While they were drinking, Mu Lan's phone rang. She was absentminded. She didn't notice her phone ringing.

Mark was close to her. He took out her cell phone from her purse. Seeing the name displayed on the screen, he answered the call and put it on her ear.

She felt the cold object and said, "Helloooo…"

Hearing her cute voice, in the other side of the phone Mu Liang halted before calling out her name in confusion, "…Lan?"

Recognizing the voice, Mu Lan's sleepiness was gone. She happy called out. "Liang Liang!"

'…She is drunk.' Her childish tone and the background music made him realize where she was. However, he didn't which one. He got the news that Mu Lan's bodyguard left their position because they were told by her that Jing Sheng's bodyguards would watch over her and her future mother-in-law. Mu Liang got the same news from Jing Sheng's bodyguards that she dismissed them saying her bodyguards would guard her and her mother-in-law.

Mu Liang sighed as he discovered how his wifey made a fool out of her and Jing Sheng's bodyguards. Now he called her as he was worried. Now knowing that she was drunk, he became alerted. He already got up from his seat and asked her, "Where are you?"

Mu Lan wasn't in the state to answer his question. She said cheerfully, "Liang Liang, I miss you!"

How would say that they missed someone in a cheerful tone?

Mark said from her side, "Hey, don't drink anymore. You will puke."

Hearing his voice, Mu Liang instantly calmed down. Knowing that her guardian was beside her, he didn't have to worry about her facing any danger.

Mu Lan turned towards Mark and showed him her cell phone, "Look, it's Liang Liang!"

"I know. I know. Stop drinking now." Mark seemed tired.

Mu Lan didn't listen and took another glass. She even forgot about Mu Liang who was on the line. Her cell phone slipped from her hand and Mark caught it. He saw that Mu Liang didn't cut the connection.

He said, "We will take care of her." He didn't show any animosity towards his future son-in-law.

Mu Liang replied, "Alright. How's my mother?" He knew that his mother was never used to get drunk.

"She was drunk and we personally sent her off to her apartment." Mark didn't lie. Noel did send her home personally.

"Thank you." Mu Liang didn't forget his curtesy and hung up.

Mark put the cell phone back to her purse. Mu Lan gave him a cheeky grin.

At that moment, there was a crash sound of a glass. The sound was covered by the music but The Cobra heard it clearly. All of them looked at the source of the sound.

The glass of red wine shattered on the tiles. Behind it, a girl was standing wearing a revealing red cocktail dress with sultry makeup. Her hair was loose, her mouth was open and her eyes were wider than the flying saucer. She was looking at their direction in horror. She looked like she was going to scream after watching a ghost.

Just looking a glance, The Cobra immediately knew who she was and why she was acting like that.

She was none other than Hua Mei.

What a surprise!

Her eyes were on Mu Lan who was grinning like a child and drinking her favorite strawberry cocktail.

It was unexpected. They knew that she was here in Italy when Mark saw her in the flower shop. However, they never thought that she would come here. They let their guard down.

This girl was so shocked that she couldn't even utter a single sound, let alone scream. She was accompanied by a man. That man came forward seeing the glass fell from her. He asked, "Can't you touch a glass properly?" His tone was neither rude nor polite. He was irritated.

However, the girl beside him dumbly looked across without replying.

Not knowing what made her so occupied, he looked at the direction where she was looking. He froze on the spot seeing the drunk girl. Not only she was drunk, she was around some handsome males. His eyes constricted dangerously. A gash of cold wind blew inside the night club.

"Oh, scary!" Liam mocked.

Hua Mei got her voice back. She said in a shaky voice, "Darling, it cannot be Xiao Lan, right?"

Though she was speaking in a fearful tone, she cursed Mu Lan in her heart. 'This sl*t, why doesn't she die and give me peace?'

Carlo read her mind and his eyes scarily straitened.

The one who was called 'darling', pressed his thin lips together. He disregarded his wife's words and moved forward with long strides. He stood in front of the table where Mu Lan was. "Xiao Lan, how dare you to seat with some vile men? Come with me this instant!" His tone was sharp and vicious.

The Cobra narrowed their eyes.

What did he just say? Vile man?

'Who the hell is he to order out precious daughter?' They thought.

Still they kept a low profile not to make any scene. But they knew that this would turn into a chaos if they interfered.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Mu Lan who was being ordered had no clue about it. She was still playing with her colorful glass. There were some extra strawberries that Liam ordered for her with a small bowl of chocolate scream. She dipped the strawberries in the chocolate cream and put it on her mouth with deep satisfaction.

"Xiao Lan!" The man's tone became sharper and cut through the music

The people around them began to look at this table.

Hua Mei got some courage and came forward. Her body brushed against her husband seductively and said, "Is this really Xiao Lan? But if she is alive, why didn't she come to find us? Could it be she wanted to stay with all these men without coming to us? Xiao Lan, you sure are enjoying yourself."

Certainly, she was enjoying herself while eating and drinking, but the way her cousin said the sentence could make others misunderstand the whole situation, especially her husband, the first young master of the Li Family.

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