Mu Feng obediently let go of her thigh and sat on the sofa, "Anything you tell me I will listen. I won't ask for more."

Mu Lan said, "First, you were locating my father, right?"

"I was…. Could it be you found him?" He looked at her with hope.

She mysteriously answered, "I didn't. But I know where he is."

He asked almost immediately, "Where?

She replied, "In Cobra's care. He is in vegetated state."

"What?!" Mu Feng was baffled by the new information he got.

Mu Lan nodded. "Yes, and he is in vegetated state, somewhere locked up and I have the key. The legendary gold key you were curious about and I believe I kept it in China. But I don't remember where I put it. I need to go to China to regain my memory. I have to face that annoying guy from Li Family."

Mu Feng's eyes darted to his big brother who was didn't tell him anything during their meeting. Then he said to Mu Lan, "That's a lot of information to take."

"Not at all. There is still Hugo. He is really good at his job. He almost found something that he shouldn't know and The Cobra took him out of danger. This is something even I don't know. It's related to the dark and deep, with my father as well as The Cobra." She chewed her lower lip.

Mu Feng asked, "Is your father a member of The Cobra?"

She shook her head. "No. But he has something to do with them since he is completely unrelated to The Cobra and yet hew as treated one of them."

Mu Liang finally said, "We need to talk to Hugo about it." He dialed Hugo's number.

Mu Feng glanced at Mu Lan and asked curiously, "Alright. So, how many members are there in The Cobra?"

"Get lost!" There was no way she would tell him that.

Mu Feng thought that he was going to die. How could he be satisfied with small information.

It was more like he was given dried red chilies to eat and after that there was no water to drink.

After a while, Hugo came.

"Sit down." Mu Lan said.

Hugo sat on a far away chair as if he would be interrogated.

Mu Feng was the most impatient one. He ordered, "Tell us everything you did in China."

Hugo hung his head. He couldn't utter a single word.

Mu Lan's eyes darted on Mu Liang. He also met her gaze. Both of them were thinking if Mark paralyzed his mouth again.

Hugo finally said, "I don't remember anything." His tone was lower than mosquitoes' sing.

"Eh?" Mu Feng was dumbfounded. His reaction said that he was the one who was anticipating to know more than anyone else in this room.

"I cannot remember what happened after I went to China." Hugo sounded as if he failed in the examination and now he had to face his parents and elder brother. He felt so wronged. He already guessed that it had to be something to do with the people who gave him a natural roller coaster guide and threw him in the lake.

Mu Lan held her temples and told him, "You can go now."

"Carry out your duty." Mu Liang spoke. "And don't make the same mistake again." He didn't forget to warn him sternly.

"Yes, boss." Hugo stood up and left.

Mu Feng gave Mu Lan a blank expression. "Is it something to do with The Cobra?"

"I believe so. They don't want us, especially me to know what my father's past." Mu Lan said bitterly.

"Shall I send some men to look into it properly?" Mu Feng suggested.

"Sure, if you want them to die badly." Mu Liang said sarcastically.

He wasn't afraid of The Cobra because even knowing they were incredible none of them showed him their powers. He only heard, it wasn't enough to raise any fear. However, when he saw Mu Lan's red eyes, he was deadly scared. He wasn't scared like this for a long time. The last time it was scared of losing her and this time hew as scared of not knowing her.

Things were scary when it came to The Cobra. Their legendary power certainly had dark past which they didn't want others to know.

As for Professor Ryuren, how he was entangled with them, that was a mystery.

"Give me a moment." Mu Lan got up and went inside the bedroom. After that, she locked the door and sat on the bed. Then, she closed her eyes and called Carlo through telepathy.

Carlo responded immediately. "What's up kid?"

"It was you, wasn't it?" She asked.

Carlo shrugged. "I simply followed Juan's order. If you have anything to know, you can ask Juan. As long as he tells you everything, it won't be a problem, right?"

"…" There was no way she would ask Juan. She already knew his answer.

She still asked Carlo, "Why can't I know?"

"Because it doesn't concern you." Carlo's tone was soft and straightforward. There was no room for further discussion.

Mu Lan understood. But she stubbornly said, "I'm also a part of The Cobra."

She could feel that they were trying to protect her from something that was out of her league. But human mind was always into curious thing. And if that person was adventurous and loved to solve riddles, they would feel even more curious to know the fact was being hidden to them. It was more like an addiction. Once you tasted it, you would want to taste to more and more.

Carlo rubbed his forehead. "That you are. But, to live a comfortable and peaceful life, the less you know, the better."

Mu Lan took a deep breath and said, "It's not related to me but my father. As long as he tells me, it won't be a problem for you guys, am I right?"

"There is no problem at all." Carlo replied almost immediately.

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