Noel asked softly, and yet hoarsely, "Miss Jing, are you alright?" His heart was pounding and yet he was concerned about her.

Jing Sheng could barely open her eyes. After she saw him, she knew that she was safe. So, she let her guard down. "Hmm, take me home… oh wait… Xiao Lan…"

"She is fine. You don't have to worry about her." Noel reassured her.

She forced herself to open her eyes. "H-how can that be….? She is there all alone… what if that guy…"

Noel patiently coaxed her. "Others are looking after her. No need to panic. I'll take you home."

Jing Sheng giggled and sang, "Home sweet home…"

Looking down at her, Noel's heart rippled. He surpassed his emotion, opened the door of his car and pushed her to the passenger seat. Then, he sat of the driver seat and took a deep breath. He turned his head to see the woman who was singing incoherently. He slowly moved forward and took the seat belt from her side and buckled it. After that he buckled his seatbelt and drove off.

Inside the bar, Mu Lan came out of the washroom right after Noel left the corridor with the drunk Jing Sheng. She glanced at the man in tattoo. She came towards him and sat down beside him.

"Noel's punch is better than I thought. Look at your swollen face." She commented.

The tattoo man grunted. "He practices martial arts. His hand was solid when he punched me."

Mu Lan nodded in agreement. "Of course, he was with Mu Family since his childhood. He took every chance to improve himself so that he could help his benefactors."

He grumpily said, "With a heart like that, he will find it hard to be with your future mother-in-law even though he loves her."

"Leave it to me." She said it as if she would use magic to make everything alright.

The man gazed at the little girl and said in a pained voice, "I suffered an injury to appease you, my angel."

Mu Lan said, "I will make your pain disappear in this instance." Saying that she planted a kiss on his injury.

That man hugged her and whispered, "I missed you, my angel."

"I missed you too, Liam." She smiled. Then she said, "Can you lower your temperature? It's hard to be near you in summer."

He shrugged. "What do you want me to do about it? Fire is my other name." He had the power to control fire. He steadily lowered his heat.

Mu Lan stood up and pulled him with all her might. "Let's go and join the others. I couldn't drink properly because of the mission I had to carry on. This mission of mine is very tricky. I cannot let my guard down."

Liam's lips twitched. He was in Russia to complete a very important job that included the government of Russia and USA. However, he had completed only half of his mission and called out by this little kid. He put down his half-finished mission and came to play with her. And here she was saying that her mission as tricky.

The father-daughter duo went back to table where Mark and Al were sitting. Mark and Al already changed their table and went to more private area. They were surprised to see their sworn brother.

Al couldn't help asking, "Liam, what are doing here?"

Mark asked, "Did you finish your assignment?" He was completely sober. He was pretended to be drunk in front of Noel.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Liam dotingly answered, "Nope, I just came to accompany my little angel." To him, his little angel meant his whole world.

Mark and Al sighed. Liam and Mu Lan sat down and ordered their drinks. Since she had her Cobra daddies to take care of her, she didn't hold back when she ordered.

"If you don't want to suffer from stomach ache, don't drink too much." An irritated voice came.

The four of them looked and Mu Lan exclaimed in happiness, "Carl!"

Carl sat down and ordered his drink. After that, he glanced at the cocktail Mu Lan was drinking. He took it despite her protest and smelt it. "Hmm, thirty percent alcohol… kid, are you planning on suffering in pain?"

Liam brushed off his complain, "Come on! She doesn't drink a lot. Once a while won't harm her."

"I wonder who said that he couldn't see her in pain." Carlo grunted.

When Mu Lan came out from Amazon after being friend with Carlo, she fell sick. That time, Liam was with her and lamented for not stopping her from bathing in rain.

Liam froze before looking at Mu Lan. "Angel, don't drink too much."

Mu Lan grudgingly threatened them, "You forbid me again, I will go and dance with some drunk men over there."

Mark, Al, Liam and Carl were speechless. The more she grew up, the more daring she became. They grunted and said no more. Feeing happy she began drinking.

The four men started drinking contest. They were still in clear head even after drinking more than ten glasses each one of them. They had high immune in alcohol. In their hide outs, they had alcohol and wine cellars where they put all the alcohol they made by themselves.

However, Mu Lan who couldn't control her system after drinking three glasses. Her head was muddled. She began singing, "Can you feel the love tonight…"

The Cobra daddies eyed her to see if she was going to make a havoc in her drunk state. Seeing that she was carefree and had no interest in anything except for the colorful glass in front of her, they relaxed at bit.

Carlo read her mind and chuckled, "She is happy to accomplish her first goal."

Liam rubbed her head affectionately and said, "My angel always does a good job. I know she will do her best in this one too."

While they were drinking, Mu Lan's phone rang. She was absentminded. She didn't notice her phone ringing.

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