Chapter 767: SOMEONE IS HERE

Mu Liang said, "Let me hug you for a while. I will be fine."

Mu Lan nodded. "Okay." She led him to the couch. She sat down and pulled him down to sit as well. After he sat down, she encircled her arms around his head and pulled him closer. Mu Liang put his head on her bosom and stayed there, listening to her heartbeats.

The summer wind blew and the curtains danced. There were rustling sounds from the leaves outside.

Mu Lan brushed Mu Liang's hair with her fingers and smelt his manly odor. Her left hand tenderly stroked his back. She felt him inhale and exhale as the warm air touched her chest. When she first came inside the room, his heart was beating rapidly. Now his heart was a lot calmer than before. His heartbeats were matching hers. She leaned forward and kissed his hair.

She didn't say, "It's going to be alright." Or she didn't say anything to make him feel better. All she gave him was her presence and all the time he needed.

When she realized that he fell asleep from his tiredness, she laid down on the sofa taking him with her. She noticed that his whole body was stiff. She hugged him tighter and glanced at the clock. It was ten thirty in the evening.

She was feeling better than before and her head began working like a roller coaster. She began thinking, 'So, this imposter had plastic surgery and then killed her rival, she got into the position as the Head of the Mu Family. Her so called assistant Diana set up her mother-in-law and tried to kill her. She even ordered to finish me if I made any trouble. From the way I see it, no any rich heiress could do such thing. They must be related to the underworld. If not, how can Diana use brother Feng's gangs without even making others suspicious and how can the imposter kill Diana professionally? Diana must have followed brother Feng's every move, that's not something any normal member of the underworld could do. Brother Feng is always cautious, after all. Why do I feel like something is amiss? They must know something that they are not telling me. What can that be? I need to check the dead bodies.'

She narrowed her eyes while thinking that. She really wanted to go investigate by herself. She looked down at Mu Liang. Seeing him sleeping so soundly, she didn't want to move.

'Hang on a second, I can use my power.' Mu Lan sighed thinking that she really left her brain somewhere else.

She closed her eyes and controlled the atmosphere. Easily, she found the corpses of Diana and the imposter. It wasn't in the dungeon. It was in the servant's room where Al stayed.

Mu Lan wondered, 'So, they took over the corpses. But why? Only to do the autopsy? It must be Pedro who had done the autopsy. It's the matter of Mu Family. Are they trying to pick a fight or trying to reveal their identity? Why didn't they even bother to tell me? Something is fishy.'

The strong wind blew outside the room. Mu Lan looked at the dead bodies thoroughly. Suddenly she noticed something. Diana's cleavage and the imposter's abdomen were injured. It was more like the skin from those parts were sliced by someone.

'Now, this that's strange. Why is the small part of the skin sliced? Like there was some kind of mark and someone doesn't want others to know it.' Mu Lan was in deep thought. Maybe, I should visit Carlo.'


The summer wind blew and the curtains flew. Carlo complained, "Why is it so chilling? Close the damn windows!"

Osiris yawned. "Do it yourself. I want to sleep."

Carlo roared, "You already slept the whole day. How can you dare to say that you want to sleep? Get up!" He was definitely pissed.

Osiris closed his eyes again. "Mmm… whatever…"

Carlo gritted his teeth. "You…"

Pedro interrupted them, "Knock it off you two." After that, he stood up and shut the windows. He sat down once again on the sofa and relaxed his body. He asked, "I want to know, who is the one that sliced off their skin?"

Carlo glanced outside the window. "I did. I couldn't let the Mu brat know the existence of The Mongoose. He will surely go after them if he finds out. I already told him the reason why she was after his family. I cannot disclose any more information about her. To think that she was a part of that organization… They will come after the Mu Family if they find out about her death. I personally don't care about the Mu Family but the kid's existence will be known. I cannot let that happen."

Pedro said, "Didn't she already fake her death before doing the plastic surgery? Will they track her down after that?"

"I can't tell now that she is dead. I tried to get as much as I could in that short period of time. Even I don't know what the Diana woman did before she left the Mongoose. Although she was just a servant, we have to be cautious. We don't want them to hurt our kid." Carlo sighed. "We will take the dead bodies outside of the country and burn them on an island. We will go before dawn."

Pedro said, "I'll stay here. Kid hasn't recovered completely. You and Al can go. It won't take more than two hours. I don't think Jing Sheng will wake up before you come back."

"Right." Carlo agreed.

Osiris spoke up, "Now, can you two leave? This is my room. Don't disturb my sleep."

Carlo bickered. "Get up and leave. She needs us more than she needs you."

The leaves from the plants on the table moved because of a gust of wind blew. There was rustling sounds from the leaves.

Osiris instantly opened his eyes and sat up. "Someone is here."

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