Mu Lan didn't let others to realize who she was with. So, after she came out of the plane, she didn't look back. As she was walking, a car stopped right in front of her.

She stopped walking and looked at the ash colored Mercedes carefully. She never saw this car before. The glass window slid down and a radiant face came to her view.

"Meili?! Why are you here?" Mu Lan was stunned to see her future sister-in-law in the car. At the same time, she was worried if Jonah knew about her coming here.

Meili smiled. "Welcome to your motherland. Surprised to see me? Relax, it's only me. Jonah doesn't know." She signaled her, "Get in."

Mu Lan opened the door and sat beside her. Meili drove away.

Mu Lan glanced at her. "It's good to see you. When did you come back?"

Meili answered, "We came back a week ago. It was a week invitation. When we didn't find you in the bridal chamber, we were worried at first but then we found your little note. You sure surprised us on your wedding night. We thought you guys would like to spend your night in the ship, not in your honeymoon resort. Seeing you now, I think you had a wonderful time." She grinned.

Mu Lan laughed. She changed the topic asking, "Who informed you that I'm coming?" She wanted to make sure if it was The Cobra or not.

Meili replied, "Brother-in-law. He called me yesterday. He specifically told me to keep it a secret for your safety. He even told me not to tell Jonah. That's why I didn't inform him and flew here as soon as possible."

Mu Lan thought of Mu Liang and shook her head helplessly. Her heart was filled with warm thinking about him.

Meili said, "We left the airport. Where do you want to go?"

Mu Lan answered, "The hotel. You can drop me there; and Meili, thank you for coming. But I would like you to go back to your place. If you follow me around, it will cause both of us problems."

Meili nodded in agreement. "Alright. Brother-in-law did tell me that you came here for personal issue and that's why you couldn't tell Jonah. I will leave tonight if it's alright with you."

Mu Lan nodded. "Sure, you can. Thank you so much for coming to get me. It's good to be welcomed by someone who is family. How's your sister doing?"

Meili giggled. "She was very happy seeing her princess Mulan being married to General Sheng. SHe was sad for not being there."

Mu Lan laughed as well. "Why didn't you bring her with you?"

Meili shook her head. "She would have given us trouble. We wouldn't have fun and always had to keep an eye on her. You know how spoiled she is."

"I will meet her once I'm done with my work." Mu Lan spoke as she looked at the view outside. She missed this place.

"My family would love to meet you. They heard a lot about you from Weiwei. They are really grateful to you since they know you saved her in Paris." Meili's eyes were in the front as she spoke.

"Then, I have to pay my respect to them. More importantly, I have to win them over if I want you to be my sister-in-law." Mu Lan teased her.

Meili blushed. "I definitely need your help with it."

The two girls went to the hotel. Mu Lan said, "I love your car."

Meili said, "It's rented. Do you want it?"

Mu Lan agreed. "Sure, leave it for me." She needed one.

At night, Meili left. Mu Lan spent the night without any problem. The next day, she drove to Linjiang city. It's in the southeast city of Jilin province. The other side of the city was North Korea. There was a small old house where Mu Lan would play. It was her maternal grandparents house. The last time she came here with lazy Osiris. She met Lou Yicheng here. She was only eight at that time.

She stopped the car right in front of the old house. She got off and looked for the key. She found it under a rock. After unlocking the door, she went inside. No one came here and so the place was covered in dust. Spider webs were everywhere. She could see insects walking freely. The place was most likely abandoned. She walked towards the room in the right corner. She opened the door.

"What a disaster!" She exclaimed.

After that, she unlocked the windows of all the rooms and began to clean with her power. In no time, the place was as new as before. The bed and pillow covers were dried well. She took a bath and sat on the bed. This how was nothing like Mu Liang's castle or mansion, or their duplex house. This place had an old, dump smell. Other people would have felt uncomfortable to stay here. But she really loved this place.

Here, she was used to play with her parents and grandparents. She had some friends here as well. Thinking of that time, she smiled.

The next day, she woke up and went to a restaurant to have breakfast. At noon, she stopped beside Paektu mountain. She got out of the car and walked closer. This place was quiet. Mountains were standing proudly around the blue lake. It was an exquisite site.

Mu Lan stood on a small peak and looked at the lake. She raised her hands to both sides and took a deep breath. Her mind refreshed after coming here. She sat down and put down her bag. She took out her sandwich from the bag and began to chew it. When she was done with eating, she opened the lid of the bottle and drank a mouthful of water. After that, she wiped her mouth and began to climb down. That's when she saw a person. She halted.

At first, she thought that it wasn't real. But then she called out, "Big brother Xin?"

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