Mu Lan enjoyed her afternoon tea and some snacks with her Cobra daddies. After that, she went to the tenth floor. There was a private deck for the owner. She saw Mu Liang going up there after he left her with The Cobra.

The Tyrrhenian sea was calm. As the sun was setting in the west, the sky and the ocean were dyed in orange and so was Mu Liang. He was sitting on a chair and watching the wonderful view. Mu Lan smiled and walked towards him. She circled her arms around his neck from behind and planted a small kiss on his forehead.

He smiled and grabbed her arms. Then, he looked up and she bent to capture his lips. After a sweet kiss, they gazed at each other dreamily. They bathed in the golden rays of the sun. Even the time stopped to give them some privacy.

After a long time, Mu Liang pulled her to sit on his lap. She comfortably sat on his thighs. They played with their fingers and they enjoyed the sunset. The sun bid goodbye to the newlyweds from the horizon.

He asked, "Are you tired?"

She shook her head. "Not anymore. It's a good place to relax."

Mu Liang nudged her right ear with his nose. Mu Lan felt ticklish and flinched. He smiled at her action. He took off her white pearl earring from her right ear and put it down on the table beside them. After that, he took her earlobe in his mouth and lightly bit it.

"Umm…" Mu Lan closed her eyes in reflex.

He sucked her earlobe as she shivered and let out a small moan. Then, his lips trailed down on her neck and gave her butterfly kisses.

"Liang…" She sighed in pleasure.


Mu Liang hands moved forward and cupped her breasts. Mu Lan arched her back in ecstasy. A sweet moan escaped from her mouth. Such seductive sound ignited the fire in his heart. If he could, he would tear off her wedding gown and devour her. However, he controlled himself since The Cobra fathers-in-law were on the eighth floor. He growled as desire flickered in his eyes.

Mu Lan felt him getting hard down there. She opened her eyes and gazed at the hungry eyes. She touched the back of his head and pulled him closer to kiss his lips. Their tongues intertwined and explored their warm mouths.

There was so much they wanted to say about their feelings for each other. However, their actions said them all.

They panted as they moved away and a thin thread of saliva was connected to their tongues. Mu Liang leaned forward and licked her sweet lips once again. Time to time, they changed angles as their lips found themselves attracted to each other. The more their hunger grew, the more passionate the kisses became. Mu Lan's lipstick was eaten and her lips were swollen by him. Only when they lacked oxygen, they parted, but then soon they searched for each other's lips.

The sky darkened when they stopped. Their heavy pants were blown away by the wind.

Mu Lan circled her finger on his chest and spoke in a small voice, "Let me serve you."

Upon hearing her words, Mu Liang's heart skipped a beat. He caught her wrist and asked in a hoarse voice, "Here?"

"Mhm…" She nodded. She looked like she was almost starving. She kissed his lips lightly and begged, "Please?"

His eyes darkened at her playful begging. His dry throat craved for honey water and his lower part reacted at her words.

"See? You want it as well, my husband." She said seductively.

Mu Liang devoured her lips before letting her go. Then he said, "Do as you wish, my wife."

Mu Lan stood up from his lap and he spread his legs. She went between his legs and knelt down. Then, she took off the zipper of his pants and saw his proud lonely mountain. She smiled and took out his hardness from his underwear. She moved her hands around it making his growl like a starved animal. She kissed on the top of the mountain and he shuddered in response. After that, she opened her mouth and took it in her mouth. Her tongue and lips moved slowly.

"Unn… Lan…" Mu Liang grabbed the back of her head and called out her name.

He trained her well. She finished after giving him a wave of pleasure. She gulped down everything and looked up to see him leaning back to the seat while closing his eyes and panting heavily. Even sweat formed on his forehead.

Mu Lan licked her lips and moved closer to him. "Did you like it, my husband?"

Mu Liang opened his eyes and said in a husky tone, "My wife, you are goddamn beautiful. Now it's my turn." Saying that he stood up and carried the confused Mu Lan to the edge of the deck. Then, he put her down and turned her to the railing.

"Hold the railing tightly." He instructed her and the next moment, he rolled up her three layers of the gown exposing her buttocks.

Mu Lan gasped in surprise. The cool breeze made her shiver.

This time, Mu Liang knelt down and then, touched her through the white lacy panties.

"Ah!" Mu Lan let out a moan.

"Wifey, you are wet." Mu Liang licked his lips and grazed her wet spot with his fingers.

"Mmm…" Mu Lan's legs couldn't take the excitement and began to tremble.

After a while, he took off her lacy panties and said, "Spread your legs." She did as he said. His eyes landed on her honey mouth. It was twitching for some love. His dry mouth sought for her honey.

"Ah! Hah!" Mu Lan tried her best not to moan aloud. She didn't want others to hear her.

While licking inside her, he used his fingers to pinch her flower bud. She subconsciously screamed. The wet sounds were covered by the wind. With his tongue and fingers, he drew out pleasure.

She came twice before he let her go. She was feeling rather hot and sweat formed on her body. She almost lost her strength but he didn't let her go. He held her buttocks tightly and then he entered his hot part inside her honey mouth. After that, he began to move his hips without restraint.

"Mmm! Mnn! Mmm!" Mu Lan covered her mouth so that her voice couldn't be heard by others. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the ride.

As she felt immense pleasure, she tightened around him. He growled and moved faster than before. Her hips shook by his every thrust.

"Li-Liang… oh! More!" She cried out his name and asked for more.

"Lan… hhk..." He nearly reached his climax. Thus, he hit her good spot relentlessly.

"Hnn!" Mu Lan's whole body shook as she came.

However, Mu Liang ferociously thrusted inside her before reaching his limits. He poured every single drop inside her womb.

They both panted heavily and then kissed each other.

Mu Liang let go of her tongue and said in a husky voice, "Let's go for another round."

They were connected as one while they were surrounded by the ocean. Darkness swallowed them as they made love.

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