"What are we going to do now? Their whole team might know the kid's face." Carlo solemnly spoke.

"But something is amiss." Osiris commented. He asked Shintaro, "Shin, did you inform Juan?"

Shintaro shook his head. "No, I cannot disturb him right now. He is practicing his art."

The last time someone disturbed Juan was by Romano, and Juan burnt down Romano's wine cellar in rage. When he was angry, Juan would be the cruelest person in the world. Shintaro definitely won't take the risk.

In the end, Carlo made the decision. "We will have to take action without Juan's permission then. I will capture the culprit and find out everything they know about us and what their purpose was in coming here. We will let Juan know about it later."

Osiris agreed. "You are right. We cannot let the Mu boy know about it, especially if the problem had occurred because of my baby."

Carlo stood up. "Alright, let me handle this. Shin, is there anything else you want to say to us?"

"Nothing else. I'm hanging up now. Good luck!" Shintaro hung up.

End of the meeting….


"So, the imposter's target in the end was Xiao Lan." Mu Liang concluded after what he heard.

Carlo shook his head. "Not really. I found out from her that her main objective was to be with your grandfather and destroy his family that was built with his wife, the real Mu Lin. This imposter was in love with your grandfather but her heart was crushed after seeing him marry his cousin, Mu Lin. Thus, she took revenge. She hated your father, Mu Jin, the most since he was the offspring of Mu Cheng, the man she loved and Mu Lin, the woman she hated the most. So, she tortured Jing Sheng and didn't let Mu Jin have a happy married life. You grew up without your mother's love. Her wish came true. Moreover, she had the money and the power to make Mu Cheng hers and she did it and lived with him for so long."

He sighed. "I really detest the thing called 'love'. It can create and destroy everything. More than that, a woman's jealousy is the scariest."

Al said, "But it's a good thing that her target wasn't our kid."

Mu Liang mentioned, "So, the attack that happened this morning…"

Carlo remembered and explained, "Oh, that, it was Dia's doing. Somehow, Jing Sheng pissed her off and she wanted to take revenge. Our kid was just there accidentally and got attacked since she was an ally of your mother's. She was a hot headed, stupid and a cruel woman. If her wrongdoings were discovered, the impersonator would also be discovered. So, the Mu Lin imposter killed Dia. The only thing she didn't know was that we were also here. If she knew, she would have killed herself after killing Dia. That way, her secrets would have been hidden forever."

Mu Liang asked, "Do you want to take the dead body with you? Or do you want us to take care of it?"

Carlo touched the dead body with his right leg slightly. "We need to take it back for an autopsy."

Mu Liang requested, "Please let us know what you find out."

"I won't promise that." Carlo haughtily said.

Mu Liang straightforwardly said, "Please understand that she is our family's enemy and she killer my grandmother. If you don't want to help us, we won't let you take the body."

If they weren't important to Mu Lan, Mu Liang wouldn't give a damn about them. Knowing that they raised her when she needed a family, he tried to be polite as much as possible. But these people were very rude. Especially the mind reader.

"Brat, don't try to threaten us." Carlo growled and stepped forward. Sparks were growing between their eyes.

Al came in between them just in time. "Alright, alright, calm down you two. We have to move the body out." Then he glanced at Mu Liang. "Please try to understand what we are doing is to save our Xiao Lan. This woman isn't someone you want to know about because when the time comes you won't know what or who you are even dealing with or how to deal with it."

Mu Liang commented, "Are you saying that she is from the same group that Hugo got information about in China? It looks like the enemy you want to save Xiao Lan from are after her from the very beginning."

Al was speechless at first before smiling. "No wonder she likes you. You are more intelligent than I thought you would be but we cannot let you know. The more you know, the more it will put your family in danger. Leave everything to us. We will take care of it."

Mu Liang's eyes narrowed. "I think you should stop thinking everyone as a kid."

"For the sake of your future with Xiao Lan, try to hold back a little. Trust me, if she wasn't involved with you, we would have sent you to your next life already because you found out something that you shouldn't have. And we only think of Xiao Lan as a kid. You are nothing to us." When Al said that, his eyes glowed.

"Okay, I get it." Mu Liang sighed. He had to resign. He never realized that his father-in-law could be that big of a pain in the a**. And unfortunately, he got fourteen fathers-in-law including the real one.

He still added, "If there is something we should know of, please let us know, because European Underworld won't rely on your power. If we don't get to find out about what we are dealing with, it will be Xiao Lan's loss too."

Carlo grabbed Mu Liang by his collar and pulled him closer. "Now, you are showing your true self, aren't you?" His eyes were on fire from anger.

Knowing that The Cobra's weakness was Mu Lan, Mu Liang threatened them by putting her in the middle of them.

"You gave me no other choice." Mu Liang didn't give in.

Al scratched his head. He thought, 'No wonder the Mu boy is called the devil. He has all sorts of tricks up his sleeves. As long as he doesn't mean any harm to the kid, I guess it's fine.'

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