While they were walking down the corridor, Mu Feng suddenly remembered something. "By the way, Ying told me that you left sister Lan Lan alone with a man. You didn't say anything about that when I mentioned it earlier. How come you, a 'jar of vinegar', suddenly became so generous? I'm awfully curious."

Mu Liang casually said, "Why don't we get grandmother first and then talk about it? I was informed that she was with grandfather the entire time."

However, Mu Feng couldn't let it go. How could he? It was a completely different attitude coming from Mu Liang. If he didn't know his big brother so well, he would think that it was Mu Liang's imposter.

He kept thinking, 'This is really odd. Just this morning he let me take care of mother and ran after sister Lan Lan, and now he let her stay alone in a room with an unknown man… Could it be one of The Cobra members who took care of her and that's why big brother was forced to leave them alone? I should check… this is a lifetime opportunity. Moreover, big brother can take care of grandmother.'

"Second thought, I need to use the washroom. You go on without me. I'll catch up." Mu Feng turned around and left in a hurry.

Mu Liang sighed. 'Did he really think I cannot see through his act after all these years? I do want to tell him about The Cobra and want to share my thoughts, however, I cannot keep my legs in both boats. It will be good if he finds out by himself. I won't be guilty and Lan won't be blamed. It will be The Cobra's fault for being so open. Maybe it will keep them stay away from her. It's win-win situation for me.'

He went to grandfather Mu Cheng's chamber. One of the female bodyguards was standing beside the door.

"Is Madam Mu Lin inside?" Mu Liang inquired.

The female bodyguard replied, "Yes boss, along with Master Mu. They are having tea." After answering she opened the door for him.

Mu Liang entered the room. However, he wasn't prepared to see the situation inside the room.


Mu Feng opened the door to Mu Liang's chamber without knocking on the door. He carefully looked around. 'Strange, the psychiatrist isn't here. Could it be he is in the bedroom with sister Lan Lan?' He gasped at his own imagination. Imagining his future sister-in-law with another man in his big brother's bedroom gave him nausea.

He barged into the room to see a gorgeous man with long silver hair, wearing a violet shirt and white pants sitting on the chair right beside the bed and enjoying tea. He looked divine.

Mu Feng never saw such an elegant man before. He almost forgot why he came here. He coughed and sternly asked, "Who are you? How can you barge into someone else's bedroom?"

The man with long silver hair didn't seem to be affected by Mu Feng's threatening tone. He put down his empty tea cup and glanced at the intruder though his long eyelashes.

Mu Feng's heart skipped a bit. In his mind, he touched his chest and tried to control his beating heart. It was beating irregularly fast.

'What's happening to me? How did I end up like Chen? I can't possible fall for this guy.' He thought horrifyingly. He didn't dare to admit that he was reacting excessively after seeing such handsome man.

The man sitting on the chair spoke, "You are the second Mu boy, aren't you? Tell your brother that she has a fever. I already sent someone to notify the right person, but I guess they are over excited at this moment." His tone was as calm as water. It was very soothing.

"Sister-in-law has a fever!" At last, Mu Feng forced himself to glance at the sickly girl on the bed. There was a soaked towel over her forehead and a bowl of water on the bedside table. He walked forward and touched her soft hand. It was burning like hellfire.

The man added, "It's nearly 40 degree Celsius. I gave her medicine but the temperature isn't reducing. I'm getting worried."

Noticing her temperature rising, he painstakingly cooked porridge and mixed medicine in it knowing that Mu Lan hated taking medicine. Then he woke her up and fed her a spoonful at a time. She subconsciously ate it all before falling asleep again.

"I'll call the doctor." Mu Feng instantly took out his cell phone. Before he dialed the number to Doctor Lu, he suddenly realized that he didn't get any information from this guy after asking his question. He asked, "Who are you again? Why are you here? Please leave this room. I will have a maid take care of my sister-in-law."

The man smiled mysteriously. "Don't worry about my identity. You won't remember me anyway. About the maid, are you sure they are trustworthy? One of them could be a hidden killer."

"Huh? What are you talking about?..." Mu Feng wasn't able to finish his remaining questions he had; before someone called him. It was Mu Liang. He answered the call. "Big brother?"

Mu Liang's tone was graver than before. "Come here. Grandmother is dead."

Mu Feng didn't expect this. "What?! Was she killed?"

Mu Liang responded, "No, it's suicide."

"…No way… then grandmother is really…" Mu Feng didn't know what to say. He was thinking that if she committed suicide than she must have been the killer, however, how vicious could she be to kill a person. More importantly, how could she kill professionally when she hasn't had any training.

Thinking through all the scenarios, he concluded that his grandmother was killed but the killer made it seems as though she committed suicide.

However, he had to make sure and see it with his very own eyes.

Mu Feng said, "I'm coming right away." He hung up and ran out of the room.

Osiris sulked. "Why is everyone more worried about a dead woman than my precious baby? No one loves her anymore. I should just take her away."

He took the wet towel from Mu Lan's forehead and soaked it in the cool water before twisting out the remaining water and put it back on her forehead.

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