After buying a few sets of clothes, future mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo went to beauty parlor. Soon, they changed their appearance.

Jing Sheng couldn't believe that it was her when she saw the mirror. She was wearing a violet cocktail dress and put on a smoky makeup. The eye bags and the dark lines around, eyes, nose and lips were gone after the skin treatment every week; and now with the makeup, she looked more voluptuous.

She was so embarrassed and at the same time so excited that she couldn't look into other people's eyes. "Xiao Lan, I think the beautician overdid it."

Mu Lan was wearing a green cocktail dress. Her dress was showing her collar bones and her slender back. It was tight enough to show all her curves.

She came forward and hugged her mother-in-law from behind. Since she was taller than the middle aged lady, her chin landed on Jing Sheng's head.

She said, "If you think that he overdid you while making you beautiful, you should look at me and notice that even with a fiancé my makeup is sexier."

After that, she tugged Jing Sheng's hand and said, "Let's go."

To be so pure in heart, even reaching the bar, Jing Sheng didn't know where she came. She asked, "Is there some kind of party going in there? Is it alright for me to be here?"

Mu Lan controlled her laughter. She gave the innocent woman a sweet smile and replied with a question, "Why not? I think this is the best place to celebrate one's bachelorhood and youth."

Even with the hint, Jing Sheng didn't understand. She realized where she came after the door was opened for her and Mu Lan entered inside with her.

Realizing where she was, Jing Sheng froze on the spot. She digested where she ended up with her future daughter-in-law, she turned around and was about to leave.

Mu Lan grabbed Jing Sheng's hand quickly. "Wait a minute, we just came here. How can you leave right away?"

Jing Sheng shook her head. "I don't like this place."

"We will just drink. No one will bother us." Mu Lan's eyes glinted under the dazzling lights.

"Are you sure?" Jing Sheng's eyes darted around nervously.

"Of course. Who would dare to offend the future wife of the President of Mu Corporation?" Mu Lan showed a proud look.

Hearing her twisted logic, Jing Sheng was a little relaxed but she was still worried, "But if the paparazzi…"

Mu Lan replied in a light tone, "Your son will handle it."

Jing Sheng was startled, "H-he knows?" She dared not to think what his son was thinking about his mother now.

"I don't do anything behind his back and he agreed. He told me to have some fun with you." Mu Lan lied swiftly.

Both of them, sat in the corner. They occupied one table for themselves. Many men were looking at them with desire in their eyes and the women were looking at them enviously.

It didn't bother Mu Lan, but Jing Sheng couldn't feel comfortable feeling the gazes coming around her.

Mu Lan ordered two strawberry cocktails. She had a sweet tooth and always wanted to try sweeter things. The cocktails came and began to drink. One after another, they finished cocktails she ordered.

Jing Sheng who wasn't used to drinking alcohol, started to see double after one round. On the third round, she began to laugh without any reason. Her eyes were hazy and her smile was charming. It took many men's hearts away with wild imagination.

"It is… hic… so swee…..t… hic…" Jing Shen giggled like a teenager and patted Mu Lan's hand. "You did… hic… a great job… hic… bringing me here…"

"I know I did the right thing." Mu Lan who had no tolerance in alcohol beforehand ordered the bartender to give her less alcohol in the cocktail. As a result, she was still sober. She knew she couldn't handle it if she drank more than five glasses. Thus, she slowed down her pace.

At that time, three man entered into the night club. One was Sri Lankan, the second one was Mongolian and the third one was Italian. The three of them sat on the chairs across the two attractive ladies. They ordered cocktails with high percentage of alcohol.

After they got what they wanted, they talked about random things while drinking one glass after another,

"This is so good." One of them said.

"I didn't know you had such a high tolerance in alcohol, Mr. Yul." Said the man who was more collected than his two wild companions.

Altan Yul said, "In my young age, I was worked as a bartender in a night club to earn money for college study."

"Why did you study International Relationship if you wanted to become an assistant in the end?" The Italian man asked.

Altan Yul replied, "It wasn't my intention to become an assistant. When first young master ordered me to become first young mistress's assistant, I didn't whole heartedly take the job. But while working under her, I came to realize that being her assistant is quite amusing. Now I like my job."

His acting was superb. The other person couldn't notice anything.

The two were talking, when the other mate slurred while saying, "Hey, aren't they little missy and beautiful Miss Jing?"

Altan Yul and Noel abruptly stopped talking and turned their head where Mark Antonio was pointing. To their surprise, they saw the two ladies were having a good time while drinking.

Noel wasn't drunk yet. However, his eyes wandered around Jing Sheng as he observed how gorgeous and youthful her violet cocktail dress was hugging her curvy body. His eyes were burning.

"Beautiful Miss Jing is really attractive. Master Mu Jin doesn't know what he had lost." Mark commented in his drank sense.

His comment made Noel come to his senses. He shook his head to clear his head and sternly scolded himself in his heart. 'What are you thinking, you fool? She is a star which you can only admire but never touch. Don't think something that will never happen. You have no chance.'

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