Chapter 737: THE IP ADDRESS

"Alright, but if you feel tired, go back to sleep." He rubbed her head affectionately.

"Mmm." Mu Lan obediently nodded.

After that, Mu Liang went back to his chair and began working. Mu Lan opened her previous page and began working. A few moments later, she let the program look into the IP address and she looked into the medicine.

It didn't take time to find out the information about the medicine. It turned out to be an expensive medicine created by Lu Corporation. It was an herbal medicine that was for the patients who had gone through abuses and had nightmares. After taking the medicine the patient would calm down and their brain would be able to let them sleep without any discomfort. It helped the patient not to stay in depression. It had no side effect.

'As long as it is from Lu Corporation, there is no doubt that the medicine is top notch. No wonder mother-in-law is still in good shape even after suffering for so long. It means that Noel is giving her pills for a long time.' Mu Lan checked the price of the medicine.

'So costly! I wonder how long Noel is buying this medicine.' She recalled that the account book was in her study room which was now being used by Qi Ying.

She got up and went to Qi Ying's study room. She took the file where the account records of the servants were kept. She looked into it and saw that Noel spent one third of his income to buy the medicine.

'No wonder he is poorer than the other servants. He doesn't expand his money for himself, but all his money goes for mother-in-law's treatment.' Mu Lan was speechless.

She imagined Noel doing this every day. He took care of Jing Sheng, covered for her, without other's notice he sent her food, gave her encourage to live on, every night he checked on her, giving her medicine. Every night, he took great care of her without having any dirty thoughts. Even though she was so close, he knew that she was out of his reach. Still, it didn't stop him from caring for her.

It was platonic love; free from sexual desire but full of fondness and tenderness.

'Just how much a person can love someone else without uttering a single sound. Such quiet love does exist. It's unbelievable.' She didn't know why, her heart felt stuffy. She couldn't breathe properly.

She put down the file back where it was before and sat on the sofa. She covered her eyes which became moist and tears rolled down to her cheeks.

She took some time to calm down and left the study room. She slowly walked to Mu Liang's chamber and went to sleep. She wanted to take some rest.

While she was dreaming, she suddenly remembered that she was searching for the IP address. The moment she thought of that, she opened her eyes.

It was already morning. She looked at the wall clock and noticed that it was seven in the morning.

She tried to get out of the bed but discovered that a hand was wrapping around her tightly. She gently touched the hand and pulled it up a little. She got out of Mu Liang's embrace and went to the washroom.

After freshening up, she went straight to his study room. Her laptop went to the sleep mood a long time ago. She turned it on. She was excited to know who deleted the records.

When she looked at the result, her jaw dropped.

She cupped her head and thought, 'Okay, this is too much to handle.'


After breakfast, everyone became busy with themselves. Mu Lan went to Jing Sheng's chamber to help her to pack her luggage. She found Noel there as well. He was folding Jing Sheng's clothes.

Jing Sheng smiled at him and said, "Thank you, Noel. I couldn't do all these things in the short period of time if it weren't for you."

Noel politely smiled and replied, "You could do it because you are strong and smart, Miss Jing. It has nothing to do with me."

Public display of affection, first thing in the morning. Mu Lan felt that she was being tortured. Now she could understand what Mu Feng and Mu Chen felt around her and Mu Liang.

She rubbed her temples. 'Mother-in-law, how can you be so dense? If you don't step forward, it is impossible between you two, you know.'

Jing Sheng saw her and beamed. "Xiao Lan, you came to help me!"

Mu Lan gave her the brightest smile and said, "Of course, as long as you need this daughter, she will help you I the end of the earth."

"Oh, you and your lip service." Jing Sheng chuckled.

"Mother, it's the truth. Now tell me what I have to do." Mu Lan said.

"You come with me. We will buy some decorative items to decorate my new house." Jing Sheng was happy as she was able to be free finally.

Mu Lan nodded. "Let's go."

Jing Sheng turned to see Noel. "Noel, will be able to finish on your own. Why don't I call the maids to help you?"

Mu Lan scoffed in her heart. 'There is no way he will let others to touch your stuffs.'

To make her thinking true, Noel answered, "Miss Jing you don't have to worry about it. Before you come back, I will finish the task without any mistake."

Jing Sheng said before leaving, "Then I'm counting on you."

Mu Lan couldn't help but comment in her heart, 'You can count on him for the rest of your life, but now that you are leaving, I have to do something about your medicine.'

After going to the shopping mall, they bought lots of things. Since the mall was under Mu Feng, one of his assistants helped them with everything they need. Soon, they finished shopping and went to the new apartment she bought

In the thirty storied building, Jing Sheng's apartment was in the fifteenth floor.

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