"And so, you wanted to kill your own child. Geez!" Qi Ying shook her head.

"I was hothead and decided wrongly. I'm sorry." Yan Su apologized.

Mu Lan scoffed. "Apologized to doctor Feng. Do you know how hard it is for someone to get unrequired love after so long and was told that their child was aborted because of lover's future? If it was you who wanted to be loved and doctor Feng would say that he wanted you to abort the child because he had no plan to have children now, how would you feel?"

"…He would never say something like that!" Yan Su protested.

Mu Lan stood up. She put her hands on her waist and said, "Of course not. He is gentler and more considerate than you are."

Qi Ying signed. "All right, you need to calm down, Xiao Lan. We both know that Yan Su is muddle headed." Saying that she chuckled. "Pfft! And you said you would let her choose her own future and you wouldn't interfere."

Mu Lan frowned. "Who said I interfered. She was the one who chose not to abort the child."

"But she still got scolded by you." Qi Ying was still smiling. "Well, I have a proposal about this child."

"Let's hear it." Yan Su was feeling wronged.

Qi Ying explained, "I was talking to Feng last night about it and he agreed. Your delivery will be right before the final examination. The exams will be ended in two months. After that you have to go to Madagascar. So, after giving birth you will have two to three months to stay with your child. When you go to Madagascar, you can leave your child in my care."

Yan Su blinked. "What? You will…?" She couldn't believe it.

"I can take care of a whole castle. Can't I take care of your child? Feng agreed since it will be a good opportunity to learn about kids. It will be a good experience for us. It will help in the future." Qi Ying told them.

Mu Lan spoke, "Ah, I was thinking the same thing though. But Liang Liang told me to let Yan Su and doctor Feng decide what they want."

She glanced at Yan Su. "It's good for you. What do you think?" Her tone was still hard when she talked to her.

Yan Su replied, "It's a good idea. But I will talk about it with Feng dear first."

She noticed that her two friends always talked to their boyfriends when they wanted to take any decision. She had never done that before. To her, it was something new.

Qi Ying smiled. "You are growing up."

Mu Lan spoke smugly, "It's because she got a good man like doctor Feng. If it was other man, he would ditch her for sure."

Yan Su gritted her teeth and took the glass of juice from her. "Give it to me. You are drinking all my juice."

"How petty! It's not that the lemon vanished from the earth." Mu Lan rebuked.

Qi Ying held her head. "There are plenty of lemon in the kitchen, Xiao Lan. I'll tell the maid to make you a jar of juice."

"Don't bother. It's tastier when you eat someone's else's food. That's all." Mu Lan lightly said.

That's true though. Someone else's thing is always more attractive.

Yan Su and Qi Ying were speechless.


Qi Ying and Mu Lan came out of Yan Su's room. They were walking in the corridor.

Qi Ying first spoke, "I heard that Hugo came this dawn. No one saw him entering the castle area and the surveillance cameras also recorded nothing. He just simply came out of nowhere."

Mu Lan couldn't tell her everything. Even though she was part of the Mu Family now, knowing her personality Mu Feng probably didn't share mush information about work.

Mu Lan couldn't also try to hide it as there was an opportunity that Qi Ying must have heard that Mu Liang and she was present when Hugo arrived. She turned towards Qi Ying and said, "Even if you ask me, that won't do. You have to ask Liang Liang about it. Maybe brother Feng knows about it too by now."

She deliberately mentioned Mu Liang knowing that Qi Ying was afraid of him.

If she directly said that Qi Ying didn't need to know or it was better if she didn't know then, it might turn out wrong. Because Qi Ying was the Head of the Mu Household. She deserved to know everything what was going on around Mu Family including the underworld business. It wouldn't look good if Mu Lan knew about the secrets but Qi Ying didn't.

Qi Ying didn't probe any further. She realized that knowing some things probably wouldn't be good for her since her partner was the King of European Underworld and hardly wanted to know his business. As long as Mu Liang knew this matter, she didn't have to meddle. Recalling Mu Liang's dark aura would give her goosebumps.

"By the way, I have something to ask you." Mu Lan changed the subject.

Qi Ying immediately asked back, "What is it?"

Mu Lan took her hand and pulled her to the opposite direction where they were heading.

"Where are we going? This isn't the study room." Qi Ying was confused.


Mu Liang and Mu Feng were chatting in Mu Liang's study room. At that time, Mu Lan and Qi Ying entered without knocking.

"This is lunchtime, boys. How long you two are going to work?" Mu Lan spoke first.

"Sister Lan Lan, don't you know that you have to knock before you enter someone else's room?" Mu Feng was talking about something frightening right now. He didn't mind Mu Lan to hear about it. However, it would be better if Qi Ying didn't hear about it.

Mu Lan walked behind Mu Liang and hugged his neck. "My Liang Liang's study room means my study room. Have you ever knocked your own room before entering?" Asking that, she gave her Liang Liang a light peck on the cheek.

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