eyes.

The next day, Mu Lan woke up early. For some reason, she didn't feel comfortable sleeping in the room. She only dreamed about gold key. She found gold key wherever she went and also saw that Li Shen created countless duplicates of the gold key and she was unable to find the real one. She yawned and went downstairs. She heard Hua Rong's voice coming from the dining room.

He was speaking to someone on the cell phone. "Yes, she is doing fine... She will be discharged in five days… I understand… I will do as you wish… How's Xiao Mei?... I'm glad to know… I can't wait to see her…"

'Oh, he is talking to Li Shen. Isn't it interesting?' Mu Lan smirked. She entered the dining room and greeted Hua Rong in a loud voice, "Good morning, uncle!" Then she pretended to notice that he was talking to someone in the cell phone. She gasped and meekly said, "I'm sorry, uncle. I didn't notice." After apologizing, she sat down on the chair opposite him.

Li Shen heard a familiar sweet voice over the phone and froze. He couldn't believe his own ear.

Hua Rong didn't hear anything and called out, "Xiao Shen, are you there?"

Li Shen overcame his shock and asked in a nonchalant tone, "Who is the person with you?"

Hua Rong misunderstand and thought that maybe Li Shen thought that his father-in-law was with a mistress. He hurriedly answered, "It's Xiao Lan! Xiao Shen you won't believe it but she is alive and she came back. I want to hold a party for her return. Please come back with Xiao Mei as soon as possible. It has been a long time since the whole family was together."

'Xiao Lan is in China! I didn't hear wrong.' Li Shen smiled. "I will tell Xiao Mei. Please don't worry."

"Yes, yes, come back safely and soundly. About the project…" Hua Rong went back to work.

Mu Lan chew her food and thought, 'If you weren't a workaholic, your wife wouldn't look at other man, uncle. However, it doesn't seem like my aunt is a saint either way. She would have lovers out there even if her husband was good to her.'

After they finished having meal, Hua Rong went to his company and Mu Lan went to Li Shen's assets those were in Beijing and checked with her wind power to find out the location of the gold key. None of those places had her precious gold key. She was a little upset. She slapped her own cheeks to encourage herself only to surprise the passers-by.

'Next I have to go to Xi'an, Nanjing, Nanchang and Nanning. After I'm done with these places, I'll go to Shanghai.' She planned everything and then went to the hospital. On the way, she was thinking, 'He has so many assets all over China, but he has only three mansions in Shanghai. It's the lowest number. More importantly, he didn't live with his own family. His wife and son lived in one mansion and he lived in another one. He has an empty mansion too and it is the most beautiful mansion of all the mansions, apartments and hotel suits he has. But he never went there. It's a bit suspicious. Although, he didn't go to some other mansions he bought in other provinces either, this particular mansion is unique as it has given a lot of attention compared to other mansions he has. Still I should go there before I go to two other mansions first-' Her thoughts halted as she saw Li Shen in the room where Zhuang Lei was staying in the hospital.

It was a VIP room where Zhuang Lei had everything. She was beaming with happiness and pride as her son-in-law came to visit her from Europe after he heard that she was admitted in the hospital.

"Xiao Lan, come and sit down. I know you must have forgotten how your brother-in-law looked like. This is Li Shen, your brother-in-law." Zhuang Lei deliberately said that Li Shen was her brother-in-law so that she didn't have any ill intention about her own brother-in-law.

Mu Lan smiled and excitedly said, "Oh my, BROTHER-IN-LAW, I know it's my sudden return. You must have felt surprised to see me. I'm Xiao Lan, your one and only SISTER-IN-LAW." She emphasized the phrases 'brother-in-law' and 'sister-in-law' to create the distance between them. She wanted to tell him 'know your place' by those phrases.

She sat down and continued, "By the way, brother-in-law, I heard my precious sister had an accident and had a plastic surgery. Is she okay now? I felt terrible after hearing the news. I want to see her badly. Did you bring her back?"

Li Shen deeply gazed at without blinking even once. He heard her voice and felt grimace as she called him 'brother-in-law'. He answered calmly, "She is fine. She wanted to do some shopping and sent me on her behalf to look after… mother-in-law." He had a hard time calling Zhuang Lei mother-in-law as he had to admit that he married Zhuang Lei's elder daughter Hua Mei, not the younger daughter Hua Lan who was now Mu Lan.

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