Osiris closed his eyes again. "You don't have to worry about it. Ordinary people won't even remember us after they are out of our sight. Same goes for your brother. He has already forgotten about seeing me here in this room."

The Cobra had the power to hypnotize people so that they would forget about their existences. They could do it just by looking. Of course, Osiris won't be telling that to Mu Liang.

Mu Liang asked curiously, "What about me? How can I remember all of your faces?"

"Because we let you. It will be weird if you were to forget us all the time when you get to see us more frequently from now on." Osiris turned his back to Mu Liang and said, "Now, hurry up and call your maids. I'm not going to work."

"Suit yourself." Mu Liang called out for the maid and instructed her what to do. After that, he went to the walk-in-closet and took his and Mu Lan's clothes and went to the bathroom.

Carlo came into the bedroom and knocked on the door to the bathroom. Then he opened it slightly and said without even looking, "Keep her in the cold water till her temperature goes down."

Mu Liang couldn't help but say, "She will catch a cold."

"I've prepared medicine for her." Carlo lied.

Mu Liang confirmed, "Alright."

Carlo closed the door and walked away.

Osiris had to get up from the bed since the maid was working. He was sitting on a chair by Mu Liang's personal dining table. When Carlo entered the attached kitchen, he asked, "You lied just now, didn't you? Should I call for Pedro?"

"I've already called him. He is on the way." Carlo went back to cooking.


In the evening, Mu Lan finally woke up when her temperature dropped. The first thing she saw was Pedro's deadpan face.

She was totally confused. She just woke up and her brain was slowly functioning. "…Pedro? What are you doing here?" Her voice was hoarse.

Pedro poked her right cheek. "Why am I here? Why do you think? How did you end up being sick? Don't ask stupid questions."

She looked around and couldn't found Mu Liang. "Where is my Liang Liang?"

"Ungrateful kid! We treated her from morning till evening and all she asks for is that devil brat. Here, have some water before using your frog-like voice." With a 'bam' sound Carlo put down a glass of water on the bedside table.

Pedro said, "Don't do that. You will startle her."

Mu Lan didn't seem to mind though. She didn't give any reaction. She sat up and drank the glass of water.

Pedro asked, "How are you feeling now?"

Mu Lan thought about it and replied, "At least no more headache. My head feels lighter now."

"That's good then." After that, Pedro gave her a bowl of chicken leek soup. "Finish it all. Carlo made it specially for you. Or should I feed you?" He already mixed the medicine in the soup.

"Feed me." Mu Lan always acted soiled when she got the chance.

While she was fed, she got to know the whole situation. Right now, Mu Lin's real body was being buried and Mu Cheng was sent to the hospital. It was really hard for him to take in the whole situation. He couldn't take it when he found out that Mu Lin's dead body was found in the flower garden and had a stroke. Mu Jin was called back to China.

Jing Sheng who also had a fever after she became unconscious, was resting in her room. And, Noel just he opened his eyes an hour before Mu Lan woke up. He was still in the ICU, getting VIP treatment.

Pedro skillfully avoided the part of The Mongoose and the connection with both Mu Lin imposter and Diana.

Mu Lan quietly heard everything. After she finished her meal, she said, "I want to go for a walk."

Pedro nodded and placed the bowl down.

Mu Lan got down off the bed and walked out of the room. She didn't find Carlo and didn't know that Osiris was in the guest room, sleeping. She went directly to Mu Liang's study room. She found him standing in front of the window, looking at the sky. It was a full moon tonight.

She strode towards him and hugged him from behind. Mu Liang was startled since he didn't notice when she entered. When he recognized the slender hands, he hugged her hands.

Mu Lan said nothing as she kept embracing him. After a while, Mu Liang turned around and put his head on the crook of her neck. He inhaled loudly. She only brushed his hair smoothly. Her eyes watched the clouds pass in the dark-colored sky. The atmosphere was gloomy, all the members of the Mu Household felt it.

Mu Lan felt her shoulder getting wait. She held Mu Liang tighter. She couldn't imagine what was going through Mu Liang's heart. How hard it was for him to find out that they grew up with a fake grandmother. All the suffering they went through all because of that murderer who killed their family member. They were good to her for so long.

How awful Mu Liang and Mu Feng might feel… Only they could understand that.

Five minutes later, Mu Liang wiped his eyes while brushing the moisture from her shirt. Then, he gazed at her and asked, "How are you feeling now?" His voice was a little bit hoarse.

"Better. Have you eaten anything?" She asked with concern.

Mu Liang took her left hand and put it on his right cheek. He closed his eyes and answered, "I don't have an appetite."

Mu Lan asked, "How can you say that? If you don't eat, others also won't. How's grandfather now?"

"So you've heard about everything." Mu Liang sighed. "He's still unconscious. Father is with him. You don't have to worry. He will be fine."

"I'm not worried about others. I'm worried about you." Mu Lan used her free hand to touched his left cheek.

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