Juan took his beer and joined them in the swimming pool. "She's missing her wild life, that's all. She knows very well that as long as she is tied to them, she cannot go back to her usual self which brought dangers to others." Then he smiled. "But I guess the Mu boy won't let her become a boring doll. He will keep her busy."

"Don't bring up that devil. He corrupted her to the bone." Carlo gritted his teeth.

Juan laughed heartily. He drank beer and looked at the clear sky. The stars were twinkling. There was warmth in his eyes as he said, "Do you see how gorgeous the sky is? Her future will be just as dazzling as the sky."

Pedro glanced at him. "Can you see her future?"

"People have more than one future. Each of them has millions of futures, because they have billions of choices in their lives in every move. A single choice can change their future completely." Saying that much, Juan became silent. He liked to gaze at the stars.

Carlo asked, "Then how can you tell that her future will be dazzling? If you ask me, I can tell that her life will be horrible as long as she is with that devil. It will devour her completely."

"I predicted her future. I know she will always decide wisely. I have no doubt." Juan smiled.

Osiris chuckled. "Well, now she is learning that to get something she has to let go of something. I think she will live better life than us. I have no doubt. We will get a bunch of grandchildren, hopefully."

Carlo commented, "Carp." He shivered imagining lots of Mu Liang. He just knew for sure that those children would be as devilish as their devil father.

Romano said cheerfully, "Alright, let's enjoy the night drinking beer!"


The next day, they went to their main hideout, in the Bermuda Triangle. The moment they entered the tringle zone, they were devoured by the heavy fog. Right after that, they met cyclones, not one or two but more than twenty. There were even blue vortexes everywhere in the ocean. The whole atmosphere was so intense that it was hard to breathe. Because of this overall situation, no plane or ship could survive and might get eaten by the sea.

In the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, there was a huge cave. Juan, Carlo, Pedro, Romano, Osiris and Mu Lan reached the cave. The wind and the waves were too strong. They were all drenched. They entered the cave as fast as possible.

Mu Lan collapsed on the ground. "Cough! Cough! Cough!"

Seeing her complexion paled and was coughing hard, Pedro sat down beside her. He stroked her back harshly. "Did you drink the water?"

She coughed till her eyes were filled with tears. When she stopped, inside of her chest was hurting. She took deep breaths slowly. After she calmed down, she said, "It has been a long time since I came here. I couldn't keep up with the water and the wind.

Carlo snorted. "And to think that wind is in your control. How laughable!"

Mu Lan looked down at her hands. "I guess I need to start training."

She was about to stand up, Pedro gripped her right wrist. "Wait, you are bleeding!"

Others looked down at her body. She was wearing raincoat. It was ripped in the middle. Pedro pulled the zipper down and took off her raincoat. Just as he said, her wet white shirt was tainted in blood. Her raincoat couldn't protect her from the power of the wind and the water. It must have been water that slashed her and cut through her raincoat and her skin.

Mu Lan commented, "No wonder it was hurting a lot. I didn't realize that I was injured." She looked dumbfounded. At that time, she was too busy to concentrate to get to the cave, she didn't notice when she was hurt.

Pedro pulled out her shirt and looked at the injury carefully. "It's not a deep wound but we need to treat it before you lose too much blood. I don't have medicine right now with me."

Romano instantly took off his wet shirt and ripped it apart. Then, he gave it to Pedro and said, "Dress her injury for now. We will get there soon and then you can treat her."

Pedro took it and covered her injury with it. Mu Lan's breathing was becoming irregular. After he was done with dressing, he carried her. "Let's go inside as fast as possible."

They reached their hideout and Pedro took Mu Lan in his chamber quickly. He put her down on the ground. He instructed, "Take off your clothes and wipe your body with the towel. Wear dry clothes." Saying that he threw a pair of shirt and pant and towel at her. After that he left the room to change his clothes.

She dried herself and laid down on the bed. Pedro came in the room and took his medical kits. He dressed her wound after applying medicine. When he was done, he asked her, "Can you move?"

Mu Lan sat up. "Yes, it doesn't hurt much."

Pedro frowned. "You don't have to act tough. Carl will finish making lunch soon. If you want to walk around, do so but don't run or jump."

"I know." Saying that she got up from the bed and walked out of the room. The whole place was made of stone. The roar of the ocean could be heard from the inside. It should be cold inside the cave; however, they had a huge fireplace to make inside warm.

Mu Lan went to her own room. It was cozy and pretty. It was dry and neat and clean. It seemed that someone cleaned this room every day. The room was filled with handmade stuffed dolls, bow, arrows, sword and story books. She still had her childhood dresses. Someone put them in the wardrobe with great care.

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