After the long confession was announced to the airport and the airplane where Noel was. There were hundreds of people and everyone heard Jing Sheng's heartfelt confession. People were surprised to hear it and some passengers even began looking for the lucky man named Noel.

Yan Su was speechless. Her mind blew away. She was expecting many things but not 'this'! She wanted to say, "Aunt, it's of no use. Noel already left. Even if he could hear it in the plane, he couldn't jump from there and the pilot wouldn't turn the plane and come back here."

However, she couldn't say it. The confession was too heartwarming and overwhelming. It's just, it was too bad that Noel wasn't there to hear it or see Jing Sheng's desperation.

Well, that's what Yan Su thought, until Noel barged into the security office while panting.

Yan Su's jaw dropped. She lifted a finger at him but couldn't utter a single word. Jing Sheng stood up instantly with tears in her eyes.

Noel came closer to the woman he thought he had lost a few days ago. He gently cupped her face with his shaky hands. He whispered, "So, you are real. I thought that I was dreaming."

Tears rolled down from Jing Sheng's eyes. "And I thought you left."

Noel wiped her tears with his thumbs. He smiled lovingly and said, "I couldn't leave without seeing you. Who would have known that you would come for me in here?"

"I couldn't think of anything else. Now I realized how shamefully I acted a minute ago." Jing Sheng blushed furiously with embarrassment. She acted like a teenage girl madly in love. She didn't know how to show her face in front of the people around them.

"It wasn't shameful, not a single bit. It was the bravest thing you ever did. Have a little faith in yourself." Noel slowly pulled her closer and hugged her. He pressed her right cheek on his warm chest. With his left hand around her waist and right hand on her back, he breathed out from the bottom of his heart. He still felt like it was a dream, the most beautiful dream that could ever happen to him.

Jing Sheng hesitated before shyly hugging him. Her hands grabbed onto his shirt.

The security officers who were present in that room and those who were standing by the door began to clap. Some of them even whistled. It seemed that everyone was happy for the new couple and blessed them whole heartened.

Yan Su secretly left, leaving those two in the security room. Her blood was boiling in excitement. If she couldn't show her friends their achievement, then she would just die.

She tracked down her friends by Qi Ying's GPS signal and rushed to the bar then and there.


Mu Lan's sleepiness and drunkenness vanished. She said, "Oooh, so that's what happened. He didn't leave and she was late. Now that's a fate. Even God helped us. It means they are match made in heaven."

Qi Ying was in daze. She thought that she was hearing fairytale.

Yan Su spoke, "I can bet hundred bucks that they won't leave the bedroom tonight."

Three of them looked at the apartment. Jing Sheng's bedroom lightened up. Through the curtains of the window, the girls could see the shadow of a man and a woman. The couple got closer and the man's hand touched the woman's face delicately. He caressed her face ever so lovingly and drew her closer. Slowly, their lips attached.

Love had a calming effect. Sometimes, when others showed their affection for their loved ones, the onlookers would feel an unspeakable peace in their hearts.

That's what happened to the three peeping toms who were in the car. Their hearts were at peace; as if they had died and were reborn.

For some reason, Qi Ying felt emotional. Her eyes teared up seeing her future mother-in-law finally have true love and bliss after suffering so much. She wiped her tears and then glanced at her two friends. She was stunned seeing their reactions.

Practically, both Mu Lan and Yan Su's reactions were same. Their mouths were wide open and their eyes were sparkling as they were looking at a R rated scene, like teenagers watching kissing porn for the first time.

Qi Ying hurriedly covered both of their eyes. Her face was flashed, understanding what those two were enjoying. She scolded them saying, "What are you doing? You cannot see whatever you want to. You are hampering their privacy."

Yan Su impatiently uncovered her eyes. "Let me see. This is a life time experience. You won't be able to see it in the future."

Mu Lan began looking for her cell phone. She wanted to take a picture of the moment she would never be able to watch.

Qi Ying protested, "Doesn't it feel like that you caught your parents having romance?"

Yan Su gave her reasons. "That's why you should watch! Have you ever caught your parents doing these stuffs?"

Qi Ying could hardly compose herself. She couldn't believe that her friends were so shameless. She commanded sternly, "Drive back to home. Now!"

Yan Su resigned. She sighed and said, "Fine." Saying that she started the engine and drove off.

A few minutes later, Mu Feng once again called Qi Ying. As soon as she answered the call, he asked, "Are you heading back home?"

Qi Ying replied, "Yes…"

He said, "Okay, I'm behind you."

"Aright." Qi Ying hung up.

When they reached home, three girls excitedly went inside the home. They couldn't wait to tell their partners what they witnessed tonight.

Mu Lan almost flew to Mu Liang's chamber and opened the door with a loud sound. Mu Liang was working on his laptop. He was startled with a sudden sound. Seeing her face, he started to relaxed when she jumped over him.

She joyfully said, "Hubby, you have no idea what just happened. They made up. They are a couple now! I was never this happy before. I gambled my future and your happiness; and thankfully I won! I can't be happier!"

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