Mu Lan already said that she would change her dress. So, she went to her room and within ten minutes she wore a white dress with cherry blossoms print, a pair of white pencil hills. A white hat with pink flowers and pink sunglasses. She took a white purse with golden chain and walked out of her room.

The sunlight came through the window and her diamond earrings glittered. She met Jing Sheng in the entrance.

Jing Sheng couldn't help but praise her future daughter-in-law, "Xiao Lan, you look beautiful."

She was wearing a peach colored summer dress with a hat and purse. When she was maltreated, she didn't have the ability to take care of her body and skin. Now that shew as free from everything, Noel instructed the maids to give her body massage, spa and skin as well as hair treatment every week. As a result, she looked more stunning than she was before marriage. She seemed younger than her age.

Mu Lan's eyes glinted. She smiled brightly and said back, "Mother is more gorgeous than I am. Now I know where Liang got his beauty."

Jing Sheng playfully hit her shoulder. "Honey mouth."

She was about to leave when Mu Lan said, "Wait mother, we have to wait for Noel."

Jing Sheng blinked. "Noel?" She was perplexed.

Mu Lan nodded. "Yes, he is coming with us. He wants to visit the flower shop, so he took a day off. I told him to tag along with us since I wish to visit the flower shop too. It won't be a problem, right mother?"

"Not really, But, I never saw him taking a day off…" Jing Sheng was confused.

"I'm pretty surprised too. Since he has to take care of the shop, let him do it. Afterall, he is doing it willingly." Mu Lan shrugged.

If Noel was to hear her say that, he would die spatting blood.

They didn't have to wait more than two minutes, Noel came after changing his uniform. He wore a grey white t-shirt, blue jeans and brown boots.

An Italian man, blonde hair shining in the sunlight, blue eyes were serious and steady, tall figure, broad chest, muscled body; it was breath taking.

If he didn't wear something he didn't usually wear, Mu Lan's jaw wouldn't drop. Moreover, his t-shirt was showing the curve… no no…. the outline of his body was as clear as water. While he was working for years, he took great care of his skin and body.

Most of the time, he looked boring as he wore uniform like an English butler, his hair would be brushed back, he would wear glasses to look like a senior and always put on a stern face; in front of his employers, his facial expression would be polite.

But now, he looked like an average man. His hair was flying in the wind as he walked, his grey t-shirt and blue jeans matched well with his fair complexion,

If Mu Lan wasn't used to around handsome men, she would have drooled to see this middle-aged handsome man.

What a joke!

Moreover, this guy's sharp eyes were looking straight at Jing Sheng. If he were to look at Mu Lan, she would have died in heart attack.

Jing Sheng was pleasantly surprised. "Noel, I never thought that I would have see you in normal clothing before I died."

Noel stopped right in front of her. "How can that be? If you told me that you wanted to see me like this, I would show it to you as much as you wanted."

'For real?!' Mu Lan felt that she was invisible. 'Wait a minute, why do I feel like that I'm the third wheel?'

They went inside the car and Mark asked, "Where to misses?" Since Mu Lan was in the going out, mark decided to take them out.

"To the Falcon." Jing Sheng said. Falcon was a well-known restaurant in the city Florence. She often went there to meet her clients.

"Alright." Mark started the engine and drove off.

Beside Mark was Noel and behind them were Mu Lan and Jing Sheng.

They took their time while having breakfast. Mark and Noel joined them as well. Since the gentlemen had their breakfast earlier, they only ordered tea. The four of them gossiped like high school students. After they came out of the restaurant, all four of them were refreshed.

After that, they went to the flower shop. Mu Lan never thought that the flower shop would be this big. It was a three storied building and three floors had different kind of arrangements. The underground was parking lot, the first floor was for random flower shop, the second floor was for bouquet and the third floor was for wedding, party order office and arrangement shop. There was also resting place and cafeteria for the employees.

It was an abandoned building that Mu Liang had bought when he was only eighteen. He bought it with his own earned money and made it a coffee shop. It was very popular because it was situated in the busiest place, until recently, he gave this building to his mother. He took the coffee shop to the opposite building after renovating it.

Noel arranged all the employees under Mu Lan's order back then. He also designed and decorated this place with Jing Sheng though he had lots of task in the Mu Household.

After reaching there, Noel began to check everything. He even asked the employees if there was any improvement needed.

Mu Lan sighed in her heart. 'Oh boy, and here I thought that I was going to observe how he acted before mother-in-law. Looks like sewing machine sews even in the heaven.'

Jing Sheng didn't have meetings today. After Qi Ying asked Noel to arrange an assistant for her by Mu Lan's suggestion, Noel personally chose a workaholic assistant. After having two assistants, Jing Sheng almost didn't have to work. But she still found a way to keep herself busy.

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