He didn't mention the part that his father and he himself found a reason behind his forgetfulness and that would be 'hypnotism'. However, after getting treatment from a psychiatrist, his memories didn't come back.

Jing Sheng sighed in relief. "That's good then."

Mu Lan had a hunch that Lu Feng would find out the reason behind his memory loss. However, she also knew very well no hypnotizer would be able to out-smart Carlo's hypnotism. Thus, she wasn't worried.

Mu Feng regretted giving Lu Feng the submarine. He agreed to give it to his childhood friend because Lu Feng said at the time, the plant he was looking for would be for the greater good. Now he found out that it was for animals, and not for human beings. Lu Feng was travelling with two of his men when he lent the submarine to him. Then, Lu Feng secretly left his men after noticing some people trying to follow him. He took the submarine and ran off. He knew very well, without the documents he had with him, the stalkers wouldn't be able to get anything. And now, after whatever happened, he can't remember anything, no recollection what-so-ever.

Mu Liang placed two more dumplings on in her bowl. She ignored him; however, she still ate the extra dumplings. She ate all the meal he served her, but she didn't talk to him.

Mu Feng noticed it and whispered to his elder brother, "Big brother, why is sister Lan Lan angry at you? What did you do?"

Mu Liang mumbled, "She was being reckless, and so I gave her medicine so hoping now that she can will think twice before acting so recklessly in the future."

Mu Feng's eyes grew wide. He recalled the time when he had a match with Mu Lan, and he was beaten up by her. He began to admire his big brother even more when he realized that Mu Liang wasn't scared of Mu Lan's horrible temper.

He wanted to praise his brother when Zero, the acting Head Butler came forward and said, "First young master, Hugo has arrived. He wanted me to inform you."

Mu Liang commended him, "Send him here. I would like to talk to him."

"As you wish, first young master." Zero bowed that and left.

The butlers served tea. While the Mu Family members were drinking, Zero returned with Hugo.

Before Hugo could say anything, something happened.

Mu Chen screamed 'darling' and threw himself at Hugo. He hugged Hugo tightly and kissed his lips.


It was a loud kiss.


The cup grandpa Mu Cheng was holding, fell onto the table and the hot tea spilt all over the table.

"Elder!" The butlers became flustered and got busy wiping the table.

"OMG!" Mu Lan covered her mouth. She had never expected to see this.

"What the heck…!" Yan Su didn't know that his cousin had 'that' type of taste.

Mu Lan glanced at Qi Ying and screamed, "Ah… Xiao Ying! Your nose is bleeding."

She got up and took some tissue paper to wipe the dripping blood from Qi Ying's face. Qi Ying was frozen at first and then, flustered.

"So, Xiao Ying is into *BL… Even bleeding like that… you just showed your real perverted self…. So naughty…" Mu Lan mumbled softly as she teased her friend.

Yan Su heard her and began to giggle. Mu Lan joined her as well. In the meantime, Qi Ying could hardly look straight.

Jing Sheng and Mu Jin were speechless at the sight. Never in million years, had they thought that their third son would like man men, let alone kiss one right in front of his whole family.

Grandpa Mu Cheng clenched his fists and hit the table. After that, he roared, "Rascal! How dare you to show us such an unsightly scene? I'll disown you!"

Hugo stood still as Mu Chen kissed him in front of the others. Then, he let Hugo go and asked him, "Where were you all this time? I've come here to see look for you when I lost connection with you. Do you know how hard it was for me not to hear your voice? Don't scare me like that…"


The other members of the Mu Family were drowned in their sea of love. They felt like they were watching a Shakespearean romantic comedy drama.

Mu Feng was the first one to speak, "I knew that he had a boyfriend, but I never thought it would be Hugo."

Mu Liang also had no idea that his youngest brother would be in a secret relationship with his employee.

Mu Chen glanced at his grandfather and said, "I've plenty of money to live a luxurious life, I don't need your fortune. For my boyfriend, I can give up on everything."

"Ooo…." Mu Lan, Qi Ying and Yan Su started clapping in admiration. Even their boyfriends never declared their love for their lovers like that.

Grandpa Mu Cheng began to tremble in anger. Mu Jin touched his father's hand. "Dad, don't get overexcited. You just left the hospital. You know how Xiao Chen is. Don't get agitated over this."

Grandpa Mu Cheng took several deep breaths to calm himself. He stood and left. He totally lost the mood to drink tea.

Mu Liang also stood up. "Meet me in my study room." He instructed before leaving.

"Yes, boss." Hugo replied curtly and yet politely.

Four days later, Noel opened his eyes and the doctor and nurses sighed in relief. Mu Lan went to see him when she heard the news. The first thing he asked about was Jing Sheng's condition.

Noel asked, "H-how's Miss Jing…?" He tried not to make it suspicious. His face was pale, and his body could hardly move. But all he could think about was Jing Sheng.

Mu Lan said, "Mother-in-law is doing fine. She is living with us for now. More bodyguards were assigned to her. The terrorists have been taken care of. She is safe."

Others also went to visit him. The last person who visited him was Jing Sheng.

*BL = Boy love / Yaoi / boyXboy

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