Chapter 726: MU LAN SNAPPED

Mu Liang noticed her discomfort. He rubbed her shoulder and asked, "Will he be in trouble for that?"

"Trouble? Not sure how much he knows. If he knows a slightest bit, I have to ask Carl to remove that memory from his head." Mark said seriously.

"But I have to praise him for his bravery. He didn't make a single sound when he fell from the sky. Others would have wet their pants." Mu Lan commented.

"Aha, about that…" Mark showed her a silver needle. "Don't underestimate my magical power."

Mu Lan was speechless. No wonder she only heard groan. Hugo wanted to scream but he was paralyzed while he was falling. But since it was temporary and Hugo was able to talk after he came up, Mu Liang and she didn't notice it.

"You are really…" Mu Lan was hopeless. Mark was really mischievous when he messed with other people.

"Please don't play with my employees." Mu Liang politely requested.

"He was the one who poked his nose in the wrong place." Mark told him. "Don't let him do that again."

"I will take care of it." Mu Liang nodded in reply.

Mu Lan pondered before asking, "What did he do actually? He went to look for my past. What was so dangerous about my past that made him targeted by your enemy? Is it something related to my father?"

Mark fell silent. He looked at her, then came forward and then knocked her forehead. "Use your brain on something else."

Mu Lan narrowed her eyes. "Now, I'm intrigued."

"If you have questions, ask Juan. Don't look for me." Mark spoke as if he cleaned his hands from troubles.

After he left, Mu Lan glanced at Mu Liang. "I need to go to China as fast as possible. But before that, there is something I want to do."

"What is it?" Mu Liang asked.

"It's a surprise." Mu Lan gave him a playful wink.

Mu Liang: "…"

One surprise gave him his bodyguard flying back. What would another surprise give him back?


In the morning, Yan Su vomited after eating breakfast. After that, she couldn't get up from the bed. Her energy was drained.

Mu Lan stayed beside her. She silently sat on the bed.

Yan Su was closing her eyes. She knew that her friend was with her but she didn't talk.

The maid bought a jar of lemon juice. She placed it on the table.

Mu Lan asked, "Yan Su, do you want to drink some lemon juice?"

Yan Su opened her eyes and glanced at her. She asked her back, "Lan dear, can I murder you first?"

Mu Lan made a dejected face. "Yan Su, how can you say that?"

Yan Su sat up and grabbed her friend by her shoulders. "Listen you, I'm only going to keep this child because it will keep me accompany when that Feng is not here with me."

Mu Lan speechless. When she realized that she was fooled, she said sternly, "Look, I know I'm not good at reading mind like Xue Lin, but seriously? Showing me the evil side of yours won't make you a villain. Why can't you just admit that you love this child? Why can't you say that you love him? If you were open mouthed in the first place, doctor Feng wouldn't be so insecure and you wouldn't end up pregnant before you achieve your dream."

She literally snapped.

"…I did plan on not adding Feng dear in my future plan." Yan Su lightly said.

Mu Lan was so pissed off. She really didn't want to raise her voice. But she couldn't help it afterword. "If you think you will be happy after aborting this child, fine, do it. I will see if you can face doctor Feng after doing that."

Yan Su was flabbergasted. She never saw Mu Lan like that. "L-Lan dear, calm down."

But Mu Lan didn't listen to her. She let out what was inside her all at once. "Why are you telling me to calm down? If I weren't calm would I understand what your stupid brain is thinking? Why are you forcing yourself to give a blind eye to your love? Why are you thinking that loving someone will stop you to achieve your dream? You are in a relationship more than a year, has there anything gone wrong in the past year? If you have anything that is making you like that why aren't you sharing it with the people who cares about you? We are here to help you, don't we?"

After saying all that she breathed heavily.

The glass of lemon juice that was in Yan Su's hand, she handed it over to Mu Lan. She took it and drank the whole glass of juice. The juice was cold and it made her calm down instantly.

There were only two of them in the room. The maid left hurriedly seeing Mu Lan raising her voice. None of them talked. The silent was too much.

Mu Lan said too much. Now she was afraid that Yan Su would have emotional breakdown. A pregnant woman's emotion was hard to control. On the other hand, Yan Su was thinking that since her friend was upset, she didn't dare to utter a single word.

Knock! Knock!

Qi Ying peeped inside the room. "I heard from the maid that you scared the hell out of her. What happened?" She asked Mu Lan.

Mu Lan said nothing. She silently drank another glass of lemon juice.

Yan Su felt awkward. She scratched her head and began speaking, "Nothing really…"

"Nothing?" Mu Lan gave her a death glare.

Yan Su resigned. "I was wrong. I was pretending to be a devil. I do love Feng dear and I want to spend my life with him. I don't want to abort the child. I-I just hope that their existence doesn't destroy my future plan I made since my childhood. I wish that my twenty years plan won't be crushed because of my love life. I'm just scared that all my hard work will be for nothing…. That's why I wanted get rid of anything that could destroy my future."

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