That day, in the middle of the night, Mu Lan walking towards Mu Liang's study room. He was working till late night, so she cooked instant noodles by herself and was taking it to him.

She was walking soundlessly and at that time, she saw a shadow of a person, walking to another corridor. When the shadow turned to the next corridor, at that time, she noticed it. At first, she was thinking of ignoring it, but then, she changed her mind and followed the shadow.

When she realized that she still had the bowl in her hands, she used wind to flow it to the direction of Mu Liang's study room. Even if the security guards were to see it flying in the midair, they would think that they were hallucinating. When she headed back to the room, she would delete the scene. No harm would be down.

She hid herself from the surveillance cameras and peeped to the corridor.


Mu Lan was stunned. Though he lived in the first floor of the castle, in the middle of the night he had no reason to come to the third floor.

'Why is he here?' She pondered about it while tracing him.

Suddenly she realized that the end of the corridor was Jing Sheng's chamber.

She shook her head. 'No, no, I shouldn't think of anything or comment abruptly without knowing or seeing anything. That will be a stupid thing to do. Let's see what he does.'

Noel stopped in front of the door of Jing Sheng's chamber and turned the door knob. It opened and then, he entered the room.

'How does he know that there is no maid in the chamber? Could it be that he had done this often?' Mu Lan couldn't enter the chamber or she would be found out. So, she let the wind to take its course.

She closed her eyes and the wind tracked Noel inside the room.

He went straight to Jing Sheng's bedroom. The moment he opened the bedroom door, Mu Lan could hear someone groaning.

While closing her eyes to concentrate, she frowned. 'Mother-in-law is groaning…. Is it nightmare or something else?'

She attentively listened and watched. Jing Sheng was on the bed, tossing and turning. She was crying and her face was deathly pale.

"Please don't hurt me… I cannot make it anymore… I-I won't be disobedient anymore… I just want to see my children's face... Please let me see them…" She kept saying the same thing again and again while weeping.

Mu Lan clenched her fists. 'No wonder she wants to leave this place. She was tortured so much in the past that it became a trauma and she kept having nightmares. How long had she been suffering like this?'

At that time, she felt immense hatred towards Mu Lin. She wished she could kill her the most torturous way.

A sudden thought pooped in her mind. 'Could it be Liang Liang also knew about it so he instantly agreed to this proposal of his own mother leaving? If he knows then he may also know the fact the Noel goes to his mother's room at the middle of the night... But it seems to awkward to think that way… I think my mind is going to explode.'

Mu Lan saw Noel took out something from his pocket. It was a little bottle. He opened the lid and took out a small round tablet. After that, he hugged Jing Sheng's restless body and kept her moving to the minimum. He put the tablet on her mouth and covered her mouth. He sat there without moving till she swallowed the tablet.

Soon after swallowing the tablet, she stopped moving. Her cry died down and she continued to sleep peacefully.

Later, he stroked her head gently for a little bit longer and then covered her properly with the comforter and left the room soundlessly.

Mu Lan hid herself when Noel was walking in the corridor. Her eyes were in the pocket where he put the bottle of tablets.

The little bottle came out of his pocket and flew in front of her. She read the label and then the bottle went back in the place it was in without Noel's notice.

With heavy heart, she walked towards Mu Liang's study room. She opened the door and went inside. She sat on the sofa without looking at Mu Liang and opened her laptop. First, she had to removed the surveillance record and second, she was look into the medicine more.

To her surprise, someone already removed the surveillance record. She bit down her lower lip. 'Who is the one did that? It cannot be Noel. There is no way he would ask others to do that for him or mother-in-law's reputation would god own long ago and Liang Liang's grandma wouldn't let it go. I should check the IP address.'

As she thought that, someone saw beside her and pulled her towards him.

"What are you doing?" Mu Liang asked.

Mu Lan changed the screen before looking at him and gave a sweet smile. "Nothing at all. Did you finish the noodles I cooked?"

"I did. Though you spooked me with flying meal, I knew it was your doing." He kissed her cheek.

"Was it good?" She asked.

"The best I ever had." He didn't know why, when he tasted the bland noodles, he found it more delicious than the meals from five-star restaurants.

He pinched her cheek lightly and continued, "But don't cook when I'm not around. What would you do if you burnt your hands."

She cutely replied, "I just boiled water. It's not a hard task. How long will you work?"

He asked, "A little bit more. Do you want to go back to the room and sleep?"

"No, I will stay and accompany you. You won't mind, right?" She wasn't spending some time with him lately. So, she wanted to stay awake with him.

"Alright, but if you feel tired, go back to sleep." He rubbed her head affectionately.

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