Mu Liang instantly caught up with what she wanted to say. He turned off the laptop without warning the directors with whom he had a meeting going on. He hugged her and asked, "What happened?" He wanted to know everything in details.

"In the airport, mother-in-law declared…" When Mu Lan had done talking, Mu Liang kissed her forehead. Only he knew how relieved he felt after hearing the whole story.

"Look, I took their kissing moment." Mu Lan tapped her cell phone and showed him the picture.

Just seeing one glance, Mu Liang averted his eyes. He had no interest in seeing his own mother having romance with her lover. He felt awkward. He pinched her nose and said, "Delete this photo."

Mu Lan protested. "No way! I will show it to everyone after they get married."

Mu Liang took her cell phone and put it down on the table. He kissed her lips and tasted liquor. He asked frowning, "How much did you drink? I can smell it the moment you entered the room."

Mu Lan tried to remember. She was so emotional at that moment that she chucked a lot of alcohol than she wanted to. She replied uncertainly, "…Maybe six glasses."

Mu Liang sighed. "Are you okay? What about your stomach?"

She replied, "My stomach is okay. My period finished last week."

"So, your period started this month…" Mu Liang leaned forward and whispered seductively, "Do you want to bake some buns?"

"Huh?" Mu Lan didn't get what he meant by that. She tilted her head with a confused gaze. She looked so cute that way.

Mu Liang didn't reply. His gaze deepened. He leaned forward and caught her rosy lips.

"Mmm…" Mu Lan closed her eyes and clutched his shoulders. Her heart raced.

Mu Liang nibbled her lower lip till she lacked oxygen.

"Hah…" Mu Lan opened her mouth as she panted.

Mu Liang took the chance and entered her mouth. His tongue tangled with her. He traced every corner of her mouth. His hands randomly moved around her body, almost making her melt. His hands went to her back and with his experienced hands, he unzipped her floral printed ivory dress.

"Hnn..." Cool summer breeze touched Mu Lan's body and she shivered. She opened her moistened eyes to look at the man she loved. She trembled in excitement when she saw hunger in his ocean blue eyes.

[WARNING: I was confused where to put the warning label. I didn't want to ruin the mood. Oh well… for the underaged Readers...]

Mu Liang's hungry eyes saw her seductive flushed face and inviting open lips. He bit down her lips earning a moan from her. He pulled her even closer, letting her straddle him and unhooked her brassier.

Mu Lan panted heavily as he let go of her lips. His lips gently traced all over her face. With utmost care, he kissed her forehead, temples, eyebrows, eyelids, nose and her flushed cheeks. When he nibbled her earlobes, Mu Lan flinched. It was one of her weakest spots.

Mu Liang chuckled in a low tone seeing her weak response. His lips trailed down her neck as his hands cupped her breasts. Her nipples hardened at his touch.

"Unn!" She arched her back. Her fingers ran though his soft, silky hair. She could feel something warm in between her legs.

Mu Liang's hungry lips left their traces on her pinkish skin. His teeth grazed on her skin. The temperature of the room gradually rose as heavy breathing and moans could be heard. Soon, his mouth found its way to her nipples. He took the left one and pinching the right one.

Mu Lan's breath hitched. She rose on her knees which gave Mu Liang an access to her lower part that was burning. His free hand snapped her underwear and tore it. Then, his hand touched her hidden area. His warm fingers entered her overflowed hole.

"Ah! Ahh!" Lewd mons came out of her mouth. She pulled Mu Liang's head even closer.

Mu Liang let her left breast go and took the right one in his mouth. He gave it the same attention as his hand that was occupied by her lower part moved vigorously inside her.

"Hah! Ahh…!" Her waist began to sway. It was hard for her to stay on her knees.

His fingers knew her sweet spot. Thus, his fingers restlessly attacked the same place again and again.

"Hnn! Ah! Ahh…!" Mu Lan's hips rocked against his fingers. Droplets of sweats formed on her body. Her eyes teared up as it was hard for her to control her desire to have him inside her.

His active fingers and mouth made her come sooner than she expected. She panted heavily and her heart raced uncontrollably. She was all sweaty.

Mu Liang noticed it and said in a husky voice, "Raise your hands."

As she did, he pulled off her dress and threw it on the floor. Now she was wearing nothing. Looking at her gorgeous naked body, Mu Liang's hunger rose. He pulled her closer and gave her a deep kiss.

She was already lightheaded. She couldn't understand what was going on.

Mu Liang noticed it. He stopped kissing her and took off his shirt. After that, he lowered her on the sofa and spread her legs. He saw love juices overflowed from her hole. His mouth came closer and kissed her pink flower.

"Ahh!" Mu Lan moaned lusciously. Her toes curled up. Her hands gripped on his head and pushed him closer to her overflowing mouth.

He kissed lightly before nibbling her small flower. When he heard her crying out in pleasure, he wanted to entered her then and there. He controlled his urge to ravish her and inserted his tongue in her inner place. He repeatedly attacked her same place.

The stimulation was too much for her to bear. She came faster than the first time with a loud moan. Her view turned white and she lost all her energy.

Mu Liang licked all of her juice. He didn't let off a droplet of her love juice. He quenched his mouths thirst and licked his lips.

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