'That bi*ch, why is it so hard for her to die?!' Zhuang Lei couldn't help but curse Mu Lan once again. 'And the moment she came to my house, I hurt my back and was sent to the hospital. She is a bad omen for my family.' She couldn't help but have a grudge against Mu Lan.

After her backbone ached as Mu Lan pulled her up, she was sent to the hospital and had to stay here for at least a week. Her husband Hua Rong and cursed Mu Lan left her there all alone. All she could do and gritting her teeth and badmouth Mu Lan.

Meanwhile, Mu Lan glanced at Hua Rong who was driving his car. "Uncle, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for auntie to end up in the hospital."

Hua Rong stopped the car when he saw the signal. He turned his head to see the guilty expression of Mu Lan. His heart melted. Back then, when she was a kid, whenever he came home unlike his wife and daughter, she came forward to take his bag and always asked how his day was and cared for him genuinely. He replied, "If someone had a fault in it, it was your aunt. She didn't welcome you properly. All she did was screaming and hurt herself." He sighed deeply and continued, "It's really hard to understand what a woman is thinking."

Mu Lan giggled. "It can't be helped. All you ever think about is your business."

From the moment she recalled, her uncle was a workaholic. He often spent his night in the office. When she was fifteen years old and went to stay with her aunt's family, she was used to take his dinner to the company ad made sure he had his meal properly.

She looked outside of the window and was surprised. "This isn't the way of the house."

Hua Rong grinned. "It has been a while since we had time together. I thought maybe we should go to our favorite hotpot restaurant."

Back then, Hua Rong and Hua Lan often went out to enjoy spicy hotpot in the corner of the school. It was an old shop. Zhuang Lei and Hua Mei didn't like spicy food and especially cheap food. However, uncle and niece were in love with the spicy hotpot of the old hotpot shop.

Mu Lan's eyes sparkled like a kid got a new toy. "Let's go. I missed my hotpot."

After they ordered food, Hua Rong asked, "So where have you been all this time?"

"I was literally all over Europe." Mu Lan spoke truthfully. "I never had that much fun when I was in China. I think it was Lord Buddha's will that I had such an accident and met so many wonderful people."

Hua Rong felt bad for her. "Your life is tougher than I had to face when I was at your age."

Mu Lan knew how kind her uncle was. She said, "We both had tough life uncle. You had your problems and I had mine."

"So, who was your savior? I don't think you mentioned that person's name." Hua Rong mentioned.

Mu Lan scratched her head. "Promise me not to yell."

Hua Rong blinked feeling puzzled and agreed. "Alright."

"It's Mu Liang. He is the one who saved me and now we are married." Mu Lan revealed it to him.

"What?!" And Hua Rong screamed.

"Shh! Shh!" Mu Lan hurried tried to calm him down. "Didn't you promise not to yell? It's easy to make promises than to keep it."

Hua Rong grabbed her hands and almost stood up from his chair. "Xiao Lan, you aren't talking about the Mu Corporation's Mu Liang, are you?"

Mu Lan smiled happily. "Why indeed."

"B-but marriage?!" Hua Rong thought that he definitely heard her wrong.

Mu Lan pouted, "Geez, what are you saying? Do you think I'm not beautiful enough to catch his eyes? Well, to be honest, he is the one who sucked up to me so that I fell in love with him."

Hua Rong guessed the next. "And you did."

Mu Lan gave her exclusive reason. "There is no way I could say 'no', you know. He is very thoughtful, kind and considerate. He only cares for me and me only. No one is important to him as I am. I would be a fool not to say 'yes'."

Hua Rong took out his cell phone. "We should spread the good news first. Then we will invite him and his whole family to come here. After all we are your family."

"Stop." Mu Lan grabbed his hand. "Not now. I just told you so that you can be prepared. Others don't need to know. I want to give everyone a surprise."

"Alright but when will he come?" Hua Rong asked. He didn't doubt anything at all.

"Let me warm up a little bit. I just came here-" At that time, her cell phone rang. Mu Lan halted. She looked at the screen and saw Ru Xin's name in it. "Excuse me, uncle." Saying that she got up from the seat and went to a corner before answering the call. "Big brother Xin."

"Little Lan, are you busy?" Ru Xin asked. He sounded a bit restless.

Mu Lan replied, "Not at all. Tell me, have you found what I asked you to?"

Ru Xin took a deep breath before answering, "…I did… Doctor Jia was right. Your cousin is my step sister."

Mu Lan's eyes glowed. "And what about the other girl?"

He replied, "She died in pneumonia when she was two. My father and your aunt buried her in a Christian graveyard near the orphanage."

"Heh." Mu Lan sneered. "What's with the kindness after their child's death? If they really cared about her, they would have treated her when she was sick or rather they could raise her. So, what they buried her. They are the one who killed her in the first place." Her eyes flicked her hatred.

"I'm on the way to the graveyard." Ru Xin said as he was driving.

"Umm, okay. Send me all the documents to my email address. I'll check them when I have some time." After she hung up, she promised, 'I will avenge on your behalf, cousin.'

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