While Noel was chided himself, they saw the ladies standing up and going to the dance floor. Seeing the men surrounded them, he nearly stood up from his chair.

That's when Mark said, "What's up with you? Where are you going?"

Noel stood froze on the seat, before sitting down. "I think I'm drunk."

Mark said, "What are you talking about? The night just began."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Mark and Al didn't have to worry about Mu Lan being molested by those filthy men. She would put a barrier around them with the air so that it could prevent others to enter their domain let alone touch them. Noel didn't know that. His forehead creased in worry.

As they were drinking, Noel noticed that none of the men were touching the ladies. He sighed in relief. However, he didn't lower his guard down.

Jing Sheng wasn't good at dancing. But she was drunk and was jumping and moving her hands and legs like a middle school student. She seemed very happy as none of the worries of the world concerned her at this very moment.

While looking at her Noel's eyes travelled around her body and gulped down the remaining vodka he was given. He seemed to be drunk. If he wasn't, would his mouth feel dry? He licked his lips, but they wouldn't moistened. His throat was dehydrated even though he was drinking.

Mark gave him another glass of vodka. He gulped it down and his throat burned. The fire inside him also ignited. His heart was beating furiously. He couldn't calm himself down.

Jing Sheng and Mu Lan became tired and went back to their seats. Both of their faces were flushed. They were feeling warm. After taking some rest, they drank ice water to cool their head.

"I'm going to the washroom." Mu Lan stood up. Her steps were out of balance.

"Hold on, I will go with you." Jing Sheng couldn't leave her future daughter-in-law alone in a place like this.

They went to the female washroom. Mu Lan went inside and Jing Sheng stood in front of the mirror. She kept looking at herself in daze. At that time, a couple came inside the female washroom area and they were kissing and hugging. They were so into themselves that they didn't notice the third party; maybe if they had seen the middle aged woman, they wouldn't have cared.

Jing Sheng who had a traditional heart, couldn't stand these shameless beings and left the washroom. She stood by the side and waited for Mu Lan to come out.

At that time, a handsome man was walking in the long corridor where the washrooms and restrooms were. He had a different aura than other men. His aura was quite opposite of other people Jing Sheng ever met. He carried an amazing heat in his body.

The man came forward as he saw Jing Sheng alone in the corridor. "Why is a little birdie like you alone? You look so pitiful. Come with me. This big brother will give you some time." His tone was playful.

The moment Jing Sheng saw him, she disliked him. His hands were full of tattoos and he looked like he was a terrorist. She was scared. She was hoping to get away from here with Mu Lan, and again she thought that it was good that Mu Lan wasn't with her or this guy would take the young girl away.

She avoided that man and moved aside. Her face became slightly pale.

The man saw her avoiding her. Amusement flickered in his eyes. "You know, you are the first bird that didn't talk to me with a smile. Why looking away, darling? Will you see this kind of handsome again?"

Seeing her not talking, he slowly approached her and grabbed her hand abruptly.

"Let go of my hand!" Jing Sheng snapped at him while glaring. She was scared of him it was so easy to understand; but she definitely didn't like his touch, it was also vivid. Moreover, the alcohol in her stomach was working. It gave her the courage to retail. If she didn't have alcohol in her system then, she couldn't dare to do that. She was still muddle headed.

"My, my, little birdie is so cute. Your lips are so kissable." While she tried to moved away, he pushed her to the wall, cornered her and leaned down to kiss her lips.

Jing Sheng was so terrified that she trembled and couldn't utter a single word.


The moment his lips were going to touch hers, a punch flew towards him and was placed at his right cheek. The heavy punch came out of nowhere and the tattoo guy fell down on the floor. He groaned in pain and his face distorted.

Noel had a vicious look on his face. He moved Jing Sheng away from the corridor while hugging her shoulder. Jing Sheng was scared at first and then relaxed to see who saved her. Her head was still dizzy and everything around her was getting weirder. That's why she didn't notice the intimacy they were having.

Noel walked towards the table he was in. He told Mark and Al, "I'm taking Miss Jing to her apartment. Please let first young mistress know this matter. And I think it will be better to notify first young master."

"Alright." Altan Yul replied.

Mark reassured, "No problem."

Noel took Jing Sheng away. He was annoyed that a guy was trying to attack her and also puzzled not to see the bodyguards those were assigned for her. If he didn't feel restless while she had gone to washroom and didn't go to look for her, he didn't know what would happen. Thinking that his grip became tighter.

"Hurts!" Jing Sheng frowned and complained.

Noel immediately loosened his grip. Seeing her so vulnerable, in the middle if the night, in the drunk state, his heart was on fire.

He asked softly, and yet hoarsely, "Miss Jing, are you alright?"

Jing Sheng could barely open her eyes. After she saw him, she knew that she was safe. So, she let her guard down. "Hmm, take me home…"

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