He looked more dangerous as he heard what his wife had said. He said, "Xiao Lan, do you really have to be that dirty to get my attention that you will be with any kind of men? Are you that desperate to get my attention?"

Upon hearing that, The Cobra daddies' heads burst in anger.

Carlo could tell that others were going to make a massacre, and this rude first young master was about to explode in rage; he knew that he had to do something before anything like that could happen. There were many innocent people in this room and The Cobra's identity couldn't be revealed.

He opened his mouth to say something, however, someone was more annoyed than others.

Mu Lan glanced at the rude guy and gave him an offended look. "Who the hell are you? Don't disturb me. Get out!"

Hua Mei covered her mouth as she was surprised. But she also concealed her happiness. 'So, this sl*t lost her memory. It looks like God is in my side.'

Her husband's expression darkened upon hearing Mu Lan's question. Now he was ready to claim her, and now she was saying that she didn't know him. Moreover, she told him not to disturb her and to get out. What could be more unbearable agony than this?

He growled and said, "Xiao Lan, don't test my patient. Are you that disgusting to be with so many men?"

No one knew about him but Mu Lan lost her patience. The cocktail glass of her on the table began to fly. It went up to one centimeter without the uninvited guests' notice when Liam caught the glass and drank the cocktail. He was sweating. If those two were to see the flying glass, who knew what would they do.

Mu Lan gave Liam a pout. She wanted to pour the glass of cocktail on that man's head. He ruined her happy mode.

Liam helplessly rubbed her head and lightly signaled her not to do anything reckless, he was going to beat the hell out of that crude guy.

Al was still chewing the meat in his mouth. Mark drank and tried his best to control his emotion. Carlo was holding a glass of beer in his hand. There was already a crack in the glass.

The first young master of the Li Family so that a guy in tattoo rubbed her head. His aura became dark. Blinding by anger, he tired to grab her hand.

Mu Lan was sitting in the middle while in her right side were Mark and Al and her left side were Liam and Carlo.

When Hua Mei's husband tried to touch her, his hand was grabbed by Al. He was really really patient up until now, but he couldn't take it any longer. His eyes were looking directly at the insolent guy.

Little did the 'insolent guy' realized that who he was messing up with. He ordered Al, "Let go. I will take her back."

If Al wanted he could break this guy's hand. But Carlo already forbade him not to do anything through telepathy. So, he only said, "Why don't you try take her from us?" He threw a challenge.

As the challenge was threw at him, Hua Mei grabbed his hand. "Darling, they look her Xiao Lan's sugar daddies. Don't you remember she was chased by the gangsters? We are tourists in here. There is no way we can be safe in their territory. We will be in danger again because of her. Let's get out of this place."

As his wife reminded him about that fateful night, his heart was in pain. He couldn't forget the painful and yet blessing face of Hua Lan, the girl who took the bullets and sacrificed herself to save him and his family. That much she loved him.

And now…

He moved his hand away from Al's grasp. He gazed at the four men with deadly look.

The four men didn't give a damn to this uninvited people. To them, he was nothing but an ant; they could crash him with their single finger.

Mu Lan's mood wasn't good and she sobered up a little. Seeing the man standing stubbornly and the woman beside him, she instantly recognized them. Her lips lifted up to the right corner and something flashed in her black, transparent eyes.

She suddenly moved to Liam's lap to his surprise and encircled her arms around him. Liam was dumbfounded as he hugged her. Mu Lan was used to sit on his lap since she was young, so their interaction was spontaneous and relaxed. None of them looked uncomfortable.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Their movements were so natural that it made Hua Mei's husband face twisted. He was overpowered with jealousy that the aura around him became frosty.

Mu Lan smirked meaningfully, seeing him like that she kissed Liam's cheek.

Carlo lowered his head and gave a sigh. He knew that this mischievous kid of his trying to provoke the person who ruined her happy moment.

Mark and Al controlled their laughter while Liam couldn't get why she was behaving like that.

Mu Lan sweetly said, "Daddy, give Lan Lan a kiss."

"Pfft!" Al spurted his drink.

Mark almost laughed out loudly.

On the other hand, Liam was brimming in happiness. After so long, he got to hear her calling him 'daddy'. She never called any one of them 'daddy' and called them by their names. He was the first one who was ever called 'daddy'.

Carlo narrowed his eyes. He was slightly jealous.


Volcano erupted from Hua Mei's husband. The crazy possessiveness that he kept deep inside his heart began to show up. His face was red and distorted in fury and jealousy. He had to see that the girl, who loved him once to give her life for him, was kissing a gangster. If that tattoo guy dared to kiss her, he would cut that man's lips.

Carlo snickered reading his mind. 'As if he can.'

Three incidents happened at the same time.

Liam leaned to kiss Mu Lan's cheek, Hua Mei's husband was reaching his hand to move Liam's face away from her; and a person entered the room and moved towards them and asked, "What is going on here?"

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