Mu Liang gave him an unnatural look.

Mu Feng began to sweat. "N-no, no, I still have first class feelings for Ying. But his face is something. I have to give it to him. Even Chen is drooling for a while. Just look at him!"

Mu Liang looked at his youngest brother and saw what Mu Feng said was right. Mu Chen couldn't take eyes off of the elegant priest.

Mu Liang mumbled to Mu Feng, "Doesn't Chen has a boyfriend?"

Mu Feng averted his gaze and whispered, "Well, I cannot blame him. I mean, I'm not into man but this priest is quite sinful."

At the same time, Mu Lan went closer to Osiris and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I missed you."

Mu Feng and Mu Chen gasped.

Mu Feng whispered excitedly, "Look, even sister Lan Lan has fallen for him! But aren't they awfully close to be kissed? Do they have some kind of secret… umm…" He couldn't say the word 'relationship'.

Mu Liang closed his eyes. It hurt his eyes when he saw that she kissed other man but he had to let it go. If he really wanted to be with her, he had to tolerate these men around her.

Mu Chen glared at Mu Lan but he didn't make it difficult for anyone. He silently sipped his tea. It was very unusual for him to not make trouble for Mu Lan.

Osiris felt an unspeakable satisfaction after getting the kiss. He smirked mischievously. "Just half an hour ago you didn't seem that happy to see me though."

Mu Lan justified, "Oh, you cannot say that. Of course, I was happy to see you. But I was more surprised."

"Were you?" Osiris raised an eyebrow.

"Come on, you know me." Mu Lan showed a bright smile.

Osiris also gave her a dazzling smile. "Next time, I will give you an Oscar."

Mu Lan: "…"

Qi Ying asked, "Do you two know each other?"

Mu Lan replied, "Actually, they helped us when we were in Africa. Without them it would be harder for us in the unknown place."

Qi Ying nodded in acknowledgement. "Oh, I see." She glanced at the three Cobra members. "Thank you very much for helping them at time."

Osiris elegantly replied, "They are good people. It is a duty of the servant of God to help people."

Mu Lan almost choked by his words but controlled herself. She changed the topic. "Last night, father-in-law called. He said that grandfather is feeling better. He will come back after a week."

Mu Feng said, "We talked this morning. It's a relief that nothing bad happened to him."

Yan Su said, "He is the member of Mu Family. He is stronger than you guys think."

"That's true." Mu Lan and Mu Feng agreed.


After breakfast, Mu Lan went to the bedroom to change her clothes. Osiris and Pedro planned to escort her to their place where Juan was waiting.

She finished dressing up and was about to leave when she saw Jing Sheng in the living room waiting for her to come out.

Mu Lan approached her. "Is there anything you want to say to me, mother?"

Even though Jing Sheng said that she was good, she didn't look healthy. She stood up and said, "Xiao Lan, I'm going to ask you something. Please tell me the truth."

"…Alright…" Mu Lan already had a hunch what Jing Sheng was going to say.

Just as she thought, her future mother-in-law asked, "The man you said protected me all these years is Noel, isn't it?"

Mu Lan nodded. "Yes."

Jing Sheng looked down. She didn't let Mu Lan see her expression. But her body was slightly trembling. "Thank you for telling me." Saying that she turned around and left.

Mu Lan bit down her lower lip. "Did I make a mistake by telling her? I have to keep an eye on them." While rubbing her head, she walked out of her chamber.

In the corridor, she met Mu Liang. He asked, "Are you going out with them?"

Mu Lan nodded. "Yes, I have some things to talk about. I will text you when I'll come home. Will you go to the company?"

He replied, "No, I have to go somewhere else for a meeting."

"Okay, see you later then. Bye." Mu Lan tiptoed and kissed his cheek and then left.

After she went inside the car, she asked Carlo, "Will mother-in-law be okay?"

Carlo answered, "I looked into her mental state last night. She was in the verge of collapsing, because she already realized who was secretly helping her. She could hardly take the truth. If she thought too much into it, she could never recover. That's why your psychiatrist friend told the Mu brat not to give her any mental pressure and the Mu brat was opposing your plan."

Mu Lan turned her head to look at him, "But you took care of it, didn't you? She looked more stable to me than you said she was."

Carlo relaxed his body and leaned back on the seat. "Certainly, she is stronger and would fight for her goal from now on. I believe if she wants, she can start a new life. But I can't just change her mindset and make her forcefully fall for someone."

Mu Lan agreed, "That's true. No need to force her. If she really likes him, she will choose her by herself. At least, she won't suffer from depression after it ends."

"Your plan sucked though. You wanted to erase her memory." Carlo scoffed.

Mu Lan hit him with her elbow. "Because I thought it would be hard for both of them. And who are you to tell me that my plan sucked? How many people's memory did you erase?"

Carlo gave a reasonable explanation, "I did it for my safety."

"And I planned for their sake. At least, I'm better than you." Mu Lan said proudly.

Mark drove the car inside the dark tunnel and stopped in the end of it. He declared, "We have arrived."

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