Mu Liang carried her to the reception hall while others clapped and threw flower petals. The guests followed after them. The three photographers didn't miss any opportunity to take photos.

Six layers of chocolate cake was put on a round table in the middle of the reception hall. The newlywed couple cut a piece of cake and fed each other. After that, the pieces of the cakes were distributed to the guests, the couple took family pictures with the family members. The Cobra members didn't take any photos. Shintaro even made sure that the surveillance cameras couldn't capture their faces. After that, the guests came one by one to congratulate the newlyweds.

During lunch time, Qi Ying and Yan gave their elegant and funny speech. Later, the master of ceremony presented Mu Lan and Mu Liang's pictures and told their love story. The guests enjoyed, admired and envied the couple's love for each other. After lunch, everyone started to take pictures with the bride and groom and talked to themselves. Most of the guests were businessmen. Thus, they talked about business and indulged themselves in luxury.

In the meantime, Yan Su took Mu Lan to the presidential room and took off her long, heavy veil. Then, she asked, "Do you want to change your dress? First cousin already prepared another white evening gown for you in case you feel uncomfortable."

Mu Lan shook her head. "No. I can wear my wedding gown only today. I don't want to take it off so fast."

Yan Su nodded. "As you wish."

The two girls left the room and met Xue Lin in the corridor. Mu Lan already met her when they were taking pictures but they didn't have the chance to talk.

Mu Lan was thrilled to see Xue Lin. She immediately hugged her. "I never imagined to see you! How could you not contact us after going to China? We were so worried!"

Yan Su smiled and said, "You two can talk. I'm leaving." Saying that she left.

Xue Lin asked, "Why? Did you need something from me?"

Mu Lan lightly hit her shoulder. "Can't we worry for you without any reason?"

Xue Lin thought for a moment and then said, "You never seemed to care about how others feel when you disappear."

Mu Lan raised her hands. "I surrender."

Xue Lin talked about Jing Sheng. "Your mother-in-law looks perfectly fine. Did she go through some kind of hypnotism?"

Mu Lan chuckled. "I knew you would notice. Yes, she did and she is stronger than before."

Xue Lin commented, "She looks happy."

"She found her happiness." Mu Lan told her about Jing Sheng and Noel.

After hearing the story Xue Lin said, "Only you would meddle into someone else's business like that. How's you study going?"

"I never attended class after I admitted." Mu Lan said truthfully.

Xue Lin sighed. "How unfair the world is! Here someone had the choice to choose between study and marriage and she chose marriage. And I, on the other hand, wanted to study but then got married."

Mu Lan was stunned. "You are married!?"

Xue Lin sighed. "That's a long story. My husband is here as well." She pointed out where Mu Liang, Mu Feng, Lu Feng and another handsome man were talking. The mysterious man had a pair of grey eyes. "That's my husband. He was a bodyguard of your family. You might know him."

Mu Lan's jaw dropped. 'Isn't he…' She couldn't understand why that guy had to hide his identity from his own wife. 'More importantly, didn't anyone tell her about his position in the Ge family?' She asked, "Are you okay with a bodyguard? You are richer than him."

Xue Lin asked back, "When you have a loyal but poor man and a rich playboy, which one will you choose?"

"The poor loyal man." Mu Lan answered immediately.

Xue Lin nodded. "Wise choice."

"So, you were forced to get married… Why didn't you contact us?" Mu Lan felt sad for her friend.

"I didn't memorize any of your number and I lost my cell phone." Xue Lin changed the subject. "It's your big day. You don't need to think about anything else."

Mu Lan understood that she didn't want to talk about it, so she asked, "Have you talked to Xiao Ying and Yan Su?"

"I did yesterday. That's when we planned that we would surprise you with my presence after your wedding." Xue Lin smiled a little.

Qi Ying came forward. "You can chat with your heart's content when the program is over, but now it's dancing time. The bride needs to dance with the groom."

Xue Lin asked, "Where is Yan Su? I don't see her?"

Qi Ying replied, "She is having a hard time moving around. So, she is in the deck, relaxing."

"She worked harder than a normal pregnant lady. I will accompany her." Saying that Xue Lin left. She didn't forget to take a tray of cake pieces with her.

"She didn't change a bit." Mu Lan commented.

"Yes, she didn't." Qi Ying smiled. "Now, go to the groom. It's dancing time."

"Okay, okay." Mu Lan went to the reception hall and found Mu Liang.

He saw her and pulled her closer. "What's wrong?"

"It's dancing time." She replied excitedly.

The master of ceremony announced everyone to gather around. Mu Liang and Mu Lan went to the dance floor. A famous male singer began to sing 'Can't Help Falling in Love with You'. The newlyweds danced under the chandelier. Their hands were intertwined and their bodies were so close to each other. Their eyes were locked with a dreamy look. The grooms affectionate gaze and the bride's sweet, shy smile melted everyone's heart.

Soon, other couples began to dance. Mu Feng and Qi Ying, Lu Feng and Yan Su, Xue Lin and her mysterious grey eyed husband also joined in the dance floor.

Mu Lan hardly moved from her seat after the dance with Mu Liang was over. Her dress was very heavy. After one dance, she became tired.

Mu Liang noticed her expression and asked, "Are you tired?" He rubbed her right cheek.

"A little bit." She leaned on his shoulder.

He pulled her closer and suggested, "Let's take some rest. They will stay here all day. They won't miss us. We will meet them once again in the evening for dinner."

"Sounds good to me." Mu Lan agreed.

Mu Liang took her hand and got out of the reception hall. He took her to the eighth floor. This was another deck where he proposed to her.

"Why are we here? I thought you would take me to the room…" Mu Lan halted seeing thirteen men in the deck. They were all wearing formal attires and they looked dashing. She only talked to Juan before the wedding and after that, she wasn't able to meet anyone. Seeing them now, she smiled brightly forgetting about her tiredness.

Mu Liang said, "You must have wanted to talk to them. I'll be downstairs." He smiled and let go of her hand.

After he left, Romano came forward and hugged her. Then he cried out, "My baby girl, you've grown so much. You were so tiny when we met. I wish you were tiny forever."

Mu Lan's eyes teared up. She hugged Romano tightly silently.

Just when it was hard for her to breathe, Carlo came forward and said, "Rom, you are suffocating her."

Romano immediately let her go. Then, he hugged small Kilimanjaro and cried aloud. The whole atmosphere became heavy.

Carlo coughed to clear his throat. Then, he asked, "Are you hungry, kid?"

Mu Lan shook her head. Her throat felt funny. She didn't want to talk.

Carlo saw through her. He pulled her to his warm embrace and kissed her forehead. "Did you really have to get married so soon?"

Mu Lan didn't say that she didn't know that she was going to get married before last night . If she told these crazy lovesick daddies of hers, she might become widow before she could spend a wedding night with Mu Liang.

They could still hear the sounds of music from the reception hall. Carlo let her go and bowed slightly. "May I have a dance with you, little princess?"

Mu Lan happily agreed. After dancing with mind-reader Carlo, she danced with technology master Shintaro.

"I created a new robot for you that will serve you 247. We can communicate through the robot. I already sent it to your mansion in Paris." Shin said.

"Okay." Mu Lan happily said.

After that, she danced with god of medicine Pedro. He said, "If you feel uncomfortable, contact me. Don't neglect your health."

"Of course." Mu Lan agreed.

Then, magician Mark asked for a dance. He said, "I'll be with you all the time. Don't go anywhere without telling me first."

"Don't worry." She reassured him.

Fire god Liam came forward. "Angel, if that husband of yours ever bully you, just tell me and I'll fry him for you."

Mu Lan giggled.

Water god Antonio praised her while dancing, "I heard that your husband can cook well. I'm impressed. You have a good eye, my little baby."

"Only you understood me." Mu Lan felt touched.

Of course, he liked Mu Liang. He didn't have to face Mu Liang's shameless side unlike others. There was no way Mu Lan would tell Antonio about that.

After that, animal lover Romano danced with her. He said many things, especially how much he hated Mu Liang for snatching away his baby girl.

Then, strongest Orio hugged her tightly while dancing. He said, "You became skinny and powerless. Are you practicing your art without eating much?" He hit the nail on the spot.

Mu Lan could only smile.

When super-hearing Altan danced with her, he said, "I know you will be happy with him. But I will still keep an eye on you two."

Mu Lan replied, "You are most welcome."

Lazy priest Osiris smiled dashingly and said, "My baby, you look like a queen today. I couldn't take my eyes off of you." Then, he lamented, "I should have married you before you were taken by other man." He sighed.

Mu Lan grinned. "Too bad, you missed your chance."

Ninja Lou Yicheng was a little shy when he danced with her.

Mu Lan smiled that said, "It has been so long!"

"It has." He replied curtly. He blushed when he told her, "You look beautiful."

She smiled brightly. "I missed you, Lou Lou."

He hugged her and whispered, "Me too."

Finally, Juan came forward. As they danced slowly, he said, "You are all grown up. You became wise and intelligent."

"You raised me well." She replied. Then she asked, "Was it your idea to get me married before I went to China?"

Juan chuckled. "Son-in-law asked for my permission and I gave him my consent. I thought it would be better for you to have a legal connection before you looked for trouble." He began to call Mu Lian son-in-law and that made her happy.

She tilted her head. "I don't think you distrust me. After I get my memories back, I won't show my back to Liang Liang. I didn't promise to him but I promised to myself."

"Even if you have to force yourself?" Juan asked.

Mu Lan firmly said, "That won't happen, and you know it. Isn't that why you gave your consent? You already know my future."

Juan shook his head. "Truthfully speaking, I don't. I gave my consent because my guts said so."

Mu Lan narrowed her eyes. "Have a little faith in me. I won't disappoint you."

Juan said, "We will know after you go there, and we won't help you there or The Mongoose will track down your location. We won't let them find you. So, after you go there, you cannot contact us."

Mu Lan bit her lower lip. "That means I cannot use my power."

He said, "You can. Just check your surroundings before you do. Leave no trace."

"I got it." She replied.

"Juan, on this joyous occasion, how can you talk about such ominous thing?" Osiris was offended.

"Alright enough dancing. Let's take a photo together." Shintaro cut them off as he prepared his camera.

Everyone gathered around Mu Lan.

Bip, bip, bip… Click!

The photo was taken.

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