Antonio changed the topic and asked "How long are you all going to stay in here?"

Juan said, "Two days at most. Liam is coming over. After he comes, he will take your position and stay here. I have another task for you."

Antonio was doubtful. "No problem, but can Liam stay in here? The fire god is protecting the water kingdom… it sounds so contradictory."

Juan replied, "There's nothing to worry about. Liam agreed willingly."

As long as he knew how he threatened Liam to take this job, it shouldn't be a problem.

Antonio was doubtful at first, however he said nothing about it. He asked, "What do I have to do?"

Juan instructed him, "I want you to go to China. You have to keep an eye on the Chinese Navy."

Antonio nodded. "Alright. Is this anything to do with the gold key?"

Juan answered, "Yes, you may know that little one lost her memories of her certain past and she cannot remember where she last put it. If she put it in her apartment, I'm sure it is in the hand of someone powerful in China."

Romano asked, "Then, shouldn't be Yicheng good at this? He is a ninja after all."

"I gave him another task. He is in Hong Kong at this moment. He and the Mu boy's bodyguard found something odd within Chinese Navy." Juan's eyes narrowed. "We have to stay alert."

Antonio's tensed face relaxed. "Finally, some edible food."

Antonio was total opposite of Carlo. While Carlo knew how to cook, Antonio found it bothering and he wouldn't even put his foot in the kitchen. That's why, sometimes he was called "Anti-Carlo" by the members of The Cobra.

"I'm going to China to regain my memory, don't forget that." Mu Lan reminded them.

Antonio who didn't know about it, his pupils grew. "Are you sure this is a good idea, baby girl? If The Mongoose get you, I don't know what they will do to you. YOU are their precious killing machine after all."

"I wonder if they will try to take her after knowing her identity now." Carlo commented thoughtfully.

"Don't worry. I'll start training from today. I will get my lost glory back." Mu Lan spoke resolutely.

Pedro hit the back of her head lightly. "Get well first. I won't allow you to do any sort of exercise as long as you are injured."

Mu Lan felt dejected.


"Nnn…" Lu Feng opened his eyes. He found himself in a dark place. He shivered feeling cold. His whole body was stiff as he was on the stony floor for too long. There was a dull ache on his head. He recalled that his submarine was attacked by some kind of giant and he was hit on the head. His heart raced. He was scared.

He tried to seat up, however, he realized that he was tied up from his chest to his legs. He could wiggle all he wanted but he could move his hands and legs an inch. The person who tied him knew what he was doing. He was very skilled with the ropes.

Lu Feng calmed himself down by taking deep breaths. He knew that it wouldn't do any good if he panicked. adjusted his eyes in the dark. It's really too dark to see anything. The floor was slightly moist, making him uncomfortable. He could sense that somewhere the ocean was roaring.

'It's too cold in here. I cannot stay here any longer.' He thought. "Hello!" His voice echoed in the cave. He shivered as he didn't know his foe. "Is anybody here? Please help me!" Since his throat was dry, his voice sounded hoarse. He coughed before he could speak anymore.

After a while he heard the sounds of heavy footsteps. His body tensed in fear. He waited till one man came and stood in front of him.

The person asked Lu Feng, "Sleepyhead, are you awake?" His tone was humorous.

Lu Feng looked up in the dark. Although he couldn't see anyone, he could feel that this man was a giant. He gathered some courage and asked, "Who are you? Did you tie me? Why?"

The man sneakered. "So many questions from an intruder who trespasses someone else's property. Tell me, why are you here?"

"I came to look for a flower plant. I know it's in here. I've come to take a sample and research it." Lu Feng said truthfully.

The person sneered. "So, you are a researcher. You looked more of a thief to me. Coming all the way here under the sea so that I cannot see you coming. Only thieves act like that."

Lu Feng protested. "I'm not a thief! I'm a doctor. I told you I came here to research a plant. If it's yours, I'll buy it with a reasonable price."

"A plant? In the middle of nowhere? I don't understand what you mean… But I know that now you came here, you cannot go back alive…" That person furiously smiled.

Chills ran down Lu Feng's spine. He couldn't imagine what would happen to him from now on.

"Let's go, shall we? To your death bed…" The man laughed cruelly. Then, he grabbed the collar of the frightened Lu Feng and threw him (Lu Feng) on his (the other person) left shoulder.

"W-what are you doing? Let me go!" Lu Feng tried to escape from the man but he couldn't move a muscle.

"Hahaha… wait for your epic death…" The man laughed villainously and took Lu Feng away.

Lu Feng froze in fear. He never had such scary experience in his life. He was so nervous that he didn't see where he was being taken.

The person carried him to the living room and threw him on the lavish couch.

Lu Feng heard someone exclaiming, "What the heck did you do to the Lu boy, Romano? His face is as pale as a sheet!"

Romano chuckled. "I just had a little fun with him. Nothing else."

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