Mu Lan went to her own room. It was cozy and pretty. It was dry, neat and clean. It seemed like someone cleaned the room regularly. The room was filled with handmade stuffed dolls, a bow, arrows, a sword and story books. She still had her childhood dresses. Someone had placed them in the wardrobe with great care.

She commented, "I can't fit these dresses anymore. Why are they still here? They should have donated these clothes to the orphans."

Just then, Carlo came inside and said, "Are you hungry? I'm done cooking."

Mu Lan smiled. "Sure. Let's go." She walked out with him. She spoke, "I wonder where Antonio is. I haven't seen him anywhere."

Carlo replied, "He is with the Lu boy. After lunch, we will take you to see him."

Surprisingly, they met Antonio in the kitchen.

Carlo snapped at him. "What are you doing here!? You are supposed to be guarding that Lu boy!"

Antonio was too busy tasting all the dishes. He didn't even glance at them. Carlo came forward and snatched the bowl from him. "Don't you dare to eat our portions too. How dare you?!" Antonio snapped. "How dare I?! How long has it been since I've had a real meal and not just raw or burnt sea fishes? How can you be so cruel to me?"

Antonio was the master of the waters. He could not only control water, but he could stay under the water for a whole week. Most of the time, he was as calm as a pond. However, sometimes he would become as stormy as the ocean.

Mu Lan realized that she had to save their lunch from the hungry mouth. So, she threw herself at Antonio and cheerfully said, "Anty, I've missed you so much!"

At last, Antonio saw the girl who was clinging onto him. Instantly he forgot about the meal. He exclaimed in surprise, "Little baby, how come you are here? Look at you all grown up, all big and pretty. I've missed you too." He hugged her tightly.

After their warm encounter, Antonio looked down at her. "I know you have some clothes that are in your room. Why are you wearing Pedro's clothes?"

"They are too small to fit my body. You said so yourself. I've grown a lot after I had left." Mu Lan said. She winced in pain when Antonio's hands touched her waist.

Antonio gasped. "What happened?"

"Small injury, nothing else. So, where did you put Lu Feng?" Mu Lan went to the main topic.

"Oh, he is fine. I took some sleeping pills from Pedro's room and mixed it in his food. He is now sleeping like a pig. Haha…" Antonio laughed at his own handiwork.

In here, Pedro's room was his own paradise. His room was filled with all sorts of medicines; from the most common to the rarest medicines of the world. The medicines were decorated and categorized neatly. Antonio didn't have to work very hard to find what he wanted.

While Mu Lan and Antonio were chatting, Carlo served the food and the others came into the kitchen.

As they were having their meals, they began talking.

Antonio spoke to Juan, "I heard from little baby that you told her about The Mongoose. Is it okay for her to know?"

Juan calmly said, "It's better for her to know what she and her family dealt with, and more importantly, she has grown up enough to know the truth behind her misery."

Romano said, "I'm worried they know that there is another successful killing machine that survived, they will try to harm her."

Carlo didn't agree. "I don't think that will happen when they will find out that she is one of us."

"We're her ultimate support." Antonio commented.

Mu Lan brought up another topic. "I was wondering, how did Lu Feng find out about the location of the elixir? I thought the traitor died at the time when he gave The Mongoose the elixir. Not only him, but his entire family suffered because of his deeds. Except for our team, there shouldn't be anyone else that knows."

"The Mongoose gave it to him of course. But how they know, I have no clue." Romano shook his head.

Pedro asked Carlo, "Do they have power to track down what they want?"

Carlo answered, "While in Italy, I tried to investigate everything. The Mongoose members that are there have different motives for being there. They seemed to be meeting someone in the hospital. I haven't seen anything more than that."

Antonio concluded in a serious tone, "In other words, the enemy is invisible. This is not good."

Mu Lan rubbed her temple. "That aside, how did doctor Lu Feng come here? Did he use some kind of magic?"

Antonio replied, "Submarine, a small, private one. The funniest part was that he used the Mu Family's most recently created high-tech submarine. It costs quite a lot. I made Shin test it. He confirmed it. There's no doubt about it."

Antonio used the 'the funniest part' because the man she was going to marry was the eldest son of the Mu Family.

Though it wasn't her fault, Mu Lan suddenly felt guilty. She could barely speak, "I'll ask Liang Liang about it."

"I hope he didn't contact anyone from the submarine or give away his position." Pedro said thoughtfully.

Antonio drank the fish soup and said, "Shin said that there was no way he could have done that. Under the water, I've placed the three antennas Shin gave me a long time ago, remember? Because of the three antennas under the ocean, anyone that is within the triangle is not able to make contact with anyone outside, and it doesn't matter where they are in the world. The moment he entered the Bermuda tringle, he lost all his signals. When I first noticed him, he was still away from the cave. I attacked him and carried him here. After Shin finished searching and investigating the submarine, we destroyed it. Just like the others, I wanted to kill him but then I had recognized him, so I contacted you. Afterall, he is the one who saved my little baby."

Mu Lan sighed in relief. She thought, 'Thank goodness he saved me back then, or he would have been dead by now. Then… how would I face Yan Su?'

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