Mu Liang ignored Carlo. He put his right hand on her shoulder and left hand on her thighs and then carried her inside. He took her to the bed and pulled her shirt up to see her injury. Then he sighed. He sat down beside her and hugged her.

He whispered, "You took the pain for me, didn't you? It was my fault." He sounded like it was his fault that she was hurt.

Mu Lan's puppy expression vanished in a second. "That's not it! It's my fault that I wanted to come here to be with you despite me injury."

"So, this is my fault." Mu Liang dejectedly said.

"No… I…. was curious to find out what happened to doctor Lu Feng after he was found in Costa Rica."

Mu Liang's expression darkened. "So, it's because so him…." He definitely wasn't pleased to hear that his wifey was hurt because of his friend.

Mu Lan flinched seeing that dangerous aura around him. She began to speak, "No… it's not what I meant. What I meant is…. well…" she sighed and continued, "It's my fault. I was reckless. I shouldn't have done that. I should have taken rest. I promise that I will take care of myself in the future."

Mu Liang exhaled aloud. "How many times did you promise me the same thing?"

She blinked. "Eh?"

"I cannot let go of you like that. You need to be punished." His eyes were darker than the first time.

Mu Lan remembered the time when she didn't listen to him and faced danger and then, she was forced to drink the juice of bitter gourd. She gasped. "Y-you c-can't… my lover…. my dearest hubby… my everything… I love you so much… you cannot betray me like this."

Mu Liang grabbed her head with his left hand and said, "Enough with your drama. You cannot escape your fate."

"Nooo!" Her pitiful scream tattered the silence of the summer night.

Twenty minutes later, Mu Lan sobbed in the bed and muttered, "I hate you… I hate you… I hate you…"

Mu Liang forced her to drink two-glass juice of bitter gourd which she hated the most. She nearly puked after drinking.

He covered her with the comforter after changing her dress and climbed on the bed as well. He rubbed her head and said, "You are tired. Sleep now."

Mu Lan shoved away his hand and said, "Get out! I hate you!" Her head was still buried in the pillow. She didn't even look at him.

Mu Liang hugged her closer and mumbled softly, "You cannot risk your body and health like that, Lan. You have no idea how much I worry when you are not by my side. I know exactly well how much you crave for adventure. But please think about my heart as well. I cannot bear to see you hurt yourself."

Mu Lan wept silently as she closed her eyes. She didn't move away from him.

'Just like a child.' Mu Liang thought. He smiled and kissed her forehead.


The next day, the servants arranged the breakfast outside the castle beside the lake by Qi Ying's order. The cool breeze made everyone refreshed.

Grandpa Mu Cheng, Mu Jin, Jing Sheng, Mu Liang, Mu Lan, Mu Feng, Qi Ying, Mu Chen, Yan Su and Lu Feng sat altogether and began having the meal.

Between Jing Sheng and Mu Jin, it was awkward when he came back to the castle with grandpa Mu Cheng. Now, Mu Jin pretended to act normally whereas Jing Sheng ignored him.

Still, everyone was having meal peacefully.

"It is still a shock to find you in Costa Rica. I thought you were in Brazil. What were you doing there when my submarine has gone missing?" Mu Feng was curious about the incident. More importantly, it was his billion dollars private submarine. He almost had a heart attack when he heard that the submarine lost the signal. He wasn't worried about his childhood friend but his recently invented submarine.

Lu Feng cringed. "I don't know. Don't ask me about me. I cannot remember anything. I only remember that I went to Amazon to search a rare plant that can help the cow recover quickly. But I cannot seem to remember anything anymore."

"Oh, are you talking about the new virus of the cow? So, that's what it was about." Jing Sheng nodded in understanding.

"You know a lot mother." Mu Chen praised his mother.

"I watch news." Jing Sheng replied plainly.

Mu Feng didn't let his family members mislead the conversation. He said, "I don't know about the rare plant or anything. All I want to know how my most precious submarine lost the signal while going close to the Bermuda Tringle. While it vanished mysteriously, you came back without a scratch."

Apparently, the locals in Costa Rica found Lu Feng's unconscious body in the sea beach and took him in the hospital. After he woke up, the police inquired about him and then, they let him contact Mu Feng.

Yan Su definitely wanted to beat him till nothing left. However, because of her pregnancy, her emotion was imbalanced. She was in tears when she saw the skinny Lu Feng and wailed when he hugged her.

Right this moment, Mu Feng showed that he cared more for his submarine than his cousin's soon-to-be husband.

Yan Su glared at Mu Feng. "Hey, watch it cousin. It was a testing machine. Who knew what kind of useless submarine you gave him?" Then, she glanced at the man beside her. She touched Lu Feng's hand and said, "Poor darling, you even lost your memory."

Mu Feng was speechless. He cursed in his mind, 'Traitor cousin!'

Jing Sheng asked Lu Feng, "What did your father say, Xiao Feng? Is it serious?"

Lu Feng shook his head. "No, not really. It's a temporary memory loss. My father thinks that since my head wasn't heavily injured, then it's nothing serious. This time, the tour was too much for my health, I guess."

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