Jing Sheng cringed upon hearing Noel's name. She forcefully smiled and said, "Is Noel being released from the hospital today?"

Yan Su said, "Not only is he being released but he is also leaving the country."

Jing Sheng was shocked. "What did you say?"

"Yes, Noel didn't want to continue working for the Mu Family. He is planning on moving to Africa. Ying dear offered him a variety of works, but he wouldn't take them. He said that he would rather live his life as a monk and help the sick children of Africa. That's heroic. Since he worked for the Mu Family for so long, everyone thought of giving him a surprise. After all, he was more like a member of the Mu Family…" Yan Su babbled on and on.

She didn't seem to realize that Jing Sheng's face paled. She gazed at her and spoke, "Oh, I need a flower bouquet. That's right. Aunt, please make a big one, so that it shows all of our gratitude for him."

Jing Sheng snapped out of it and said, "S-sure, I'll make one right away. Wait for a while." She stood up and went to the room where her employees were making flower bouquets. While she was making a huge bouquet, she was absentminded.

In the meantime, Yan Su sent a text to Mu Lan.

'The prey took the bait.'

Mu Lan sighed reading the text. She thought, 'What does she take mother-in-law for?'

Thirty minutes later, Noel came to the Mu Castle and everyone warmly welcomed him. He was given presents and flowers. It was a joyous afternoon.

Mu Lan, Qi Ying and Yan Su kept looking at their watches. Time went by, it was Noel's time to leave, however, Jing Sheng never showed up, nor did she bother to call him.

The three friends exchanged glances; they were becoming restless. Mu Lan closed her eyes and tried to calm down.

After lunch was over, Noel packed his luggage. He had lived here for a long time, but he never had too many things. He was too focused on work and most of his money was spent on Jing Sheng's medicine. The last time he bought clothes was two years ago, and it was only one set. At least he wasn't broke.

He already decided; if he couldn't be close to her and couldn't see her even though they were in the same city, then there was no point for him to live here. He would sacrifice his love for the people who needed help. He was good at taking care of sick people. He could at least do something for this world. Even if it was a tiny bit, he wanted to do it.

Before climbing into the car, Noel smiled and bowed to them. Then he said to grandpa Mu Cheng, "Thank you for everything you have done so far. I will remember your kindness till my death."

Grandpa Mu Cheng said, "If you ever want to return here, the door is always open for you."

Qi Ying said, "I'm sorry that Feng and elder brother-in-law couldn't come because of their work. Instead of them, we are here to see you off."

Noel said, "I cannot bother them. I'm already grateful that you all came to see me off, Madam Mu."

Mu Lan smiled and said, "Have a nice flight."

Noel also smiled at her and replied, "Thank you very much for everything."

Yan Su said, "Hey Noel, take care of yourself, will you?"

Noel chuckled and said, "Of course, Miss. I wouldn't dare to disobey you."

Yan Su threatened him by saying, "Yea, you better remember that."

Mu Jin playfully said, "Next time you come here, bring your kids and beautiful wife."

Upon hearing that, Mu Lan and Yan Su scoffed inwardly. Qi Ying twitched her lips.

Noel gave Mu Jin a small smile and climbed into the car. The car drove off.

Mu Lan's car came right away. Mark came out of the car and opened the door for Mu Lan.

Mu Jin asked, "Are you going somewhere, Xiao Lan?"

Mu Lan said, "I've some things to do. I'll come home as soon as I'm done." Saying that, she hurriedly climbed into the car.

"I remembered that I had some business with Xiao Lan. Please excuse me." Qi Ying bowed to the elders and went inside the car.

"Oh, I do too." Declaring that, Yan Su followed Qi Ying and Mu Lan.

Mark shut the door and sat in the driver's seat and then drove off.

Grandpa Mu Cheng commented, "Kids are so energetic. Good for their health." He turned around and entered the castle. Mu Jin followed him.

Inside the car, Yan Su excitedly asked Mu Lan, "Are you sure that aunt will go to the airport?"

Mu Lan replied, "After all the things we did, she should. I mean…. Look, how much effort I put in on this plan. How can it go wrong?"

Qi Ying couldn't help but lick her lower lip in nervousness. "I wish Xiao Lin was here. She could tell us how to approach them."

Mu Lan said, "We can only pray and hope so that it all works out well."


At the airport, the girls were looking for Noel.

Yan Su asked, "Did you find him?"

Qi Ying looked around. "I cannot find him anywhere."

Apparently, they lost him when they entered the airport.

Mu Lan said, "Found him! There he is."

The other two looked in the direction where she pointed at.

Yan Su grabbed her two friends' hands and said, "Let's go, let's go!" She practically dragged them.

"Easy girl! You are pregnant!" Mu Lan scolded her

Qi Ying said, "We need to call mother-in-law's bodyguard to find out where she is."

"I got this." Mu Lan took out her cell phone and dialed a number.

Yan Su said, "She has to be here. Maybe she is on her way. I can't wait to see what kind of drama it will be."

After ringing for four times, someone picked up the call. "First young mistress, what can I do for you?"

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