Chapter 729: I WANT A REWARD

"What about mother? What if…" Mu Liang couldn't finish what he wanted to ask. Clearly, he didn't want his mother to face grandmother. It was already hard for Jing Sheng to live in this place after divorce.

Mu Lan assured him saying, "I arranged six maids for grandma. They will take care of her day and night. They won't let her away from their sights. They are very skilled. They were trained by brother Feng's disciple."

That meant those six maids were trained bodyguards acting as maids. Since they were trained by Mu Family, they would do their job accordingly without any problem.

If grandma Mu Lin had something in her heart, let alone hurting Jing Sheng, she could even forget about scheming against others. Her every move would be monitored. She wouldn't have the time to doing something bad in her dreams.

Mu Liang gave up. His wifey was a badass smart. "Who will be in charge?"

"Of course, Xiao Ying. I made sure of it." Mu Lan's eyes glinted. "Hubby, are you happy? Praise me."

"My wifey is the best." Mu Liang's lips carried a small yet sweet smile. "What about Yan Su?"

Mu Lan covered her cheeks. "Aiyo, my hubby always thinks of other people. One day he will be so busy about other things and he will definitely forget about me."

Mu Liang moved her hands away, pinched and stretched her cheeks.

"Oww!" Mu Lan's expression changed.

"I'm only doing this for Lu Feng. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't care." Mu Liang gave her a reasonable explanation.

Mu Lan was very obedient this time. "I know. I know. It hurts!"

Only then Mu Liang let her cheeks go. Now they turned red.

She said, "She agreed to keep the child and I also gave her hell of a scolding. Now she started to think about her future with doctor Feng. Also, Xiao Ying agreed to keep the child when Yan Su will go to Madagascar."

Mu Liang stroked her head. "Did you pretend to get mad?"

Mu Lan was startled at first and then became emotional. "Hubby, you still know me the best…. Sob…. Sob….."

If she didn't act like a terrifying teacher and scolded Yan Su, that idiot would stay dumb for the rest of her life and would hurt those who were around her.

Mu Liang kissed her forehead. "You did very well."

"Of course, I did. I want a reward. Now give me a passionate kiss." Mu Lan moved her face towards him and closed her eyes. She was ready to be kissed.

Only she would be shameless enough to ask for a passionate kiss like that.

Mu Liang chuckled gleefully and leaned forward. Their lips locked and the storm began.

The temperature of the room was about to rise, just then the door was opened with a loud bang.

"You two, you should stop being mushy mushy when you are around us. My eyes will suffer from eye cancer seeing you like this all the time." A voice said.

Mu Liang unhurriedly let Mu Lan go whose head was all fuzzy. She melted in his arms and gasped for oxygen. He covered her alluring face so that the third wheel couldn't see her and shot a dagger at the intruder.

Mu Feng scratched his head. He said, "Hey, don't get mad. I came here for an important matter."

Mu Lan regained her composure and she was super mad at him.

Why were there always people to interfere between a lovey dovey couple? Didn't they have works to do? How could they have free time?

She furiously glanced at Mu Feng. "Brother Feng, if it's not important, I swear I will kill you."

Mu Feng immediately sat on the floor right beside Mu Lan. He clasped his hands together and said in a pleading voice, "I heard from big brother that Hugo was brought by The Cobra. Dearest sister Lan Lan, only you can give me the permission to join the conversation when you two will ask Hugo questions. I also wish to know how The Cobra brought him to you. Please, please tell me."

He acted as if he was three years old kid, asking his mother for chocolates.

Mu Lan felt disgusted by his acting. She said in a disdain tone, "And this is the reason you became a light bulb*? Get out! I won't tell you anything?"

From Mu Feng's request, she was sure that Mu Liang didn't tell his own brother about the deep connection between Mu Lan and The Cobra. He only told his brother that she was raised by them but not she was part of them.

This time, Mu Feng grabbed her leg and hugged her thigh. She flinched and wanted to shake him off. But his grip was tighter.

"Please, please, sister Lan Lan… you are the best among the best. Your generosity will take you to the ninth heaven. Only if you let me know a little bit about The Cobra…" He was practically begging.

Mu Lan covered her face. "Bro, have some dignity. You are the King of the European Underworld."

"But in front of my big brother's wife I'm just a kid. I can wish for things and ask you to give them to me. It's my birth right." Mu Feng completely ignored the word 'dignity'.

Mu Lan's lips twitched as he pointed out their relationship like that.

It was an abuse of a relationship!

But still, the more he spoke like that, the more he looked like Siberian Husky.

Thinking of a bunch of Siberian Huskies, Mu Lan's heart softened. She said, "Alright. I will tell you, but only the news which they agreed to share it with you since it is related to me. Now let me go."

If she wanted, she could use her power to take care of her brother-in-law, however, the less people knew about her connection with The Cobra the better. More importantly, when Mu Feng would know about her power or her identity, it could change their relationship. She didn't even show her power to Mu Liang, how could she let her know about it?


*Light Bulb is a Chinese phrase which means Third Wheel

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