Hua Mei could forget about what her rival said, after being kicked, her body flew away and fell on the ground with a large thud sound. She fell directly in front of Carl's legs.

Her body jerked in pain. If the achiness on her face where she was kicked wasn't enough, the soreness on her buttocks would be just right. Her brain stopped working because of the throbbing all over her body. She didn't know whether she should touch her face of her buttocks. In the end, she touched her face. She felt something warm and liquid on her hands and lips. She glanced at her hands and looked at it in horror.

It was blood.

She was so scared that she forgot her pain and touched her nose.

It was broken.

"Aaahhhh!" A shrilling cry came out of her deep inside. Many young men and women gave their attention towards her.

They gasped and some people screamed seeing her bloody face.

The whole incident happened so quickly that Li Shen didn't have the time react. He had yet to recover from his shock he got from Mu Lan. Seeing his wife on the floor with a bloody face, sitting and screaming, his bone became cold. Chilling ran down his spine. He didn't know this Xiao Lan. He was standing in his track without moving an inch. He was stupefied.

Mu Liang said, "I'm sorry for what my wife had caused you. But you should keep your wife properly, or she might lay her hands on the fire. If you want I can compensate you with medical expenses."

His words were like venom. However, it didn't touch Li Shen. He wasn't in this world anymore. He went to a different dimension; well, that's what he thought. Because, the woman he thought that she loved him and had feelings for him were no longer here. Because the girl she knew would never do such thing. She not only hurt him with her words but also physically struck her sister.

Li Shen dryly replied, "No need."

While Mu Liang took Mu Lan out of the night club, Li Shen took out his cell phone and called for emergency. Soon, the police and ambulance came. The police asked him several questions and the doctor and nurses took Hua Mei in the ambulance. At that time, Hua Mei lost conscious losing too much blood.

Li Shen stated that it was an accident. He said that his wife was dancing wildly and was knocked out by someone in the dark. There wasn't anyone to blame. Since there was no surveillance camera in that area the police could only relay on his statement. Since the husband gave the statement, the police didn't inquire further.

After they left, The Cobra also finished drinking.

Liam commented, "That was a nice show." In the next second his eyes became dreamy. "My angel is superb. To kick like that after being drunk, it must be my gene."

Carlo snapped. "How can that be your gene? You are not her biological father."

"So, what? She still called me daddy." Liam grinned in satisfaction.

Carlo's face darkened instantly.

Mark came between them. "Now, now, you cannot fight here for affection. We have to go home and rest. Come on." He stood up and pulled Al along with him. He was also slightly jealous of Liam, but he didn't let it show.

Al also said, "We have to wait for tomorrow's good news. Get up." He pulled Carlo up.

The four of them left the night club as well.

While walking, Mark said, "This Mu boy is really a piece of art. He has venom in his mouth."

Al agreed. "Yes, he can make people get mad easily. I wonder what is the Li monster thinking now."

Carlo opened his mouth. "He has yet to digest what he encountered tonight."

"And I hate that bi*chy woman. How did my angel stand her up until now? I can guarantee that this bi*chy woman is just like her mother. She caused my angel all the hardship." Liam said. As his anger grew, his body temperature also rose.

Mark who was beside him moved away from him due to the heat he was emitting.

"Now that the enemy knows the kid's identity, things will get rough." Carlo commented thoughtfully.

"And exciting." Mark added.


Meanwhile, the Mu Couple went back to the castle. Mu Lan wasn't feeling well after drinking too much. As soon as the reached, she got out of the car and was about to run, but she stumbled in the stairs.

Mu Liang caught her from behind and said, "Easy, darling. Why are you in hurry?"

Mu Lan opened her mouth and she could barely say, "Washroom."

Mu Liang carried her once again and quickly took her to his chamber. Mu Lan was already covering her mouth. She was taken to the washroom.

The moment he let her go, she puked everything what was inside her. Mu Liang patted her back slowly as she kept vomiting everything. When she was done, she lost all her energy.

Mu Liang washed her properly before tugging her under the comforter. "Stay here, I will make you something."

"Hmm…" Mu Lan only nodded.

Mu Liang cook a simple hangover soup and mixed the medicine that was given by Carlo. Then, he put tomato chili sauce to cover the odd smell.

Mu Lan was tired but she still drank a bowl of soup. Since she wasn't paying attention, she didn't notice the odd smell.

When Mu Liang came to the bed, Mu Lan snuggled close to him. "My hubby is the best."

Mu Liang raised an eyebrow. "Now you know?"

Mu Lan sighed. "Honestly, I cannot even imagine who I fell for a guy like that? It's completely a waste of time."

Mu Liang kissed her forehead. "Good thing that you understand. Do you have headache?"

Mu Lan shook her head.

'So the medicine worked.' Mu Liang sighed. "Honestly, why did you take mother to visit such place? She must have been nervous."

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