Mu Liang curtly replied, "Mr. Li, have an appointment to meet me. I have to go home with my wife."

"…Wife?" Li Shen thought that it was a nightmare. How could she fall for anyone let alone marry when she was deeply connected to him?

"That's not possible." He stubbornly said. He clenched his fists to tightly that his nails dug in his palms and cut through the skin.

Mu Liang frowned. His look was clearly saying 'What do you mean by her being my wife isn't possible? Only she has the absolute right to be mine.'

Mu Lan also heard him. She frowned as she glanced at Li Shen and gave him sympathetic look. Since she had no recollection of her feeling for him, she felt indifferent. She kept silent, letting Mu Liang have fun with the man who hurt her the most.

Mu Liang coldly interrupted Li Shen's stupidity. "Mr. Li, I don't have time for you now. I have to go home. Move away." His tone was threatening.

Li Shen pretended not to hear it. His eyes darkened as he said, "You cannot take her with you."

"Pardon?" Mu Liang asked in mockery.

Had he become insane after getting so much blow? He couldn't see anyone but his Xiao Lan in eyes at this moment. The only thing in his mind was how to obtain her. He wasn't thinking anything else.

Li Shen firmly said, "She will go with me."

If looks could kills, Mu Liang eyes were throwing daggers at his rival. "And who are you to decide that? Who are you to her?"

"She belongs to me." Li Shen was headstrong about the fact that his Xiao Lan could ever love him only.

Hua Mei already came forward and stood beside her husband. Her expression was already ugly as her husband was fighting over that sl*t against a handsome man. Upon hearing what he said, she was stunned before clutching his sleeve and asked, "Darling, w-what are you saying?"

However, Li Shen ignored his wife.

Mu Liang didn't bother to gaze at the sl*tty woman either. They heard him saying, "I cannot understand how my wife belongs to you."

"The man she loves is me." It was almost a laughing matter that he still believed that.

"Darling!" Hua Mei exclaimed. She couldn't believe her own ears.

Mu Liang's right side of the lips stretched upward as she said, "How strange! Every night, she says that she loves me."

Li Shen's ears burnt in humiliation as if his woman was violated by someone. His whole body became frosty. He never had touched her hands and yet this outsider laid his hands on her pure body. He began thinking how many times they might have done that. What types of faces she made. How loud she screamed. How passionately she called this outsider's name.

His imagination became dirtier and he lost all reasonings. Marriage, wife, sex… what was legal, what was illegal, nothing worked on him anymore. His dark eyes turned red in anger. Droplets of blood fell from his clenched fists. He hated the person right in front of him to the core of his bone. He seething said, "Mr. Mu-"

"President Mu." His rival corrected him.

Li Shen gritted his teeth and said, "President Mu, I don't want to create any trouble. Hand her over and I will leave quietly."

Mu Liang raised an eyebrow. He realized before that his rival wasn't thinking properly or acting logically. No one could make him understand anything in the situation he was in right now. Thus, he only tried to disgrace his love rival. "If you are looking for a mental hospital, I can help you with that."

Li Shen moved a step forward. "Give Xiao Lan back to me."

Mu Liang pointed out Li Shen's wife. "I see you came with your wife. If one woman isn't enough for you, look for high professional prostitutes."

His every sentence was a sharp knife to Li Shen attacking him his already bleeding heart.

Li Shen's eyes landed on the girl in the man's arms who had put her head on his (Mu Liang) crook of the neck and closed her eyes. She didn't care what he (Li Shen) had to say. She left everything to Mu Liang's care as she trusted him this much; and that hurt him even more. "She is mine."

Something dangerous glinted in Mu Liang's eyes. "Those who said that before had met terrible accidents and died in the cruelest way."

Li Shen wanted to laugh. "Are you threating me?" His tone was challenging. He knew for sure that the moment he would reach out his hand, his Xiao Lan would forget everything and jumped onto his embrace. Then, she would say, "This time I will forgive you."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I'm just stating the fact." What Mu Liang said was definitely true. All those who chased after her and tried to possess her faced horrible death.

"You have no right to take what is mine." Li Shen going on a circle.

Even Mu Liang got bored. He wanted to end this conversation right now. He was worried about Mu Lan; with liquor in her system, she could do something dangerous. He glanced at the obedient girl before throwing daggers at Li Shen. "You took my words. We are legally together. You are forcing to take her away. Are you always into someone else's woman?"

"She only loves me. So, what I'm doing in not illegal." Li Shen was overly confident about this one. He was also proud to say that. He glanced at the silent man in the arm with heated gaze.

Hua Mei gritted her teeth. Her face looked ferocious. Something cruel and hateful came into her mind.

Mu Liang was still calm even though the man in front of him was getting on his nerve. "And what makes you think that? Have you ever asked her?"

Li Shen's chest risen as he answered, "She confessed to me. I'm her first love."

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