Jonah sighed in frustration. He took a glass of wine from a waiter and played with it.

Meili saw him and came forward. She hugged his left arm and asked, "Hey, are you upset?"

Jonah sighed again. "You know, I never had the opportunity to have a brother-sister relationship with her. When I just had a chance to be with her for the first time, she got married. Why did she have to leave me alone?"

Meili chuckled. "No matter what you say, she is happy. Don't you think so too?"

"Huh, she only thought about her happiness, not mine." Jonah sulked.

Meili lightly hit him on his left shoulder. "How can you say that? She had to leave aunt Zhuan and you, and she went through so much pain but never contacted you just to let you two live safely. Do you really deserve to say that?" She sulked.

Jonah hugged her tightly. "I'm sorry. I'm just selfish, you know. Ever since I was little, I wanted my mother, father and sister to be with me. I dreamt about them every single night. I feel restless thinking that my dream won't come true."

Meili glanced at him. "What's with that? Why won't it happen? It will definitely happen. Big sister Lan just got married, it's not that she abandoned you. More importantly, we are secretly looking for Professor Ryuren to give your aunt Zhuan and big sister Lan a surprise. I believe that we will find him in no time."

Jonah said, "I'm still childish, right?"

Meili smiled. She whispered, "And I love that about you."

The couple looked at each other affectionately. However, their beautiful moment was destroyed by a sudden movement. Someone accidentally bumped into Meili making her fall into Jonah's embrace.

Jonah held her tightly and frowned at the person who bumped into her. He warned him, "Hey man, watch it!"

The man didn't seem to notice the couple. He walked away absentmindedly.

Jonah scoffed. "What's wrong with this dude?" When he said that, he seemed to realize who that person was. His whole body stiffened. "…No way…. Li Shen? Why is he here?"

Meili was stunned to see him as well. She said, "He must have been invited. Before the guests came inside the ship, they were checked thoroughly. There is no way he came uninvited."

"If that's true…" Jonah began to chuckle. "brother-in-law is surely ruthless. He didn't let off his only rival even the day of his marriage. He is worthy of his title 'devil'."

Meili said, "It must be hard for him to watch the wedding ceremony. He must have got a heavy blow."

Jonah's eyes burned in pure anger. "He should suffer."


Li Shen drank a lot after lunch. He drank till he couldn't drink anymore. However, he still couldn't get off the picture of her wearing pure white wedding gown, walking in the virgin road, smiling at the groom, kissing him madly. It was her being happy with another man, not him.

The wedding was so grand. The groom built the largest ship just for his bride. He gave it to her as a wedding gift. It was totally different from Li Shen's wedding.

Years ago, his marriage was China's most grand wedding. All the celebrities and high officials of China were invited to the wedding. He wanted to show Hua Lan that he was the most powerful man and he could not only take her to heaven, he could also take her to hell. He was her god. However, since he hated her, he would give her punishment.

Back then, how wrong he was! Since he neglected her, she found another man who treated her like a goddess. That man gave her more than he could ever think of giving her.

Hell, Li Shen never did so much even for his wife and only son. How could he give more to Hua Lan?

Every second of seeing her ripped his heart, like a sharp knife cut through his skin. The pain was so unbearable that he couldn't breathe properly. He had drowned himself in alcohol but the pain didn't go away.

Her beautiful face with dazzling smile flashed in his eyes. Li Shen hit the wall beside him. "…Why… why did you marry him…? You are supposed to be mine…"

After the wedding ceremony, he waited to meet her. He wanted to see her reaction if there was any regret or hesitation. If there was, he would take her away. That's what he thought.

After lunch, he saw Mu Liang and Mu Lan going upstairs. They didn't come downstairs for a long time. Feeling impatience, he went upstairs and saw the newly wedded couple making love in the open area. She looked exquisite and seductive as her partner moved like a ferocious beast.

Li Shen's heart stopped beating. His mind went blank. His legs were rooted on the spot. He couldn't move away and saw them moving and making out. His eyes burned in flame. His ears rot as he heard their moans. He wished that he died right then and there. However, he didn't die. He didn't know how long he was watching unbearable scene. He couldn't take it anymore and he left subconsciously. When he came back to senses, he was already drunk to the extent that he couldn't drink anymore.

He regretted, he regretted deeply not realizing his feelings sooner, not being good to her and hurting her again and again. If he did the opposite, he could have had her walking in the virgin road in a white gown coming towards her. Unfortunately, in the real world, there was nothing called "if".

"Xiao Lan…" Li Shen called out her name. Her sweet moans came to his ears. He wasn't sure if it was a hallucination or reality. He had no idea what was going on.


After Mu Liang had his appetizer and main dish, Mu Lan's strength gave out. So, he carried her. He sat down on the chair and put her on his lap. He hugged her closer and kept pecking on her lips. Her sweet lips were his dessert.

Mu Lan's eyes became heavy and she yawned.

Mu Liang smiled and said, "Take a nap."

She spoke in a soft tone, "…But the dinner…"

"It doesn't matter. If the bride is tired, the guest has no right to lift a finger." He settled her comfortably.

Mu Lan put her head on his left shoulder and closed her eyes. With his right hand, Mu Liang patted her back as if he was making a child fall asleep. It worked pretty well as she gradually fell asleep.

Mu Feng went upstairs to look for his big brother. Seeing his brother cuddling his newly wedded wife, he walked quietly.

Mu Liang sensed someone and turned around to see who it was. Seeing Mu Feng, he relaxed.

Mu Feng came closer and whispered, "Is sister Lan Lan asleep?"

"Hmm." Mu Liang nodded.

"What about dinner?" Mu Feng asked.

He saw Mu Lan moving uncomfortably while frowning. Noticing it, he reached out and carefully took off her right earring. Seeing her smiling while sleeping, he sighed in relief. After that, he put it on the round tea table.

Mu Liang whispered, "You guys eat without us. Send someone to serve the dinner to our suite later. When she wakes up, we will eat together."

"Alright, I'm leaving then." Mu Feng left.

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