The sunlight came inside the room through the open window and illuminated the room. The rays of the sun fell on a naked body. The owner of the body was in deep sleep as the body was facing the bed.

Mu Lan woke up from her dreams when she felt wet kisses on her back. She tried to open her eyes but flinched as the sunlight hit her eyes. She twisted her body to see the owner of the mischievous lips that woke her up.

The warm lips moved away as her body faced him. So, he began to trail kissed her on chest and then found her lips.

Mu Lan kissed him back and at the same time, she opened her eyes to see the person who was going to become her lawful husband today.

After a sensual kiss, Mu Liang tenderly gazed at her and said, "Good morning, wifey."

Mu Lan smiled at him sweetly before saying, "Good morning, but Liang Liang, you cannot say 'wifey' before I get married to you, you know."

Mu Liang stroke her cheeks with his thumbs. "But don't I call you wifey all the time? You also call me 'hubby', don't you?"

She grinned and replied, "I only said that to flatter you."

He chuckled. "Aren't you being awfully honest today?"

"Well of course, it's our wedding day. Ow!" Her expression changed the moment he pinched her both cheeks.

That reminded her something. "This is our last morning as boyfriend and girlfriend. From tomorrow morning, we will be husband and wife."

Mu Liang asked, "Doesn't the boyfriend-girlfriend term seem foreign to you?"

"…That's true…" Mu Lan agreed.

The moment they made love on the last Valentine's Day, they never acted like lovers. They became one and somehow got addicted to each other. It was hard to live a single day without each other's presence.

Thinking how they ended up after so many obstacles, she felt overwhelmed. Now that she was getting married to him, she could wish nothing more from this world.

Mu Lan pushed him to the bed and came over him. Then, she said, "I'm a little nervous. What about you?"

Mu Liang pulled her closer. "I'm nervous too. I was nervous last night too."

She giggled thinking of the sudden proposal. "I never thought that I would get another proposal from you; and we already had an engagement party."

"I wanted to give you special memories of our special days." He truthfully said.

The first time he proposed to her in the Mu Mansion inside his bedroom and put on a ruby ring on her ring finger. It was a secret from others. Even in the engagement party, it was a massacre. The party was solely to let the aristocrat world know Mu Lan and Qi Ying's positions; and also, it was a trap to bring down the fake grandma Mu Lin. There was nothing special about those two incidents.

Last night was supposed to be more interesting. Qi Ying and Yan Su planned on using candle lights but the winds were too strong. Mu Feng suggested to use electric candle light but it didn't fit with the environment. In the end, they only had to be satisfied with flowers.

Mu Lan smiled. "When I'm with you, every moment is special."

Mu Liang pecked on her lips. "Shouldn't you save these words for the wedding vow?"

She gasped. "I didn't prepare a wedding vow."

He chuckled. "Don't worry about it. When the time comes, just say what's on your mind."

She buried her head on his left shoulder and said, "Liang Liang, I love you, I love you, I love you."

Mu Liang swap their positions and pushed her down. Looking at her gleeful expression, his heart trembled. "I love you too."

Saying that he kissed her lips. Then his lips left butterfly kisses on her neck and the crook of her neck.

"Hey, you can't. You'll leave marks." Mu Lan protested and twisted her body.

"It will be the perfect accessory with the wedding gown." Mu Liang said and bit down her skin.

"I kept telling you to show me the wedding gown but you didn't let me see it. It's not fair." Mu Lan closed her eyes to enjoy his touch.

"You will see it in a few hours." When he licked her skin, she tensed up. He looked up and asked, "Are you in pain?"

Mu Lan blushed. "Why are you asking that? You only did it only once last night and you were gentle too. So, I'm not hurt."

Mu Liang's eyes deepened. He looked down at her body and his throat became dry. He wanted to do it again since he didn't satisfy himself last night. However, he didn't want to tire her on their wedding day. He said, "Let's see if you are in pain or not." His hands moved on her waist.

"Hya!" Mu Lan's whole body shivered and in the next second, she started to laugh like a crazy person." Ahahahaha! Liang! Hahaha! Stop! Ahahaha!"

Mu Liang stopped his merciless act after making her stomach hurt from laughing. She felt powerless. He took her to the bathroom and cleaned her body. When they were done bathing, he ordered for room service.

Due to nervousness and excitement, Mu Lan couldn't eat properly. Mu Liang tried to force her, but she ended up feeling nausea. He didn't forget to make her take the medicine since they made love last night.

When they were done, Qi Ying, Yan Su and Mu Feng came to them.

Yan Su said, "Alright, bride and groom, it's time to prepare for the wedding. You have only one hour to dress up and prepare your heart for the battle. The wedding will start at nine o' clock."

Mu Liang asked Mu Feng, "Are the guests coming?"

Mu Feng replied, "They are. All the preparations are done. Grandfather, father and Chen are welcoming the guests. The security is tight. There is no sign of any disturbance."

The guests were staying on the fifth floor. They had two decks, six pools, two gyms, five restaurants and six hundred cabins for themselves. They were restricted to go upstairs and that's why Mu Lan wasn't able to see anyone yesterday.

Qi Ying and Yan Su took Mu Lan to the walk-in closet. They already knew where the clothes and jewelries of the bride were since they came here first and hid them so that Mu Lan couldn't find them. The closet was big enough to be called a beauty parlor. Mu Feng took the groom's clothes and closed the door of the closet.

As Mu Liang dressed up in the bedroom, Mu Lan was being taken care of inside the closet.

Qi Ying took care of Mu Lan's hair and said, "I'm done."

Yan Su opened up the six make up boxes she bought two days ago. She sat down in front of Mu Lan and said, "Now, close your eyes."

"How long were you guys preparing for this day behind my back?" Mu Lan asked.

Yan Su applied lotion on her face and replied, "I found out right after you came back from Saudi Arabia. Ying dear knew about it before I got pregnant."

"I had to know since I'm the one who made Xiao Lan's wedding gown." Qi Ying said as she polished Mu Lan's nails.

"I can't wait to see it." Mu Lan's blood boiled.

"I needed seventy workers from all over the world to finish your dress in time. I never felt this exhausted before." Qi Ying said.

Yan Su exclaimed, "What! For real?"

Qi Ying replied, "Yes, this is the first time I designed a wedding dress and it's also for my best friend. So, I wanted it to be perfect. Moreover, first brother-in-law said that I didn't need to think about expenses and he provided all the materials I needed. I can't even imagine where he got all those first-class expensive materials and how much he spent to get them. It's a good thing that we were able to finish it in seven months. Time sure flies."

"You shouldn't have said that. After hearing that story my stomach isn't feeling good." Mu Lan clutched her stomach.

Yan Su stopped. "Lan dear, go to the washroom before you destroy my hard work."

Mu Lan got up and went to the washroom. Fifteen minutes later, she came out with tired expression.

Mu Liang asked, "What's wrong? You don't look well."

Yan Su popped out from the closet. "Don't worry. She is just feeling nervous. Lan dear, if you are done, come back."

Mu Feng chuckled. "Don't be so tensed. Everything will be alright."

"I know." Mu Lan went back to the closet.

Mu Liang looked at her way and sighed.

Mu Feng said, "Big brother, she will be fine. It's your wedding after all."

"I hope so." Mu Liang glanced at the mirror to see himself for the final check and then said, "Let's go."

Two brothers went out of the room.

Yan Su was done with the makeup. She put down the makeup box.

Mu Lan rubbed her lips and commented, "I never thought that makeup would be this tiring."

Yan Su replied, "It's not. Since it's your special day, I had to be extra careful."

Someone began to sing, "Here comes the bride/ All fat and wide/ Slipped on a banana peel and that's how she died…"

Yan Su snapped. "Hey Chen, how can you curse Lan dear on her wedding day? You are the one who is going to die!"

Mu Chen shrugged. "I just came to see what is taking you so long." He checked Mu Lan's makeup and said, "You look more like a human being."

Mu Lan smiled and said, "Just like your big brother, right?"

Mu Chen opened his mouth to say something when Mu Feng popped up. "Should I sing as well? Here comes the groom/ Thin as a broom…"

Mu Lan started to laugh. She felt better and relaxed her tensed body.

Mu Feng said, "Sister Lan Lan, smile like this and everything will be just like a dream."

Mu Lan said, "It really looks like a dream."

"Alright, she will change her dress. You two, get out." Yan Su shooed away her cousins.

After two brothers left, Qi Ying helped her to wear white shoes. It was made of leather, but the heels were made of platinum and the transparent flower designed laces covered the shoes. The edge of the laces was covered in small diamonds. White pearls were imbedded on the transparent flowers of the laces.

Mu Lan put on the shoes and asked, "Why do I feel like I'm wearing an apartment in my feet?"

Yan Su laughed. "Ahaha… of course you are. Can you just imagine the cost of this pair of shoes?"

Qi Ying said, "I designed it matching with the gown. Let me bring it."

She opened a door and Yan Su and Mu Lan looked at what was inside.

"Oh my God!" Yan Su couldn't say anything else.

Mu Lan started at the dress without blinking. She even forgot to breathe properly.

Qi Ying said proudly, "I knew that you would love it."

Mu Lan clutched her stomach and sat down on the floor. "I cannot take this excitement anymore."


It was nine o' clock. Everyone was present in the seventh deck. It was the largest deck. The whole deck was decorated with white and pink colored roses, iris and belle flowers.

Mu Liang stood in front of the altar. The priest was talking to him happily. Yan Su and Qi Ying went to sit with their partners in the second row. Jonah and Meili sat beside them. Grandpa Mu Cheng and Mu Jin sat in the first row. Jing Sheng and Noel sat beside them. A couple with unexceptionally grey eyes sat on the third row. With grandpa Mu Cheng's permission, the musicians began to play 'Wedding March' by Mendelssohn. Everyone straightened their bodies and looked behind.

A pair of young boy and girl walked in the virgin road hand in hand. They were about five years old. Both of them were wearing white clothes. They were the youngest of the Mu Family. They threw white and pink rose petals as they walked. Everyone smiled seeing the adorable pair.

Juan looked at the nervous girl in wedding gown. "You father and mother would be very happy if they were here."

Mu Lan controlled her excitement and said, "Too bad, it's their loss."

Then, he asked, "Are you ready?"

Mu Lan shook her head. "I feel heavy."

Juan chuckled and said, "Let's go."

Mu Lan grabbed his left elbow tightly with her right hand and her left hand grasped the white rose bouquet. They walked out of the shed and proceeded forward slowly. They advanced slowly in the virgin road.

Her wedding gown shown in the sunlight. Pure white V-neck neckline full sleeved ball gown had three layers. The upper layer was transparent. If anyone observed it carefully, the transparent layer was made of platinum and it was so detailed and excellent work that no one would realize that it was not yarn but metal net. The smallest diamonds were imbedded around the transparent layer and that's why it was dazzling under the sunlight. The sleeves and upper part of her gown were covered with hand-embroidered flower lace appliques fabrics with pearls in the edge; and in the end of the gown, pearls of different sizes were imbedded, designed as flowers, leaves and butterflies. Her upper side of the back was open. The back of the gown was three meters long and it brushed the white carpet as she walked. The veil was five meters long and three meters wide. It wasn't a metal net like the gown. However, the hand-embroidered flowers embedded with pearls and diamonds made it stunning. On the top of her head, there was a small flower tiara imbedded with white medium sized pearls and small diamonds.

Everyone was looking at the bride in awe. They even forgot to breathe. If the 'Wedding March' wouldn't be played, they would sing:

Here comes the bride dressed all in light

Radiant and lovely she shines in his sight

Gently she glides graceful as a dove

Meeting her bridegroom her eyes full of love.

Love as they waited long have they planned

Life goes before the opening her hand.

Asking God's blessing as they begin

Life with new meaning, life shared as one

Entering God's union, bowed before His throne

Promise each other to have and to hold.

The Cobra daddies were all present. Seeing their baby girl walking in the virgin road in wedding gown, their eyes teared up. Orio, Romano and Liam began to weep silently.

Carlo gritted his teeth and thought, 'That son of a pervert dared to take away my baby girl. I'll never forgive him.'

Mu Lan lost her composure seeing those curious eyes. Despite her hand clasped onto him more tightly, Juan didn't flinch a bit. When her eyes landed on the altar, she saw a handsome man was standing under the flower arch. he was wearing white shirt, tuxedo suit, pants and shoes. His dark brown hair was brushed on the left side. Their eyes locked and she forgot about everything else.

When they reached, Juan handed her to Mu Liang and said, "Take care of her."

"I will." Mu Liang promised.

The priest was in a daze seeing the stunning bride. After getting Mu Liang's glare, he came back to reality. He coughed and started, "Dearly beloved…"

The Priest then questioned them about their freedom of choice, fidelity to each other, and the acceptance and upbringing of children; and, Mu Lan and Mu Liang responded separately. After that, the priest invited them to declare their consent.

Mu Liang said, "I'll always keep you safe and happy." His eyes were practically pouring all the love for her.

Mu Lan smiled and said, "I'll be with you this life and the next life and the future life times." For some reason, her eyes were filled with tears.

The guests felt emotional. The Author and the Readers nearly cried out. Though others felt touched, The Cobra daddies weren't satisfied with Mu Liang's vow.

Carlo criticized, "What is wrong with him? Does he really want to make her happy?"

The lazy priest Osiris said, "My dear Carl, saying this now won't change anything."

Romano growled in a low voice. "He is deliberately pissing us off."

Pedro said, "He is too busy to mess with you. Now shut up and watch calmly till the end."

The others didn't talk anymore.

Mu Feng murmured. "This is my typical big brother. His one sentence is enough, a merciless weapon. One sentence and slash."

Qi Ying scolded him, "Don't say such nasty words on a holy day."

After they exchanged vows, they put on rings.

The priest said, "You may kiss the bride."

As if the bride and groom couldn't wait any longer. They instantly closed the gap and their lips locked.

As the couple kissed passionately, everyone stood up and began to clap. Mu Feng and Mu Chen whistled.

They newlywed couple broke the kiss and looked into each other's eyes. The groom wiped away the bride's happy tears.

"You look so beautiful, my wife." Mu Liang praised her in a husky voice.

Mu Lan smiled shyly and said, "And you look so dashing, my husband."

The girls gathered around and began to scream excitedly.

Mu Lan glanced at them and smiled brightly. She told Mu Liang, "Just wait a second. I always wanted to do this." Then she turned around and threw the rose bouquet behind. When she turned around, she saw that the flower bouquet fell on Qi Ying's hand. Qi Ying suddenly felt shy and grabbed the flower bouquet tightly.

Mu Lan laughed and looked at her husband. "Let's go."

Mu Liang's heart leapt to the heaven seeing her smiling so brightly and lovingly. He nodded and said, "Hmm." After that, he put his right hand on her open back and left hand under her thighs and then carried her like a princess.

he said, "Let's go, my wife."


*Here Comes The Bride, this lyrics and Mu Feng and Mu Chen's funny songs are from Youtube.

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