"Are you saying that Meixu is my step-brother?" Ru Xin thought that he heard wrong and so he asked her back.

"You heard me right." Mu Lan replied. She sat beside him.

Ru Xin straightened his back. "On what basis you are saying that?"

Mu Lan opened the zipper of her bag and took out the diary of Doctor Jia. Then she handed it to him. "You read it by yourself."

Ru Xin opened the book and said the name 'Doctor Jia'. "Diary of Doctor Jia? Where did you find it?"

Mu Lan described, "We were childhood friends. We hadn't met for a long time and so she didn't recognize me in your place. But before her death, she kept her diary in my house. I just found it last night. According to her diary, she thinks that my auntie Zhuang Lei and your father General Ru had a very intimate relationship. They had triplets together and one of them is my cousin Hua Mei and another one is your subordinate He Meixu. Their middle daughter is in an orphanage."

"Can you trust her even after what she had done to you?" He asked her in a grave tone.

"I know her personality. If you don't, all you can do is test DNA of Hua Mei and He Meixu. I'm sure it will match your father and my auntie's DNA. Also, I need you to find their other daughter. Give me your number." After exchanging numbers, Mu Lan stood up and looked at him. "I'll wait for your call. I'm going to Beijing tomorrow. So, we won't meet for a while."

"How long will you stay there?" He asked.

Mu Lan smirked. "Who knows? I may have to visit Shanghai. If you can't contact me, just think that I'm in Shanghai or Hong Kong."

Ru Xin also stood up. "Are you saying that you will be in danger? I'll accompany you."

"I don't want other people to meddle in my business." Mu Lan drew the line. It might be cruel to Ru Xin, but she couldn't just let others bother her when she didn't bring her own husband with her. She smiled kindly and continued, "Why don't you find out what Xiao Jia wrote was true or false?"

Ru Xin stopped before nodding slightly. "I will take care of it."

"Email me as soon as possible." Saying that she left.

After she left, Ru Xin called someone. "I want you to find out something for me…"

As Mu Lan said, she left the next day. She went to Beijing. At first, she went to where her apartment was. This place was under Li Corporation. They were constructing a new apartment building there.

Mu Lan smirked. "Li Shen seems very sincere. Is this another trap of his to make me suffer? Too bad, I won't fall for it again."


Zhuang Lei wasn't feeling very well. From the time she heard that her beloved daughter went through under plastic surgery, she was upset. She didn't get any details from Li Shen and when she wanted to visit her daughter, he refused. It made her restless. She thought that her son-in-law loved her daughter and cherished her. But not to let her daughter see her when she needed her mother, Zhuang Lei couldn't accept it.

She rubbed her head and took a painkiller. 'After that bi*ch died, nothing went according to the plan. Li Shen kept ignoring my beloved Mei and their only child. If this continues, we will lose all the power and wealth that Li Family holds. I can't let this happen. Curse that bi*ch. Even after death she isn't giving me any peace.' Cursing Mu Lan for a while, she felt a little better.

She was about to take an afternoon nap when a maid came and knocked on the door.

Zhuang Lei frowned in irritation. "Come in!" Her tone was rough.

The maid flinched before entering the room. "Madam, there is a guest came to see you. She said that she is your relative." The maid only came here a few months ago. She still didn't know the relatives and friends of her employee's family.

Zhuang Lei couldn't remember if she had any relatives left. She got up from the bed and asked, "Where is the outsider?"

The maid replied, "I told the guest to sit in the living room."

"Let's go." Zhuang Lei walked out of the room. She went downstairs to see who her relative was. She saw a lady sitting on the sofa. She could only see the backside. However, she looked familiar. She asked, "Who are you?"

The lady stood up and slowly turned to see Zhuang Lei. Zhuang Lei's face ashened seeing the familiar face that was haunting her down for years. Her eyes widened and she pointed out her index finger at her. "Y-you…."

Mu Lan gave her a wonderful smile. "Auntie, I missed you so much." She stretched out her both hands and stepped forward to give Zhuang Lei a hug.

Could Zhuang Lei have the heart to be brave enough to be hugged? "G-ghost! Ahh!!" She stuttered while stepping backwards and tripped on her own leg.

When she fell down on her butt, Mu Lan stood there in puzzlement. "Ow!" Zhuang Lei's expression changed. She touched her waist. "M-my waist…!" She tried to move but she couldn't.

Only then Mu Lan came forward to help her. "Oh my, auntie, what happened to you? How can you be so clumsy and hurt yourself like that? Let me help you." her tone was full of worry, but she was dying in laughter in her mind.

Zhuang Lei still thought that it was Hua Lan's ghost. She tried her best to move away from 'the ghost' in a frightening speed even though her waist was throbbing. "N-no! Stay away from me! Someone, please save me! It's a ghost!"

The maid who was standing behind Zhuang Lei was stunned seeing her employee on the floor, acting like a lunatic. She couldn't understand what to do.

Should she call for an ambulance or help her employee to get up from the floor?

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